Director of Administration and CFO

Centre County Women’s Resource Center
Job Description:  Director of Administration and Chief Financial Officer
Draft Revised: 11/2/16

I.  General Description

The Director of Administration and Chief Financial Officer (DA/CFO) manages the overall financial functions of the Centre County Women’s Resource Center (CCWRC), as well as the overall operations of the CCWRC.  The DA/CFO reports to the Executive Director and through the Executive Director to the Board.  The DA/CFO has general responsibility for financial planning and controls, personnel administration, and systems and physical facilities.  As part of the Leadership Team of the CCWRC, the DA/CFO identifies and plans for the changing needs of the organization; shares responsibility with the Executive Director for implementing identified strategic planning goals and contributes to cost-effective management throughout the organization.  It is the responsibility of the DA/CFO to embrace the culture of the CCWRC and to provide stewardship of that culture.   The DA/CFO must demonstrate good listening skills, patience, and a commitment to the mission of the CCWRC.

II.  Specific Areas of Responsibility

In support of the CCWRC’s Executive Director, the DA/CFO is responsible for the following:

A.  Financial Management


(a) coordinating preparation for all funding proposals for the CCWRC;

(b) coordinating the preparation of all reports and other documents related to compliance with grant and contract requirements;

(c) coordinating planning meetings for overall CCWRC budget;

(d) in collaboration with the Executive Director and the Treasurer of the Board, developing and presenting CCWRC budgets to the Board for approval;

(e) overseeing preparation of monthly financial statements, preparation of yearly audit and preparation of reports for tax purposes;

(f) in collaboration with the Executive Director and appropriate committees of the Board, coordinating the infrastructure for the CCWRC’s financial development and fundraising;

(g) coordinating the benefits and retirement plans of the CCWRC, including the education and enrollment of new staff in the plans;

(h) planning, forecasting, budget analysis, variance analysis, financial reporting;

(i) supervision of: i) general ledger accounting, ii) collection of money from various funding sources, and iii) cash flow control;

(j) establishing and maintaining banking relationships;

(k) maintaining relationship with CCWRC’s accountants;

(l) overseeing CCWRC’s investments;

(m) coordinating CCWRC accounting, tax planning, tax reporting, payroll, retirement plans and other financial management functions.

(n) analyzing CCWRC’s financial condition;

(o) establishing/monitoring internal financial controls regarding expenditures, bank reconciliations, cash receipt disbursements, transfers, payroll, and expense reimbursement.

B.  Systems Management


(a) coordinating and overseeing the technology needs of the CCWRC, including computer and internet systems and telephone systems;

(b) assigning new staff email addresses;

(c) supervising and managing the IT systems, serving as point of contact for the IT consultant;

(d) developing, implementing, and updating an overall technology plan for the CCWRC;

(e) ensuring adequate systems analysis, operational audits, cost/benefit analysis

(f) assisting in computer systems design, information services, records and closed file management, office automation, digital information storage and retrieval, telecommunications; and

(g) overseeing software training for all employees.

C.  Facilities Management


(a) in coordination with the Director of Shelter Services, overseeing the management of the State College building;

(b) with the appropriate Project and/or Team Director, overseeing the rental agreements for use of additional facilities (the Bellefonte offices, Child Access Center and Transitional Housing units);

(c) serving on the Facilities & Technology Committee of the Board of Directors.

(d) purchasing and inventory control for CCWRC’s Supply Room;

(e) supervision of records storage, facilities and hard copy and electronic archive systems;

(f) reception/switchboard services, telecommunications and computer equipment; including servers and workstations;

(g) supervision of mail and equipment;

(h) oversight of building cleaning, repair, and maintenance services and contracts;

(i) reviewing, negotiating, and monitoring service contracts and major purchases/leases;

(j) developing/maintaining internal safety and security plan, including computer and other systems.

D.  Other Duties and Responsibilities


(a) facilitating regular Administrative Team meetings;

(b) providing direct services to clients as needed;

(c) maintaining client confidentiality;

(d) maintaining current knowledge in the field and attend seminars/workshops to increase professional knowledge and effectiveness.

E.  Direct Supervisory Role

The DA/CFO has direct supervision over staff in Payroll and Accounting, including the Bookkeeper and Fiscal Assistants.  The DA/CFO also has direct supervision over other administrative staff, including the Administrative Assistant.  Hiring for these positions is the primary responsibility of the DA/CFO, in consultation with the Executive Director.

F.  Collaborative Roles

All members of the CCWRC staff must commit to CCWRC’s mission of working toward social change for women and against the intersections of oppression that affect victims and survivors who seek our services.  These oppressions include ageism, classism, racism, ableism, homophobia and heterosexism.  Staff members must also commit to participate in and contribute to creating an anti-racist ethic within our organization.

As part of the Leadership Team, the DA/CFO also assists in managing and/or contributes significantly to the following:

(a) The Development Committee of the Board

(b) The Finance & Investment Committee of the Board

(c) The Facilities and Technology Committee of the Board

(d) Other Board Committees as needed

(e) The Administration Team of the CCWRC

III.  Skills and Qualifications

Optimal candidate: BA, BS or equivalent degree. Experience in human service delivery organization and in office management. Knowledge and experience with a variety of fiscal and accounting systems; experience with the Peachtree accounting system preferred.  Organizational skills and ability to work with others in a team environment.   Outstanding oral and written communication skills.  Computer literacy, experience with data-base management, multi-media programs, and accessing information via the internet.

Strongly desired gifts include: Energy and empathy and a commitment to the mission of the CCWRC, including strong daily commitment to: the provision of domestic violence and sexual assault services with a feminist perspective; the struggle against ageism, classism, racism, ableism, homophobia and heterosexism; support and involve people of all racial, social, ethnic, religious, cultural and economic groups.

Other pre-employment qualifications: Must meet qualification to receive Act 33 and 34 clearances.

Post-employment: Must successfully complete CCWRC counselor/advocate training program.


Staff exempt position.


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