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 You’re going to learn absolutely everything you need to know to successfully pass a drug test in 2024 and 2025 using the best synthetic urine.

Finding the best synthetic urine is only one part of the equation though. There are other things you need to consider, and the background knowledge of how drug testing works, is conducted, and the circumstances in which you can use fake urine, will improve your chances of passing significantly.

I’ll also cover using synthetic urine belts (Incognito belts). They seem a bit ludicrous to many people, but can they actually work for supervised drug tests? And what do you do if you can’t use one?

So if you want to use fake urine for drug test success, then I’m going to cover literally everything you need to know right here and now by sharing the deep knowledge you need to not get caught.

Why I’m Telling You This (Synthetic Urine Reviews Are Mostly Awful)

I don’t want you to fail at drug test. I know what I’m talking out about because I’ve been covering this subject for a decade.

My passion started when I failed a drug test. It was weed smoking that was occasional, and it wasn’t anywhere near work. I was fired because I failed for marijuana use.

That’s riled me up and it’s never gone away, and I want you to be assured that the end of this you will know literally everything, good and bad, to make the best decision on synthetic urine, and how to use it successfully.

I’ve since passed to drug tests using high-quality synthetic urine, and I’m passing on every single thing I know to you here.

Does Synthetic Urine Work For Modern Lab Drug Testing?

It’s actually a bit of an urban myth that modern drug testing is highly complex and will spot synthetic urine instantly

Yes, if your sample goes through the full lab scrutiny, including the full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, then they will spot it in seconds. Your sample isn’t going to go through that though because you are too smart to let that happen.

What actually happens is a basic dipstick test, called a validity check. The validity check actually really only looks for the following:

  • Presence of right proportion of creatinine
  • Sometimes urea and/or uric acid
  • The pH range of the sample
  • Occasionally the specific gravity range of the sample
  • Whether it contains adulterants such as nitrates
  • Occasionally whether it contains biocide preservative traces

Although sometimes they are more complex than that, that’s pretty much it. In layman’s terms, they are looking to see if it’s been diluted, adulterated, or switched out.

But this is only really basic stuff, and a good quality synthetic urine, submitted within the correct temperature range, is going to pass that validity check every single time.

Essential Background Info: You Need To Know This To Use Fake Urine

To understand how and when you can use synthetic urine for a drug test, you have to understand the different types of drug test, what happens during the test, and what happens after the test.

Let’s talk you through each of those things right now in more detail.

1. The Different Types Of Drug Test You Can Face

There are three levels of scrutiny you could face when you go and submit your sample:

  • Unsupervised test
  • Supervised test
  • Observed test

The supervised/observed terms are used interchangeably by some people. However, what you need to know really is that both of those mean someone will be in the room with you, making the use of synthetic urine impossible unless you have some sort of incognito belt or other dispensing device.

2. What Happens During A Urine Drug Test?

Although the process may be slightly different between companies (LabCorp, Quest, Concentra and others), broadly will face the following:

  1. On arrival, you will complete any paperwork and show relevant ID to prove you are the person who should be submitting the sample.
  2. You’ll be asked to remove anything that could conceal synthetic urine or anything else that could adulterate the test. Coats, hats, outer clothing. You’ll also usually be asked to empty your pockets.
  3. Occasionally, though not often, the collector/administrator can pat you down. They can’t touch an intimate area of the body though, and this would only be cursory on places like pockets where a suspicion had arisen. They must also get your permission to do this.
  4. Don’t take anything unnecessary with you. Anything that could arouse suspicion means more suspicion, so just turn up with nothing other than a phone and any other bare essentials. Try to avoid taking a big bag, or anything else that would have to be looked inside.
  5. You wash your hands and will then be taken to the sample collection area. Usually, you’ll be in a separate room to the person conducting this process. But remember, they could stand just outside the area and listen. You may find the bathroom/collection area strange because to minimize cheating there will be no handles on the sinks, no taps, or these things will be sealed to stop you from adding water to the sample.
  6. You’ll then submit your sample in a sitting or standing position into the sample cup. This is a plastic cup with the temperature strip on the side, and it will require 30 mL of urine to be submitted into it (note it’s 45 mL for US DoT drug tests as they use a split sample process in the event of an initial failure). For Gods sake don’t pour the exact amount in, always go a little over to a random number.
  7. On exiting the area you will hand the sample cup over to the person you have been dealing with. They will usually check and verify the sample temperature with you, although sometimes they will just say thank you and allow you to leave and this is done immediately after.

3. What Happens After A Urine Drug Test?

The first thing that happens is the temperature check. Human urine exits the body within the surprisingly narrow temperature range of 97°F – 100°F.

