Support Groups

Grow, flourish & enjoy healthy relationships & happier lives…strengthen community among survivors, share skills for coping, and find ways to move beyond the abuse.

The CCWRC offers several support groups to support, provide resources, & assist survivors & their loved ones in the journey through the healing process.

Domestic Violence Support Group 

  • This group focuses on emotional, physical, verbal, mental and financial abuse. This group enables women to talk about these issues in a supportive and confidential environment.
  • Supervised children’s group meets at the same time as the adult support group. Snacks are provided.
  • This is a drop-in group.
  • This group meets weekly for an hour and a half.

Sexual Assault Support Groups

– Male-Identified Survivors of Sexual Violence Support Group –

If you are interested in additional information or would like to participate in this group, please call our 24-hour hotline at 1-877-234-5050.


– Female-Identified Survivors of Sexual Violence Support Group –

  • This group is set up to provide information and give participants a safe and confidential outlet to discuss childhood sexual abuse and issues surrounding sexual abuse and violence.
  • Each group session includes discussion, writing exercises, quizzes, grounding and self-care.
  • Before attending this group, you must speak with a facilitator.
  • This group meets weekly for an hour and a half.
For more information or to join a group, e-mail us at or call the CCWRC at 814.238.7066 and ask to speak with the Sexual Assault Advocate.