Join A Board Committee

Our Board of Directors are always looking for passionate, dedicated individuals to serve on board committees and sub-committees. If you are interested in serving on any of the committees listed, please call us at 814.238.7066.

Facilities, Technology, and Capital Equipment Committee is responsible, with Board approval, for physical plant and technology concerns.

Finance and Investment Committee assists and works closely with the Treasurer and Executive Director in the management of finances and the safeguarding of CCWRC assets.

Development Committee provides oversight and coordination of all CCWRC fundraising activities, including the planning and implementation of any Capital Campaign. It works closely with the Community Outreach Committee to assure consistency of the CCWRC message in all development activities. The development committee also has several sub-committees including:

  • Steps to Safety Committee
  • Holiday Card Committee
  • Twilight Dinner Committee
  • Coquese’s Drive Committee

Community Outreach Committee is responsible for the public presentation of the CCWRC to the community, including organization and publicizing of the Annual Meeting, branding, and other interactions with the community.