Also legally, submitted sample has to have its temperature taken and recorded within three minutes of the sample exiting the body. So legally, any sample submitted at between 90°F and 100°F is admissible to allow for a couple of minutes cooling.

This initial screening is a panel drug test where the sample is tested physically against panels that react. This is called an immunoassay test.

So it’s not actually that complex. Your sample will only ever go through a full analysis if the test is failed and you demand it is so, or you demand a retest of a fresh sample.

Usually, you’ll get the results back within 24 hours, or sometimes 48 hours if the test center is busy.

What About eCup Testing?

Completely hands-free and human-free drug testing is now in operation in some locations (usually big American cities).

Designed by company called eScreen, they are “smart” drug tests that use machines to do all the hard work.

The 5-panel test is called eCup, and any other number of panel tests are called xCup tests.

When you pee into the sample cup, you or someone else, put the cup into an eReader machine. It takes the temperature and does the urinalysis (immunoassay) in moments.

Positive or negative, within about 15 minutes the results are known and will be emailed and texted to everyone the system has been instructed to notify. It will also be put results onto any linked online records, which could include a company application or employment record.

So you don’t need to fear this type of drug test. In fact, it will actually have less human scrutiny than standard drug testing, because often nobody other than you and the machine even actually really looks at the sample physically.

How Complex Does Fake Urine Need To Be To Pass?

Having read what I’ve told you so far, you may be surprised how basic modern drug testing seems to be.

The big question though is how complex does synthetic urine have to be to get through the process?

These are the bare minimum characteristics modern synthetic urine needs:

  • Should at least look like human urine
  • Must be within correct pH (4.6 – 8.0) and specific gravity ranges (1.005 – 1.030)
  • Should contain the right amounts of creatinine, urea, and uric acid
  • Must not contain biocide preservatives

You might be shocked to know that most of the synthetic urine products available today don’t even take those for minimum requirements above.

In addition, submitting the temperature within the legal temperature range of between 90°F and 100°F is also tough with these products because they use heatpads and these are temperamental and struggle to keep the temperature within such a narrow 10°F range.

The Three Key Problems With Fake Pee You Must Overcome

Now you understand exactly what happens during a urine test, and what you need to achieve to submit your urine sample successfully, let’s look at the problems you have to overcome, the key hurdles you have to jump, to get your sample successfully to the urinalysis stage.

1. Getting The Urine Sample Prepared

Normally with synthetic urine, the first step is to get the sample prepared to transport.

This means getting it within the correct temperature range first. You’ll need a microwave, or at the very least a very reliable heatpad to achieve this.

The problem is that heatpads are variable, and you will obviously have to be near a microwave to heat the sample problem. If you’re in a warm environment, body heat will help dramatically, but if you live somewhere cold, then it’s more a problem.

The second part of preparing the sample could be hydrating it. A few synthetic urine products are powders that have to be hydrated with filtered water. However, most, even the cheap ones, are usually premixed.

2. Smuggling The Sample In

A crucial step is smuggling it in successfully. You’ll need to keep calm to do this. But there is an easy way to do it every time.

Wear two pairs of generous underwear and tuck the sample in between the layers. Not only will this keep this close to your body to raise the temperature and maintain it, but it will also be in an intimate area that they can’t directly search.

Then, to disguise the area further, wear baggy jogging bottoms and a casual t-shirt. It just looks like you are acting casual rather than trying to disguise something.

3. Keeping The Synthetic Urine Within The Correct Temperature Range

On the way to the venue, you’ve got to keep the synthetic urine within the correct temperature range to submit it. Remember, that’s that narrow band between 90°F and 100°F.

You’ll have the heatpad strapped the sample, which should help as long as it doesn’t fail (unfortunately, this does happen quite frequently though).

The ambient temperature will also matter. If you’re in Florida in high summer it’s going to be very different to being in New York in January. Some people resort to taking a flask of warm water with them to pour over the sample to warm it up if necessary. Otherwise, to cool it down, you need access to a cold tap.

However you do it, it’s tough to achieve. That’s why it’s the biggest reason why people get caught using synthetic urine.

keep synthetic urine warm for a drug test

These Synthetic Urine Brands Don’t Even Meet The Basics

Now you know a lot more about synthetic urine and how it can pass a drug test, as long as it meets minimum standards and you submit it correctly, let’s talk about the brands that won’t work.

