Best Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test In 2024 – Fake Urine Reviews

 You’re going to learn absolutely everything you need to know to successfully pass a drug test in 2024 and 2025 using the best synthetic urine.

Finding the best synthetic urine is only one part of the equation though. There are other things you need to consider, and the background knowledge of how drug testing works, is conducted, and the circumstances in which you can use fake urine, will improve your chances of passing significantly.

I’ll also cover using synthetic urine belts (Incognito belts). They seem a bit ludicrous to many people, but can they actually work for supervised drug tests? And what do you do if you can’t use one?

So if you want to use fake urine for drug test success, then I’m going to cover literally everything you need to know right here and now by sharing the deep knowledge you need to not get caught.

Why I’m Telling You This (Synthetic Urine Reviews Are Mostly Awful)

I don’t want you to fail at drug test. I know what I’m talking out about because I’ve been covering this subject for a decade.

My passion started when I failed a drug test. It was weed smoking that was occasional, and it wasn’t anywhere near work. I was fired because I failed for marijuana use.

That’s riled me up and it’s never gone away, and I want you to be assured that the end of this you will know literally everything, good and bad, to make the best decision on synthetic urine, and how to use it successfully.

I’ve since passed to drug tests using high-quality synthetic urine, and I’m passing on every single thing I know to you here.

Does Synthetic Urine Work For Modern Lab Drug Testing?

It’s actually a bit of an urban myth that modern drug testing is highly complex and will spot synthetic urine instantly

Yes, if your sample goes through the full lab scrutiny, including the full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, then they will spot it in seconds. Your sample isn’t going to go through that though because you are too smart to let that happen.

What actually happens is a basic dipstick test, called a validity check. The validity check actually really only looks for the following:

  • Presence of right proportion of creatinine
  • Sometimes urea and/or uric acid
  • The pH range of the sample
  • Occasionally the specific gravity range of the sample
  • Whether it contains adulterants such as nitrates
  • Occasionally whether it contains biocide preservative traces

Although sometimes they are more complex than that, that’s pretty much it. In layman’s terms, they are looking to see if it’s been diluted, adulterated, or switched out.

But this is only really basic stuff, and a good quality synthetic urine, submitted within the correct temperature range, is going to pass that validity check every single time.

Essential Background Info: You Need To Know This To Use Fake Urine

To understand how and when you can use synthetic urine for a drug test, you have to understand the different types of drug test, what happens during the test, and what happens after the test.

Let’s talk you through each of those things right now in more detail.

1. The Different Types Of Drug Test You Can Face

There are three levels of scrutiny you could face when you go and submit your sample:

  • Unsupervised test
  • Supervised test
  • Observed test

The supervised/observed terms are used interchangeably by some people. However, what you need to know really is that both of those mean someone will be in the room with you, making the use of synthetic urine impossible unless you have some sort of incognito belt or other dispensing device.

2. What Happens During A Urine Drug Test?

Although the process may be slightly different between companies (LabCorp, Quest, Concentra and others), broadly will face the following:

  1. On arrival, you will complete any paperwork and show relevant ID to prove you are the person who should be submitting the sample.
  2. You’ll be asked to remove anything that could conceal synthetic urine or anything else that could adulterate the test. Coats, hats, outer clothing. You’ll also usually be asked to empty your pockets.
  3. Occasionally, though not often, the collector/administrator can pat you down. They can’t touch an intimate area of the body though, and this would only be cursory on places like pockets where a suspicion had arisen. They must also get your permission to do this.
  4. Don’t take anything unnecessary with you. Anything that could arouse suspicion means more suspicion, so just turn up with nothing other than a phone and any other bare essentials. Try to avoid taking a big bag, or anything else that would have to be looked inside.
  5. You wash your hands and will then be taken to the sample collection area. Usually, you’ll be in a separate room to the person conducting this process. But remember, they could stand just outside the area and listen. You may find the bathroom/collection area strange because to minimize cheating there will be no handles on the sinks, no taps, or these things will be sealed to stop you from adding water to the sample.
  6. You’ll then submit your sample in a sitting or standing position into the sample cup. This is a plastic cup with the temperature strip on the side, and it will require 30 mL of urine to be submitted into it (note it’s 45 mL for US DoT drug tests as they use a split sample process in the event of an initial failure). For Gods sake don’t pour the exact amount in, always go a little over to a random number.
  7. On exiting the area you will hand the sample cup over to the person you have been dealing with. They will usually check and verify the sample temperature with you, although sometimes they will just say thank you and allow you to leave and this is done immediately after.

3. What Happens After A Urine Drug Test?

The first thing that happens is the temperature check. Human urine exits the body within the surprisingly narrow temperature range of 97°F – 100°F.

Also legally, submitted sample has to have its temperature taken and recorded within three minutes of the sample exiting the body. So legally, any sample submitted at between 90°F and 100°F is admissible to allow for a couple of minutes cooling.

This initial screening is a panel drug test where the sample is tested physically against panels that react. This is called an immunoassay test.

So it’s not actually that complex. Your sample will only ever go through a full analysis if the test is failed and you demand it is so, or you demand a retest of a fresh sample.

Usually, you’ll get the results back within 24 hours, or sometimes 48 hours if the test center is busy.

What About eCup Testing?

Completely hands-free and human-free drug testing is now in operation in some locations (usually big American cities).

Designed by company called eScreen, they are “smart” drug tests that use machines to do all the hard work.

The 5-panel test is called eCup, and any other number of panel tests are called xCup tests.

When you pee into the sample cup, you or someone else, put the cup into an eReader machine. It takes the temperature and does the urinalysis (immunoassay) in moments.

