Children’s Advocate/Parent Counselor

Centre County Women’s Resource Center
Job Description: Children’s Advocate/Parent Counselor
Draft Revised 8/21/14

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

As the Children’s Advocate

  1. Provide direct services to the children of shelter residents. This includes individual and group counseling, development of service plans, advocacy and referral with local schools and agencies, facilitating weekly drop in support group for children, implementing children’s activities on a weekly basis, and assisting with meeting child care needs as they arise.
  2. Develop and maintain contact with community groups, individuals and agencies that provide services and resources to sexual and domestic violence survivors, particularly children. Serve as an advocate for children victimized by domestic and sexual violence to and with those groups, individuals and agencies.
  3. Maintain a child space with age appropriate toys at the shelter.
  4. Provide direct services as one of CCWRC’s (primary) victim advocates at the Child Advocacy Center.
  5. Assist the Outreach and Education Team with child and teen prevention programs and support groups.
  6. Assist the Transitional Housing Case Manager, working with Transitional Housing clients who have parenting needs, and/or children who have counseling needs.
  7. Assist the Counseling and Advocacy Team, as needed, with children related needs, such as counseling and court accompaniment.

As the Parent Counselor

  1. Provide parenting counseling, support, service plans and information and referral services to program participants.  Advocate with parents on behalf the child.
  2. Provide direct services to shelter residents, including individual counseling, the development of individual goals, systems advocacy, information and referrals, intake and exit interviews.
  3. Develop and implement support groups and educational programs for parents in CCWRC programs.
  4. Assist with the provision of VOCA-funded services, including assistance with filing Compensation Claims (VCAP), criminal justice support/advocacy, crisis counseling, emergency financial assistance, emergency legal advocacy, follow-up counseling, in-person information and referral, case management, hotline, personal advocacy, shelter/safe house, support groups, and telephone contact information and referral.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Individuals must commit to CCWRC’s mission of working toward social change for women and against the intersections of oppression that affect victims and survivors who seek our services. These oppressions include ageism classism, racism, ableism, homophobia and heterosexism.  Staff members must also commit to participate in and contribute to creating an anti-racist ethic within our organization.
  2. Participate in an emergency rotation schedule for the hotline and maintain client confidentiality.
  3. Assist in providing training to volunteers.
  4. Maintain accurate records and statistics.
  5. Attend team meetings, staff meetings and case management meetings.
  6. Maintain current knowledge in the field and attend seminars/workshops to increase professional knowledge and effectiveness.
  7. Participate in Center’s committees and/or teams when appropriate.
  8. Under the supervision of the Director of Counseling and Advocacy Services.


A minimum of two years of experience working with women and children and/or a degree in human service area.

A strong commitment to providing quality services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

A strong commitment to:

  • the provision of domestic violence and sexual assault services with a feminist perspective;
  • the struggle against ageism, classism, racism, ableism, homophobia and heterosexism;
  • support and involve people of all racial, social, ethnic, religious, cultural and economic groups.


Successful completion of CCWRC Counselor/Advocate training program.
Must meet qualifications to receive Act 33 and 34 clearances.
Must have reliable, personal means of transportation.
Hours worked per week: 40 hours
Staff Non-Exempt Position


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