About Centre Safe

About Centre Safe

Our Mission and Vision

– Mission –

It is the mission of Centre Safe, formerly Centre County Women’s Resource Center to empower survivors of sexual or domestic violence, and to work toward the elimination of such violence through:

  • Crisis Intervention – providing safety and shelter to individuals who are in crisis because of domestic or sexual violence
  • Services – including a 24-hour crisis hotline, emergency shelter, counseling and support groups, transitional housing, and referrals to other appropriate community programs
  • Education – for survivors, service providers, and the wider community with regard to the individual and societal dynamics of domestic and sexual violence
  • Advocacy – accompanying and supporting individuals and their children as they access the resources available to survivors of domestic and sexual violence; working collaboratively to improve community-wide systems and resources for survivors

– Vision –

Centre Safe, formerly the Centre County Women’s Resource Center is a feminist organization that originated from and continues to be a part of the Women’s Movement, the Battered Women’s Movement, and the Rape Crisis Movement. Every effort is made to keep the policies and practices of Centre Safe consistent with the spirit of these movements. The organization, therefore, strives to empower women and to counter the oppression of, and violence against, women on a societal level. Centre Safe utilizes a feminist empowerment framework to guide provision of services, conduct, and management style within the organization. Centre Safe places emphasis on staff empowerment and collaborative decision-making, taking advantage of the expertise, resources, and opinions of many individuals. Emphasis is also placed on free and open communication and shared responsibility in the resolution of conflicts.
The vision of this organization shall be:

  • To eliminate personal and institutional violence against women and children, with a particular focus on domestic and sexual violence, through direct services, referrals, public information and education, system advocacy, and social change activities;
  • To be recognized county-wide as the primary expert resource on sexual and domestic violence;
  • To increase awareness and provide information about issues of particular concern to women;
  • To take a position of advocacy for equal rights and justice for all women;
  • To continually assess the needs of Centre County women for services, and to initiate or assist in initiating programs to meet those needs;
  • To foster a supportive environment that creates a sense of identity and community among individuals, both within the organization and in the community-at-large.