Positive or negative, within about 15 minutes the results are known and will be emailed and texted to everyone the system has been instructed to notify. It will also be put results onto any linked online records, which could include a company application or employment record.

So you don’t need to fear this type of drug test. In fact, it will actually have less human scrutiny than standard drug testing, because often nobody other than you and the machine even actually really looks at the sample physically.

How Complex Does Fake Urine Need To Be To Pass?

Having read what I’ve told you so far, you may be surprised how basic modern drug testing seems to be.

The big question though is how complex does synthetic urine have to be to get through the process?

These are the bare minimum characteristics modern synthetic urine needs:

  • Should at least look like human urine
  • Must be within correct pH (4.6 – 8.0) and specific gravity ranges (1.005 – 1.030)
  • Should contain the right amounts of creatinine, urea, and uric acid
  • Must not contain biocide preservatives

You might be shocked to know that most of the synthetic urine products available today don’t even take those for minimum requirements above.

In addition, submitting the temperature within the legal temperature range of between 90°F and 100°F is also tough with these products because they use heatpads and these are temperamental and struggle to keep the temperature within such a narrow 10°F range.

The Three Key Problems With Fake Pee You Must Overcome

Now you understand exactly what happens during a urine test, and what you need to achieve to submit your urine sample successfully, let’s look at the problems you have to overcome, the key hurdles you have to jump, to get your sample successfully to the urinalysis stage.

1. Getting The Urine Sample Prepared

Normally with synthetic urine, the first step is to get the sample prepared to transport.

This means getting it within the correct temperature range first. You’ll need a microwave, or at the very least a very reliable heatpad to achieve this.

The problem is that heatpads are variable, and you will obviously have to be near a microwave to heat the sample problem. If you’re in a warm environment, body heat will help dramatically, but if you live somewhere cold, then it’s more a problem.

The second part of preparing the sample could be hydrating it. A few synthetic urine products are powders that have to be hydrated with filtered water. However, most, even the cheap ones, are usually premixed.

2. Smuggling The Sample In

A crucial step is smuggling it in successfully. You’ll need to keep calm to do this. But there is an easy way to do it every time.

Wear two pairs of generous underwear and tuck the sample in between the layers. Not only will this keep this close to your body to raise the temperature and maintain it, but it will also be in an intimate area that they can’t directly search.

Then, to disguise the area further, wear baggy jogging bottoms and a casual t-shirt. It just looks like you are acting casual rather than trying to disguise something.

3. Keeping The Synthetic Urine Within The Correct Temperature Range

On the way to the venue, you’ve got to keep the synthetic urine within the correct temperature range to submit it. Remember, that’s that narrow band between 90°F and 100°F.

You’ll have the heatpad strapped the sample, which should help as long as it doesn’t fail (unfortunately, this does happen quite frequently though).

The ambient temperature will also matter. If you’re in Florida in high summer it’s going to be very different to being in New York in January. Some people resort to taking a flask of warm water with them to pour over the sample to warm it up if necessary. Otherwise, to cool it down, you need access to a cold tap.

However you do it, it’s tough to achieve. That’s why it’s the biggest reason why people get caught using synthetic urine.

keep synthetic urine warm for a drug test

These Synthetic Urine Brands Don’t Even Meet The Basics

Now you know a lot more about synthetic urine and how it can pass a drug test, as long as it meets minimum standards and you submit it correctly, let’s talk about the brands that won’t work.

You’ll be surprised at how many brand names you recognize on the list. So before explaining why, here’s the Hall of Shame:

I will not go into details of each, but these are broadly the reasons why they won’t pass a modern drug test:

  1. None of them fully look, froth, and smell like urine. Some achieve some of that, others basically none of it.
  2. Apart from Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz, I suspect that all of the above contain biocide preservatives. Their failure rate shot up when it was first rumored drug companies were detecting them.
  3. They all use heatpads. When most of them also cost less than $50, and some less than $30, how much quality in the heatpad can you get?

Using Fake Urine For Supervised Testing: Do Synthetic Urine Belts Work?

There’s a lot of discussion around using synthetic urine belts, Incognito belts, to smuggle your sample in and submit it naturally, so it fools someone supervising you.

Let’s be clear here, we are talking about belts that have a tap and tube dispenser on them so you can sit or stand in a natural position. Some can even have a prosthetic penis attached that you can squeeze to let liquid out, and let go to stop it again, for an even more natural look if somebody glances at you.

You could of course use it for unsupervised drug testing. It holds the urine close to the body, can be convenient and easy to wear and use, and doesn’t cost a lot more than just the urine alone.

However, there are a couple of key problems for me:

  1. For supervised drug testing, that plastic penis or the tube hanging between your legs if you are female, is not going to fool anyone observing you, even indirectly. This is especially the case if you are fiddling with a tap dispenser or tube lock/clasp.
  2. For unsupervised testing it’s overkill. Nobody is in the room with you, so why the hell does it matter how you pour it into the sample cup?

So for me, there are pros and cons to using an incognito belts I think you should be aware of.

Here are the pros:

  • Could allow you to pass a supervised test
  • The belts are very affordable
  • For most people, they should be relatively easy to use
  • Suitable for both men or women
  • Good at keeping the sample secure against your body

And these are the incognito belts cons:

  • The tube and tap dispensers are an extra complication
  • Nobody looking at you even indirectly would be fooled
  • Some incognito belts have one large pouch which sticks out at stomach height
  • What do you do if the tap fails before or during your test?

Best Buy: Clear Choice Quick Luck Incognito Belt

I think you can probably guess from what I’ve just said that I’m lukewarm on the use of incognito belts.

