Male Support Group – Child Sexual Abuse

6As a survivor of child sexual abuse, your life was altered by someone who used their power to pervert what should have been a relationship of safety, trust, and respect. You were a child who deserved to be nurtured and cared for, yet someone made a choice to take that from you. Their actions have likely caused you to feel ashamed, afraid, and confused – and those feelings have likely followed you ever since. You may have difficulty forming intimate relationships, struggle to sense and express your own feelings, feel confused about how the abuse reflects on your masculinity or sexual orientation, depend upon addictions to help numb the pain, or struggle with a number of other difficulties. You are not alone.

Our support group is an opportunity to share your story in a safe and confidential place with men who will believe you and who can relate. It’s an opportunity to hear the experiences of others and receive strength in knowing that you’re not alone, that others have grown and even thrived despite the difficulties of childhood sexual abuse, and that you, too, can apply some of the principles from their lives to aid in your own recovery. Support group is an opportunity to discuss sensitive topics with individuals who can understand. Each group session will revolve around a theme (e.g., sharing of strengths, coping skills, guided activities and discussions, wellness and self-care work, and writing exercises), and activities will focus on helping survivors come together to explore and process their feelings about their trauma, as well as sharing coping mechanisms that assist in the healing process.

We invite you to consider making the our support group the next step along your journey of recovery. You did NOT deserve to be abused, and you do deserve help to live a healthy and happy life. Call 1-877-234-5050 to schedule an introductory appointment with one of our counselors or to receive more information.

To learn more about the effects child sexual abuse can have upon men, watch our short series of videos by clicking here.