You’ll be surprised at how many brand names you recognize on the list. So before explaining why, here’s the Hall of Shame:

I will not go into details of each, but these are broadly the reasons why they won’t pass a modern drug test:

  1. None of them fully look, froth, and smell like urine. Some achieve some of that, others basically none of it.
  2. Apart from Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz, I suspect that all of the above contain biocide preservatives. Their failure rate shot up when it was first rumored drug companies were detecting them.
  3. They all use heatpads. When most of them also cost less than $50, and some less than $30, how much quality in the heatpad can you get?

Using Fake Urine For Supervised Testing: Do Synthetic Urine Belts Work?

There’s a lot of discussion around using synthetic urine belts, Incognito belts, to smuggle your sample in and submit it naturally, so it fools someone supervising you.

Let’s be clear here, we are talking about belts that have a tap and tube dispenser on them so you can sit or stand in a natural position. Some can even have a prosthetic penis attached that you can squeeze to let liquid out, and let go to stop it again, for an even more natural look if somebody glances at you.

You could of course use it for unsupervised drug testing. It holds the urine close to the body, can be convenient and easy to wear and use, and doesn’t cost a lot more than just the urine alone.

However, there are a couple of key problems for me:

  1. For supervised drug testing, that plastic penis or the tube hanging between your legs if you are female, is not going to fool anyone observing you, even indirectly. This is especially the case if you are fiddling with a tap dispenser or tube lock/clasp.
  2. For unsupervised testing it’s overkill. Nobody is in the room with you, so why the hell does it matter how you pour it into the sample cup?

So for me, there are pros and cons to using an incognito belts I think you should be aware of.

Here are the pros:

  • Could allow you to pass a supervised test
  • The belts are very affordable
  • For most people, they should be relatively easy to use
  • Suitable for both men or women
  • Good at keeping the sample secure against your body

And these are the incognito belts cons:

  • The tube and tap dispensers are an extra complication
  • Nobody looking at you even indirectly would be fooled
  • Some incognito belts have one large pouch which sticks out at stomach height
  • What do you do if the tap fails before or during your test?

Best Buy: Clear Choice Quick Luck Incognito Belt

I think you can probably guess from what I’ve just said that I’m lukewarm on the use of incognito belts.

There only seems to be a point to using them during supervised testing. They are completely irrelevant and a complication for unsupervised testing.

Also, if you buy Quick Luck in the Incognito belt version then you have to use heatpads, which deprives you of using one of its biggest assets – heat activator powder (more on that later). It might work for you, but it’s a big risk, and you need to be aware of that before you go blazing into buying one and using it.

If you do want to use a synthetic urine belt, then the best of the bunch is the Clear Choice Quick Luck Incognito belt. It only costs $25 more to get Quick Luck synthetic urine kit with the belt, than it would just get Quick Luck.

These are the reasons why I think the Quick Luck Incognito belt is the best:

  • Very affordable
  • good quality and an easy fit
  • comes with a pair of very slim and reliable heatpads
  • Quick Luck synthetic urine is the best on the market

How To Use A Synthetic Urine Belt To Pass A Drug Test

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, the use of an incognito belt offers the same opportunities and problems for both sexes.

So let’s say you are facing what you know will be a supervised urine test, how could you use an incognito belt successfully?

The key is in practicing. Unfortunately, you can’t practice with the belt kit because once the urine has been let out, you can’t get it back in! But you can put it on and practice the process discreetly. Do it with a mirror so that you can try and create an angle where you wouldn’t be seen at all and can open and shut it in a natural manner.

If it’s unsupervised testing, my advice is don’t bother with a belt at all though. If it is supervised testing, and you really unconvinced by the belt, then you could use a high-quality detox drink instead.

Rescue Cleanse is the detox drink you should use, and you can buy it from Clear Choice, which is the same company who make Quick Luck synthetic urine.

how to use synthetic urine

Synthetic Urine Reviews – Best Fake Urine For Drug Test Success

Right, I think we’ve educated you pretty well on the basics of drug testing and synthetic urine now?

Let’s crack on then, by telling you about the two products you should use. Don’t consider any other fake urine beyond these two fantastic products is my advice. If you see any other synthetic urine reviews saying they aren’t any good, and recommending other brands, click away immediately because they aren’t serious reviews.

If you really want to pass that important drug test, these are the only products that will pretty much guarantee you do.

1. Quick Luck (Clear Choice) -Best Synthetic Urine Kit 2024

I’ve mentioned this several times during this best synthetic urine guide, so there’s no real drumroll required here.

Clear Choice is the company who makes the best fake urine products, and if you’ll forgive the pun, Quick Luck is the clear choice you should make.