There only seems to be a point to using them during supervised testing. They are completely irrelevant and a complication for unsupervised testing.

Also, if you buy Quick Luck in the Incognito belt version then you have to use heatpads, which deprives you of using one of its biggest assets – heat activator powder (more on that later). It might work for you, but it’s a big risk, and you need to be aware of that before you go blazing into buying one and using it.

If you do want to use a synthetic urine belt, then the best of the bunch is the Clear Choice Quick Luck Incognito belt. It only costs $25 more to get Quick Luck synthetic urine kit with the belt, than it would just get Quick Luck.

These are the reasons why I think the Quick Luck Incognito belt is the best:

  • Very affordable
  • good quality and an easy fit
  • comes with a pair of very slim and reliable heatpads
  • Quick Luck synthetic urine is the best on the market

How To Use A Synthetic Urine Belt To Pass A Drug Test

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, the use of an incognito belt offers the same opportunities and problems for both sexes.

So let’s say you are facing what you know will be a supervised urine test, how could you use an incognito belt successfully?

The key is in practicing. Unfortunately, you can’t practice with the belt kit because once the urine has been let out, you can’t get it back in! But you can put it on and practice the process discreetly. Do it with a mirror so that you can try and create an angle where you wouldn’t be seen at all and can open and shut it in a natural manner.

If it’s unsupervised testing, my advice is don’t bother with a belt at all though. If it is supervised testing, and you really unconvinced by the belt, then you could use a high-quality detox drink instead.

Rescue Cleanse is the detox drink you should use, and you can buy it from Clear Choice, which is the same company who make Quick Luck synthetic urine.

how to use synthetic urine

Synthetic Urine Reviews – Best Fake Urine For Drug Test Success

Right, I think we’ve educated you pretty well on the basics of drug testing and synthetic urine now?

Let’s crack on then, by telling you about the two products you should use. Don’t consider any other fake urine beyond these two fantastic products is my advice. If you see any other synthetic urine reviews saying they aren’t any good, and recommending other brands, click away immediately because they aren’t serious reviews.

If you really want to pass that important drug test, these are the only products that will pretty much guarantee you do.

1. Quick Luck (Clear Choice) -Best Synthetic Urine Kit 2024

I’ve mentioned this several times during this best synthetic urine guide, so there’s no real drumroll required here.

Clear Choice is the company who makes the best fake urine products, and if you’ll forgive the pun, Quick Luck is the clear choice you should make.

These are the characteristics of Quick Luck urine kit that make me rave about it:

  • Looks, smells, and froths like human urine
  • Contains the right proportions of urea and uric acid
  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Contains a total of 14 common chemicals found in human urine
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Don’t rely on a heatpad
  • Premixed so convenient and perfect for short notice drug testing

Put all that together and you’ve got a very complex product that will pass any standard validity checks.

Even if it’s a more advanced validity check, the fact it contains 14 of the most common chemicals found in human urine mean that you will pass any known modern standard analysis.

It will also increase the curiosity of humans. It looks like urine, it froths like it if you shake it, and it smells like it (yes some lab people do sniff it). I would defy you to tell it apart from the real thing. I said earlier that the #1 reason why synthetic urine uses are caught is because they submit it outside that narrow temperature range of between 90°F and 100°F.

Quick Luck gets around the entire problem with ease. No microwaves, no hot water, no heatpads. In fact, no preparation at all.

Quick Luck is premixed, and it comes with heat activator powder in a separate little container. The activator powder is very clever because it raises the temperature of the liquid gently but leaves no trace within that liquid.

To use it, simply tap in about one-quarter out of sight. Do this just before you go into the building to start the process of submitting your sample.

Shake the bottle gently until it’s dissolved fully and then watch the temperature strip for about one minute.

If you don’t get a reading on the temperature strip, tap in a small amount extra and repeat the process. Do this until you get a good reading on the temperature strip at close to 100°F then tuck the sample back into your underwear and you are ready to pass your drug test.

2. Clear Choice Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

You can’t really look far beyond Quick Luck, but if you want to save $15, then Sub Solution is almost identical.

In fact, Sub Solution is also made by Clear Choice and is actually the predecessor of Quick Luck.

  • Exactly the same attributes as Quick Luck
  • Comes with that excellent heat activator Powder
  • Is a powder rather than a premixed liquid

They are identical in the formula. You are literally paying for one key difference: Quick Luck is premixed urine  while Sub Solution is a powdered urine kit.

This means there is a preparation step using Sub Solution. You need filtered water (one of those jug filters you put in your fridge) to fill the powdered vial. Then you shake it, and it becomes exactly the same urine as you get with Quick Luck.

So you’re paying the $15 extra for Quick Luck mainly because it’s already hydrated and you don’t have to mess around doing so, or finding filtered water (for example, I don’t have jug filter at home).

There is one other small difference, and that’s the Quick Luck comes with a pair of thin heatpads (the same heatpads that you get with the Quick Luck incognito belt kit).

For me, they are superfluous because of the heat activator powder, if you live somewhere extremely cold, then they could help to elevate the temperature of the sample while you transport it, leaving less work for the heat activator powder to do before you go in.

All in all, there’s not much to choose between them. If price matters to you, and you’re not interested in the heatpads, and you have access to filtered water, then you could save yourself 15 bucks by buying Sub Solution instead of Quick Luck.

Overall though, I’d just go with Quick Luck because $15 is peanuts if you don’t have to mess around at all.

fake pee for drug test

My Experiences Using Clear Choice Urine Brands To Pass Employment Drug Tests

Five years ago (my god doesn’t time fly!) I faced a pre-employment drug test. I had not smoked weed for a couple of weeks, but before that I had smoked multiple times per day for months on end.

