Director of the CLRP

Centre County Women’s Resource Center
Civil Legal Representation Projet (CLRP)
Director of the Civil Legal Representation Project
Draft Revised 1/23/13

General Description:

The Director of the CLRP is responsible for leading the CLRP and ensuring the effective civil legal representation of victims of domestic and sexual violence, dating violence and stalking.  The Director will supervise the CLRP staff and ensure that the project provides legal information, consultation and representation for program participants at the Centre County Women’s Resource Center and contributes to the coordinated community response to domestic violence in Center County.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise the Paralegal/Legal Assistant, staff attorney(s), and/or externs.
  2. Represent clients of the CCWRC in petitioning/filing for child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, Protection from Abuse Orders, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) domestic violence waivers, U Visas and other immigration relief, and other civil matters where appropriate

a.  Representation may include but not be limited to interviews, filings, court appearances, trials, and all necessary subsequent litigation such as contempt petitions and appeals.

b.  Advocate for CCWRC clients with the Domestic Relation Section; provide information and preparation for DRS proceedings.

  1. Collaborate with the Legal Advocates and other CCWRC direct service staff to ensure clients have information about and access to the full range of services available at the CCWRC.
  2. Work with the Executive Director to develop and implement fundraising plan for the CLRP and explore avenues for sustainable funding from private sources.
  3. Maintain a conflict checking system to assure that conflict checking occurs before any advice to or representation of CCWRC clients.
  4. Ensure the maintenance of an appropriate file maintenance system for the Project.
  5. Participate in the CCWRC Leadership Team and contribute to management discussions and decisions as necessary and appropriate.
  6. Participate as a member of the Centre County Bar Association.
  7. Participate in the Centre County Domestic and Sexual Violence Task Force and other interagency groups as appropriate.
  8. Participate in the PCADV Attorney Network meetings and PCADV Legal Committee.
  9. Assist Executive Director with grant writing and budget preparation as needed. In collaboration with the Counseling and Advocacy Services Team, prepare a work plan for each fiscal year.
  10. Maintain continuing legal education credits (CLE) as required for certification.
  11. Participate in the development of the Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence in Center County, including participation in collaborations as appropriate with community leaders, organizations, Dickinson Law School, and service providers where appropriate.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare reports required by the Board of Directors, the Director and funding agencies.
  2. Participate in CCWRC committees and teams when appropriate.
  3. Maintain current knowledge in the field and attend continuing education events to increase professional knowledge and effectiveness.
  4. Is under the supervision of the Executive Director.


  1. Law degree from an accredited law school and license to practice law in Pennsylvania.
  2. Prior experience in the practice of family and/or public interest law preferred.
  3. Ability to advise and communicate effectively with clients of different ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds.
  4. Excellent writing and negotiating skills.
  5. Philosophy consistent with the battered women’s movement.
  6. Individuals must commit to CCWRC’s mission of working toward social change for women and against the intersections of oppression that affect victims and survivors who seek our services. These oppressions include ageism, classism, racism, ableism, homophobia and heterosexism.  Staff members must also commit to participate in and contribute to creating an anti-racist ethic within our organization.

Must successfully complete the CCWRC counselor/advocate training program .

Must meet qualifications to receive Act 33 and 34 clearances.
This is a full time staff exempt professional position.


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