These are the characteristics of Quick Luck urine kit that make me rave about it:

  • Looks, smells, and froths like human urine
  • Contains the right proportions of urea and uric acid
  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Contains a total of 14 common chemicals found in human urine
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Don’t rely on a heatpad
  • Premixed so convenient and perfect for short notice drug testing

Put all that together and you’ve got a very complex product that will pass any standard validity checks.

Even if it’s a more advanced validity check, the fact it contains 14 of the most common chemicals found in human urine mean that you will pass any known modern standard analysis.

It will also increase the curiosity of humans. It looks like urine, it froths like it if you shake it, and it smells like it (yes some lab people do sniff it). I would defy you to tell it apart from the real thing. I said earlier that the #1 reason why synthetic urine uses are caught is because they submit it outside that narrow temperature range of between 90°F and 100°F.

Quick Luck gets around the entire problem with ease. No microwaves, no hot water, no heatpads. In fact, no preparation at all.

Quick Luck is premixed, and it comes with heat activator powder in a separate little container. The activator powder is very clever because it raises the temperature of the liquid gently but leaves no trace within that liquid.

To use it, simply tap in about one-quarter out of sight. Do this just before you go into the building to start the process of submitting your sample.

Shake the bottle gently until it’s dissolved fully and then watch the temperature strip for about one minute.

If you don’t get a reading on the temperature strip, tap in a small amount extra and repeat the process. Do this until you get a good reading on the temperature strip at close to 100°F then tuck the sample back into your underwear and you are ready to pass your drug test.

2. Clear Choice Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

You can’t really look far beyond Quick Luck, but if you want to save $15, then Sub Solution is almost identical.

In fact, Sub Solution is also made by Clear Choice and is actually the predecessor of Quick Luck.

  • Exactly the same attributes as Quick Luck
  • Comes with that excellent heat activator Powder
  • Is a powder rather than a premixed liquid

They are identical in the formula. You are literally paying for one key difference: Quick Luck is premixed urine  while Sub Solution is a powdered urine kit.

This means there is a preparation step using Sub Solution. You need filtered water (one of those jug filters you put in your fridge) to fill the powdered vial. Then you shake it, and it becomes exactly the same urine as you get with Quick Luck.

So you’re paying the $15 extra for Quick Luck mainly because it’s already hydrated and you don’t have to mess around doing so, or finding filtered water (for example, I don’t have jug filter at home).

There is one other small difference, and that’s the Quick Luck comes with a pair of thin heatpads (the same heatpads that you get with the Quick Luck incognito belt kit).

For me, they are superfluous because of the heat activator powder, if you live somewhere extremely cold, then they could help to elevate the temperature of the sample while you transport it, leaving less work for the heat activator powder to do before you go in.

All in all, there’s not much to choose between them. If price matters to you, and you’re not interested in the heatpads, and you have access to filtered water, then you could save yourself 15 bucks by buying Sub Solution instead of Quick Luck.

Overall though, I’d just go with Quick Luck because $15 is peanuts if you don’t have to mess around at all.

fake pee for drug test

My Experiences Using Clear Choice Urine Brands To Pass Employment Drug Tests

Five years ago (my god doesn’t time fly!) I faced a pre-employment drug test. I had not smoked weed for a couple of weeks, but before that I had smoked multiple times per day for months on end.

Rather than messing around trying to detox, I decided to just use high-quality Clear Choice urine. I knew it would be a basic unsupervised test.

Sub Solution worked like a charm for me. At the time I did have a jug filter in my fridge, I ditched it shortly after because it was costing money for the filters though.

I hydrated it, transported it, used the heat activator powder in 60 seconds, and passed the drug test. Fast forward to last year, and I changed jobs. This time, I just went straight for the new version called Quick Luck.

No preparation at all, just transported them in my bag to the venue. Outside, out of sight of the entrance, I simply tapped in the activator powder until I got the temperature very close to 100°F. Then, I ditched the heat activator powder in a flower bed, and strode in and submitted the sample within five minutes.

Of course, you know how this story ends, I passed that drug test and got the job.

Where To Buy The Two Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Hopefully, I’ve given you all the information you need to pass a drug test using the best synthetic urine.

Yes, fake pee works, and you don’t necessarily need a synthetic urine belt unless you’re really brave and think you can get away with it. Buying fake urine for drug test success is hard though, because there really are only two products that genuinely still work.

For God’s sake, don’t do that synthetic urine near me search. You will only find the rubbish products I’ve already warned you away from in local shops.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution are available direct from Clear Choice:

  • Click here to view details and by the Quick Luck synthetic urine kit.
  • Click here to view details by the Sub Solution synthetic urine kit.
  • Click here to view details by the Quick Luck incognito belt + synthetic urine kit.