Rather than messing around trying to detox, I decided to just use high-quality Clear Choice urine. I knew it would be a basic unsupervised test.

Sub Solution worked like a charm for me. At the time I did have a jug filter in my fridge, I ditched it shortly after because it was costing money for the filters though.

I hydrated it, transported it, used the heat activator powder in 60 seconds, and passed the drug test. Fast forward to last year, and I changed jobs. This time, I just went straight for the new version called Quick Luck.

No preparation at all, just transported them in my bag to the venue. Outside, out of sight of the entrance, I simply tapped in the activator powder until I got the temperature very close to 100°F. Then, I ditched the heat activator powder in a flower bed, and strode in and submitted the sample within five minutes.

Of course, you know how this story ends, I passed that drug test and got the job.

Where To Buy The Two Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Hopefully, I’ve given you all the information you need to pass a drug test using the best synthetic urine.

Yes, fake pee works, and you don’t necessarily need a synthetic urine belt unless you’re really brave and think you can get away with it. Buying fake urine for drug test success is hard though, because there really are only two products that genuinely still work.

For God’s sake, don’t do that synthetic urine near me search. You will only find the rubbish products I’ve already warned you away from in local shops.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution are available direct from Clear Choice:

  • Click here to view details and by the Quick Luck synthetic urine kit.
  • Click here to view details by the Sub Solution synthetic urine kit.
  • Click here to view details by the Quick Luck incognito belt + synthetic urine kit.


Quick Fix Vs XStream Synthetic Urine: Does Synthetic Urine Work In 2024?

I’m going to tell you what the best synthetic urine for a lab test is. Quick Fix Vs XStream is one comparison I’ll do, but I will compare other top brands as well.

I’ll tell you exactly what’s in them, and how complex they are. I’ll tell you how good they have to be to pass a modern drug test, and which brands simply won’t work. I’ll also tell you how to prepare your sample and use fake urine to pass a modern drug test. Does synthetic urine work in 2024? It certainly does, very well, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Plus, I’ll tell you what the best fake urine on the market is, exactly why it is, and do a full review of it as well.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Here’s what happens when you submit your sample for analysis:

  1. It will go through a temperature check within two minutes of you urinating. It has to be between 90°F to 100°F to be a legal sample. That’s why a good heat maintenance method to use with your fake urine is essential.
  2. As long as it passes the temperature check, it goes through some basic validity checks. This is usually a dipstick test that looks for the presence of adulterants like nitrates, and that it has a few basic chemicals found in human urine. It often also checks for the pH range as well.
  3. If it passes the first two steps, then it will go for urinalysis. This is usually just a dipstick test, or a panel test, where they will react to the drugs being tested for.

Note that modern automated drug testing like eCup 5 panel testing is no different, the steps are just automated rather than being completed by a human.

Does Synthetic Urine Work In 2024 (And Beyond)

Reading the above, you can see that the answer the question: does synthetic urine work in 2024, is definitely yes. But it must achieve the following:

  • Be submitted within the correct temperature range
  • Must pass the validity checks
  • It has to fool human scrutiny, should there be any

Despite there being more than two dozen well-known brands of synthetic urine out there, only two actually consistently work anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you which they are you in a moment.

Will Fake Urine Pass All Types Of Drug Test?

Good quality synthetic urine will pass the validity checks with ease. Therefore, it can pass any drug test.

Even the modern eCup and xCup tests can be passed, even though they have digital reading equipment. In reality, they are just digitalized dipstick tests.

The only real problem with synthetic urine comes with being observed. Supervised drug testing is therefore unsuitable because you won’t get the time out of sight to pour the synthetic urine into the sample cup.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Composition

Quick Fix urine is one of the most popular synthetic urine brands, and has been for 20 years. Many people wonder if it’s still the best synthetic urine for a lab test in 2024 and beyond.

Quick Fix has the following characteristics:

  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Looks like human urine
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Comes with a heatpad to maintain the temperature

It’s basic, but it worked for many years. However, times have moved on and Quick Fix hasn’t.

Its allegedly latest formula is 6.3. But with so few ingredients within the correct proportions, how on earth could it have been through this many development stages? It smells of simply stating a higher number to give the impression it’s a complex formula that’s constantly being updated.

Not only is Quick Fix very basic in composition, but it doesn’t really look particularly like human urine. Hold it up to the light, and it can look a little different. Plus, it doesn’t froth or smell like human urine does, so wouldn’t fool the scrutiny of an experienced lab tech person.

Also, the heatpad is very basic as well. The whole kit is very cheap, at just $30 for the basic 2 fluid oz synthetic urine kit. You simply cannot get good quality heatpads and premixed urine for that price nowadays.

XStream Composition

If you think Quick Fix is simple, then XStream will impress you even less. It’s not even primarily designed for passing drug tests, it’s actually marketed as fetish urine.

Now that may just be a cover story for its real purpose, but a lot of the website and its marketing is devoted to that purpose.

XStream claims to have the following characteristics:

  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Looks like urine
  • Froths and smells like urine
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Also allegedly contains amino acids and proteins

The problem with the above is it’s not really true. For a start, there are dozens of amino acids in proteins, and you could never balance synthetic urine to contain the right amounts of any, let alone all. Plus, they aren’t even looked for on any drug tests, so it all smells distinctly untrue.

XStream is unfortunately all about marketing, and very little about evidence it can genuinely pass a drug test.

Are Either Of These The Best Synthetic Urine For Lab Test Success?

