Facilities Manager

Centre County Women’s Resource Center
Job Description:  Facilities Manager
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General Description

The Facilities Manager is a part-time position estimating an average of forty (40) hours per month, managing the overall physical facility of the 140 W. Nittany Avenue location of the CCWRC.  The Facilities Manager reports to the Director of Administration/CFO.  It is the responsibility of the Facilities Manager to embrace the culture of the CCWRC to provide stewardship of that culture.  The Facilities Manager must demonstrate good listening skills, patience, and a commitment to the mission of the CCWRC.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

In support of the CCWRC’s Director of Administration/CFO, the Facilities Manager is responsible for the following:

(a)  in coordination with the Shelter Director and the Director of Administration/CFO, oversee the maintenance of the State College Building;
(b)  oversight and communication with vendors for building cleaning, repair, and maintenance services and contracts;
(c)  review, negotiate and monitor service contracts and major purchases/leases;
(d)  supervision of mail machine and equipment;
(e)  serve on the Facilities & Technology Committee of the Board of Directors
(f)  supervision of records storage;
(g)  manage reception/switchboard services and telecommunications equipment.


Knowledge of building maintenance needs and local vendor resources.
Organizational skills and ability to work with others in a team environment.
Successful completion of the CCWRC counselor/advocate training program.
Must meet qualifications to receive Act 33 and 34 clearances.

Strong commitment to:

  • The provision of domestic violence and sexual assault services with a feminist perspective;
  • Support of all people regardless of race, social, ethnic, religious, cultural or economic status.

Non-exempt position

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