The problem is that you can’t believe what you read from the user reviews, for the marketing hype. Also, remember these brands have been around for a couple of decades, and drug testing used to be more basic so they could have passed, but wouldn’t now.

The truth is that synthetic urine doesn’t have to be that complex, it just has to:

  • Pass human scrutiny
  • Pass validity checks
  • Be submitted within the correct temperature range

But neither of these top brands really does that, so in the battle of Quick Fix Vs XStream synthetic urine, neither wins.

You’ve also got the problem that they both use heatpads, and poor quality heatpads as well.

Air-activated heatpads should kick out a gentle heat. You attach them to the sample, and it should keep them within the correct temperature range for several hours.

But you can’t predict the climate around you, or what people will wear. These heatpads can also fail by kicking out less heat, or too much heat.

In fact, when it comes to synthetic urine, more people get caught submitting it outside the correct temperature range, then actually get caught by failing the validity checks. So a reliable way of getting the temperature within the correct range is vital.

Don’t Do The Synthetic Urine Nearby Search

Looking for synthetic urine nearby is not a viable option. Smoke shops and local retailers will just try and sell you the low-grade urine I’ve just talk to you about at a high price.

They have no experience or knowledge and don’t care about quality. They buy cheap at wholesale from what’s available, mark the price up massively, and sell it on as fast as possible.

Also, some cheap brands contain biocide preservatives, and it’s been rumored for more than five years that some of the big testing labs like LabCorp look for the presence of biocide preservatives in their validity checks.

The truth is that you need a specialist product. These are expensive and aren’t available through wholesalers, and you have to therefore go through specialist online retailers who are the creators of the products.

These Are The Best Brands Of Synthetic Urine

When it comes to passing a modern drug test, in 2024 and beyond, there are basically just two choices.

Both brands far exceed the quality of both Quick Fix and XStream. They are also far superior to other well-known brands like Magnum, U Pass, and Urine Luck.

Let’s talk you through both of them right now, so you can make a better decision.

  1. Sub Solution synthetic urine

Although it’s been around for 10 years, Sub Solution is still the second most complex and convincing synthetic urine on the market. It’s made by Clear Choice, who are just the best company for high-quality and specialist drug test products.

Sub Solution has the following characteristics:

  • A powder that uses filtered water to hydrate it
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Contains 14 common chemicals found in urine
  • Looks, smells, and even froths like human urine
  • Doesn’t contain biocide preservatives (confirmed by company)

So as you can see, this is going to pass the validity checks, and it’s going to pass even the closest scrutiny of an experienced employee. But what about submitting it within the correct temperature range, what about the heatpad? Well, Sub Solution doesn’t even use a heatpad.

Sub Solution uses something called heat activator powder. You get a small vial of it when you buy the urine.

You tap in about one-third of the powder and shake the vial of urine until it’s dissolved fully. Don’t worry, it’s untraceable in a drug test.

The heat activator powder agitates the liquid and raises the temperature. About one-third of the heat activator powder is usually enough; but after a minute of checking the temperature strip, you can always add a little more, bit by bit, until you get a good reading close to 100°F (but not above that level).

Put all that together, and apart from the fact you have to mix the powder with filtered water to get the urine viable to use, Sub Solution is highly complex, will fool human scrutiny, and gets around the problem of the temperature of the sample fully.

  1. Quick Luck synthetic urine

Quick Luck is also made by Clear Choice. In fact, it is the successor to Sub Solution, being developed from it.

Quick Luck has the following characteristics:

  • Slightly more complex than Sub Solution (more chemicals)
  • Contains around 16, chemicals found in human urine
  • Premixed for rapid use
  • Comes with heat activator Powder
  • Also comes with a pair of high-quality heatpads

So what you’re getting with Quick Luck is a slightly better version of Sub Solution, and importantly it’s premixed for more rapid deployment.

Using the premixed Quick Luck urine with the heat activator powder out of sight, means that even for short notice drug testing, you could have a viable sample ready to use in just two minutes.

If $15 is important to you, then get Sub Solution, but if you want the ultimate fake urine product on the market, then I’d definitely buy Quick Luck every time.

But why does the synthetic urine kit also include a pair of high-quality heat pads, why would you need them?

Well, mostly you won’t, but consider this scenario.

You’re in a cold climate. When you arrive at the test center, before you go in, the sample is very cold. You’ll have to use a lot of the heat activator powder and mess around for longer to get it viable. But if you slap one of the heatpads, or even both, on the sample before you leave, it’s going to get pretty close to the temperature, and then you can just tweak it with the heat activator powder.

Basically, the heatpads could mean less time spent getting the temperature exactly right. But it’s important for me to state that they aren’t needed, because the heat activator powder is pure genius.

Where To Buy Quick Luck & Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck and Sub Solution are both made by Clear Choice, and the best place to buy them as direct from the company in the USA, through their website “test negative”:

  • Quick Luck currently costs $110
  • Sub Solution currently costs $95

Both of these will pass any level of modern drug test. They are complex enough, you can control the temperature, and they will fool even the most modern drug testing equipment.

Synthetic Urine reviews: Clear Choice Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix6.3 -Which Is The Best?

Any good quality comparison synthetic urine review has to mention Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix, as these are two of the most popular and well-known brands.

In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need about both of these synthetic urine products.

Are Quick Fix reviews accurate? Is this synthetic urine just too simple in construction to pass a modern drug test?

And, is Sub Solution as good as people say and the only real option for passing a drug test? I’m going to answer all of your questions, compare Sub Solution and Quick Fix, do full reviews of both of them, and explain exactly how, and when, you can use fake urine to pass a drug test.

What Type Of Drug Test Will Synthetic Urine Pass?

These are the three types of drug tests that someone could face:

  1. An unsupervised drug test, where you will be behind a screen, or even in a separate room. Nowadays, with digitalized check-ins and eCup analysis systems, you may not even deal with a human.
  2. A supervised drug test is where someone will be in the room with you, but not directly looking at you. It’s a deterrent and usually used for retests or failures.
  3. The observed drug test is literally that, someone will be watching you urinate. This is usually only done under specific, and known, circumstances.

Forget anything you read about being able to use fake urine for supervised or observed drug testing. It’s literally impossible, and using something ridiculous like a prosthetic penis, or belt and tap system, will get you caught.

Therefore, Sub Solution Quick Fix, along with any other fake urine you might be considering, should only ever be used if you are facing an unsupervised drug test. If you are new to fake urine, please check out my detailed synthetic urine guide.

Quick Fix: How Complex Is It?

Let’s start with a synthetic urine review of Quick Fix first. Quick Fix reviews will often say how affordable it is, but they don’t really speak much about how likely it is to fool someone or pass a drug test.

These are the characteristics that Quick Fix has:

  • Just about looks like real urine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Is balanced within pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Temperature maintenance method supplied is a heatpad

Overall then, Quick Fix is not complex. But is it complex enough to pass the validity checks and temperature checks that a company like LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics would complete on a submitted sample?

Sub Solution vs Quick fix

Passing A Drug Test With Quick Fix Urine

To pass a drug test using Quick Fix, you’ll have to take the following steps:

  1. The sample will need to be microwaved. Quick Fix is premixed, so it’s just a case of putting it in the microwave oven for a few seconds at a time until you get a reading on the temperature strip at between 90°F and 100°F.
  2. You’ll then activate the heatpad, and tape it to the sample securely. Then, tuck the sample into your crotch under your underwear to keep it warm and secure.
  3. On arrival, before you go into the building, check the temperature. If it’s cooled, you’ll have to find a way to warm it up. For me, that would mean taking a flask of hot water with you. Just make sure it’s not boiling water, as that would melt the plastic container. Also, ensure that you have somewhere to stash (or dump) the flask as that would potentially raise suspicion.
  4. The first thing that will happen after you submit the sample is the temperature of your sample will be checked when you hand it over to the human or place it in the eCup machine. So if the heatpad has failed, or you have messed up on reading the temperature, then you are out of luck at this stage.
  5. If it’s within the correct temperature range, the sample will go through validity checks. This looks for the sample to have the characteristics of human urine, and it will also check for adulterants and other problems with the sample. Quick Fix doesn’t stand better than a 50% chance of passing modern validity checks though.

Overall then, Quick Fix is a simple formula, accompanied by a clumsy and inelegant solution for submitting it within the correct temperature range.

I cannot emphasize that enough. The biggest reason that people submitting fake samples fail the test is simply because the sample is outside the correct temperature range. Heatpads turn this into a lottery, and any product that uses something more reliable than a heatpad has an instant advantage.

Are Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews False Then?

The bottom line is that your fake sample is going to stand around a 50% chance of getting through the temperature and validity checks.

Even if it does manage it, if it comes under human scrutiny then it could still arouse suspicion. Lab technicians have said on social media that they can spot Quick Fix because it look slightly green when held up to the light. Even if that’s not completely true, it shows that experienced lab people are familiar with fake urine, and are switched on to look for it.

Quick Fix is unlikely to stand up to that scrutiny as it doesn’t really look like urine, doesn’t smell like it, and doesn’t froth like it (real human urine froths because it contains albumin). Overall, Quick Fix reviews telling you it could pass a drug test are only partly truthful. They are either old reviews, based on poor information, or simply trying to sell it to you.

The truth is that the answer to the question of does Quick Fix works for modern drug tests is that it would struggle.

Sub Solution: How Complex Is It?

Now we have talked about Quick Fix reviews and quality, let’s talk about Sub Solution by comparison.

Sub Solution has the following characteristics:

  • Is balanced perfectly for pH and specific gravity
  • Contains 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Contains the right proportion of urea and uric acid
  • Looks, smells, and even froths like urine (contains albumin)
  • Uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad

As you can see from the snapshot above, Sub Solution definitely has more going for it than Quick Fix does.

It’s basically a generation ahead in terms of its complexity and ability to pass a drug test.

Let’s focus on a few things here that are important:

  1. Not only does it look like human urine, but it also smells like it and froths like it. This means it will definitely pass human scrutiny.
  2. The total of 14 chemicals in it means that it will pass almost any variation on the basic validity checks that different companies complete on a sample. Clear Choice, the people who make Sub Solution, ensure that the formula is updated annually should they find information out to that suggests labs are looking for something not in Sub Solution.
  3. Sub Solution arrives at your door with heat activator powder rather than a heatpad. This is really easy to use, as I will now explain to you.

Passing A Drug Test With Sub Solution: How To Use Synthetic Urine

Although the instructions for passing a drug test with Sub Solution are broadly similar to Quick Fix, they are notably different in terms of one aspect: the heating method.

  1. Rather than heating the sample, you’ll have to hydrate it as Sub Solution is a powder. Simply fill the vial of powdered urine to the fill level line with jug filtered water. Make sure it’s at room temperature, and don’t use tap water or bottled water because they contain compounds that aren’t found in urine.
  2. Once you hydrate the urine, all you have to do is take it to the venue. You could tuck it in your underwear before you leave, or simply carry it with you because you’re not going to be searched until you get into the building!
  3. On arrival, before you go inside to submit your sample, you’re going to heat the sample temperature up to be within the magical temperature range between 90°F 100°F. To do this, you’re now going to use the heat activator powder.
  4. Tap in about one-quarter of the heat activator powder and shake the urine gently until it is clear and fully dissolved. Then watch the temperature strip carefully.
  5. Repeat with a little more heat activator powder if necessary, until you get a reading that is as close to 100°F as you can achieve, but without going above that level.
  6. Then, simply tuck the sample into your underwear, and go in and confidently submit your sample.

Are Sub Solution Reviews Accurate?

We’ve talked about whether Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews are accurate, so let’s now talk about Sub Solution reviews.

Sub Solution is definitely far more complex than Quick Fix. It’s going to pass those validity checks. It will pass visual scrutiny as well, even if somebody decides to shake it and sniff it.

Plus, the heat activator powder is a game changer. It’s so much more efficient than the heatpad, and it will almost guarantee you being able to submit it within the correct temperature range.

I passed a drug test with Sub Solution two years ago. It got me my current job, and I couldn’t have been happier with the price I spent to get that job.

Why gamble on something cheap, when quality counts?

Sub Solution for me was easy to prepare, easy to smuggle in, and very easy to use.The heat activator powder is a definite game changer, and I would never consider using fake urine with a heatpad ever again. It just makes things so easy, and gives you complete confidence you are handing the sample over within the correct temperature range.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

Overall, when it comes to the direct battle between Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix, there is only one winner and that’s Sub Solution.

Sub Solution holds all the cards, and has the ability to pass standard modern drug testing almost every time.

To put it into percentage terms, Sub Solution has about a 90% chance of passing, while Quick Fix has a 50% or less chance of passing.

Does Quick Fix Work If Nothing Else Is Available?

Quick Fix will work better than nothing. It’s a little better than some of the really poor quality fake urine brands out there, like Urine Luck, Magnum, Monkey Whizz, and U Pass.

So, if you can’t get your hands on Sub Solution, especially if it’s a last-minute drug test, then sure, Quick Fix could work, but it’s one hell of a gamble. My advice is simple. If you think you’re facing a drug test, order Sub Solution online right now. Then, it’s ready and available for whenever you need it without any further worry.

Synthetic Urine Review Conclusion: Sub Solution Should Be Your #1 Choice

There’s just no competition between Sub Solution and Quick Fix nowadays. Quick Fix is a very basic formula that will not stand up to the scrutiny of modern drug testing. You might get lucky, but it’s one hell of a gamble.

By comparison, Sub Solution is highly complex, looks like urine, and stands a great chance of passing.

Plus, it gives you total control over the sample temperature because of the incredible heat activator powder that comes with it.

Where To Buy Sub Solution

There’s only one place that you can buy Sub Solution, that’s direct from Clear Choice.

It’s available via their website at test negative. It currently costs $90, which is three times the price of Quick Fix.

But quality counts, and $30 is never going to pass a modern drug test.

Get Sub Solution in stock now. Shipping within the USA is rapid, and it means that you are ready for a drug test any time you face one, even with just a few hours notice.

Xstream Synthetic Urine Review: Will It Pass A Drug Test?

There are a ton of fake urine brands out there, so how do you know which ones are any good? In this complete XStream synthetic urine review, I’m going to talk about one of the most popular brands.

I’ll cover everything you need to know, and compare XStream to the two most complex and bestselling fake urine products. If you want to check them out now, you can view the details here:

  • Sub Solution synthetic urine
  • Quick Luck premium synthetic urine

I’ll cover how drug testing works, and how good synthetic urine has to be to pass. I will talk about the characteristics it needs to have, and give you full XStream drug test instructions.

Is XStream more than a fetish urine? Let’s find out now.

How Urine Drug Tests Work

When you submit your sample, it goes through the following stages of scrutiny. The sample has to have the characteristics to pass the first three:

  1. Within two minutes of handing the sample over they have to record the temperature. Therefore, you have to be able to manipulate the temperature of the fake sample you hand over to be within the correct temperature range, which is legally between 90°F and 100°F. If it’s outside this range, the sample is rejected and you automatically fail.
  2. Next, your sample will go through some validity tests. This is usually a dipstick panel test. It checks for adulteration, things like nitrate presence. It checks that the specific gravity and pH range is correct for human urine. It looks for the right range of creatinine (a waste product of creatine which is used by our muscles). Sometimes it also looks for the presence of biocide preservatives, and (very rare) urea, uric acid, and some other chemicals.
  3. Your sample will then be analyzed for the presence of drug metabolites. This is an immunoassay, otherwise known as the panel drug test. If they pay for a five panel test, it’s tested for five substances. Obviously if any of those test positive then you have potentially failed the drug test.
  4. If it fails validity checks or the immunoassay, then it goes to full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis. This is very rare though. If it goes to this level, it will delay your sample results by couple of days, and I’m telling you that no fake urine on earth will pass that level of analysis.

How Good Does Synthetic Urine Have To Be To Pass A Drug Test?

So just how good does XStream have to be a drug test success? You now understand the scrutiny it will go through, so how would XStream deal with that?

XStream is primarily a fetish urine. That’s what it’s sold as, that’s what it’s labelled as. But they also claim it’s complex enough to pass a drug test.

XStream has the following characteristics:

  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • It looks like urine
  • Use a heatpad to keep it warm
  • Contains creatinine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Does not contain biocide preservatives

If you are new to synthetic urine, I highly recommend to check out my detailed  guide.

How Complex Is Xstream Fetish Urine?

So look, it ticks a lot of boxes. For a basic pre-employment drug test, XStream is more than fetish urine, and it could pass.

The problem comes with any deeper scrutiny. It’s claimed it contains amino acids and other things found in urine. This is nonsense. It’s just inaccurate marketing on third-party reseller sites that claim this complexity. XStream is a very basic urine.

It doesn’t froth or smell like urine, like the top brands do. So it won’t pass an in-depth visual scrutiny from a curious lab assistant.

It’s not that complex, and if the testing looks for anything other than the basics, then they will not be there.

The heatpad isn’t great either. It’s unreliable enough to drop your chances of passing dramatically.

Xstream Instructions (Including Top Tips)

The instructions for using XStream drug test urine are pretty straightforward. They are exactly the same as any other premixed urine that uses a heatpad to maintain the temperature within the correct range (between 90°F 100°F).

  1. Microwave the sample for about 10 seconds. Shake it gently, and watch the temperature strip. If you don’t see a reading after about 90 seconds, microwave it for another 10 seconds. Keep doing this until you get a reading on the temperature strip that is as close to 100°F as possible, without going above that (because there will not be a reading then).
  2. Shake the air activated heatpad. You’ll start to feel it warm in your hand. Tape it to the sample bottle. Make sure you do this on the opposite side to the temperature strip so you don’t get a false reading.
  3. Tuck this prepared sample between two pairs of underwear. Then put on baggy jogging bottoms, and a casual top, so you don’t look unusual.
  4. Just before you go into the building to submit your sample, you’ll need to check the temperature is still within the correct range. My top tip is to take a flask of hot water with you. If the temperature has cooled, you can pour hot water on to the sample to raise it. Make sure it’s a cheap flask you don’t have to take it into the building with you, and just leave it outside somewhere.

Xstream synthetic urine instruction

Xstream Synthetic Urine LabCorp Test: Can It Fool Them & Does It Work?

So the million dollar question in this XStream synthetic urine review has to be will it pass a drug test?

It’s a basic but good formula and it does look like urine. So, it could pass a basic drug test where there’s no complications.

However, it’s not 100% reliable. It’s not complex enough falls levels of normal scrutiny, it doesn’t smell and froth like urine, and the heatpad as a source of temperature maintenance is badly unreliable.

That’s the same with all urine products that use a heatpad. They are dirt cheap to make, don’t kick out a steady heat, and fail often.

In terms of XStream synthetic urine LabCorp, or other top drug testing labs, the processes they use nowadays are enhanced and they can spot bad fake samples more easily. You are taking a risk using XStream.

Other Fake Urine Brands You Can’t Rely On

XStream fetish urine is one of many cheap fake urine brands that you can buy online, and often locally in smoke shops are greatly inflated prices as well. If the fake urine is dirt cheap, it’s not going to be very complex and stands a good chance of being caught out.

These are the brands I would advise you treat with caution and only use in an emergency:

  • XStream
  • Magnum
  • Urine Luck
  • U Pass
  • Quick Fix
  • Monkey Whizz

Magnum is just awful, and you shouldn’t go near that at all. It’s not even properly set up with urea and uric acid in it.

For the others, you could pass a basic pre-employment drug test with them. But it’s a risk, and you just don’t need to take it when there are better options out there.

Xstream Vs Sub Solution

Sub Solution is the best selling fake urine in the USA. It costs $85, so nearly 3 times the price of XStream. But, as with everything in life, you usually get what you pay for.

Sub Solution has the following characteristics:

  • Looks, froths, and even smells like urine
  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Contains creatinine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains a total of 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Uses heat activator powder

So as you can see, it’s far more complex than XStream, and even smells like urine as well.

The only downside is that it’s a powder. It has to be mixed with filtered water prior to use. That means it can’t be used at short notice. However, without a microwave, you couldn’t use premixed XStream at short notice either.

For me, the extra money is worth it just for the heat activator powder. No need to mess around with a heatpad, you just use the powder for you go in to the building where you will submit your sample.

Tap in about one third, shake it until it dissolves, and then carefully watch the temperature strip. If you don’t get a reading, or it’s not quite warm enough, tap in a little more until it as close to 100°F as possible, but without going above that.

It gives you instant, granular, control over the sample temperature. No variable heatpad temperature being kicked out, and no chance of failure. Also, no messing around with a flask of hot water around the corner from the building.

Xstream Urine Vs Quick Luck

Compared to XStream, Quick Luck is a different universe. Just like Sub Solution it’s highly complex. It’s actually pretty much Sub Solution but premixed. Both made by Clear Choice, it’s the newest version that builds on Sub Solutions pedigree by being premixed.

You actually get a pair of heatpads with Quick Luck as well, in case you want to raise the temperature and keep it there in advance, so the heat activator powder has less work to do. But, just like Sub Solution, it uses the incredible heat activator powder and you don’t have to rely on a heatpad at all if you don’t want to.

It’s perfect for on-the-job, short-notice drug testing, and far more advanced than XStream.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution are available to buy direct from Clear Choice.

Smoke Shops That Sell Synthetic Urine: Will Locally Bought Synthetic Urine Pass A Modern Drug Test?

If you’re doing that search right now for synthetic urine near me, then don’t worry I’ve got you covered in this piece. I’m going to talk to you about the smoke shops that sell synthetic urine, as well as other local stores that do the same. Should you trust them, and will what you buy that can pass a drug test?

So this is a complete guide on using synthetic urine to pass a drug test, along with the brands to use, the brands to avoid, and what your best options are if you are facing that test at short notice.

If you’d like to check out high-quality synthetic urine before we get started, to give you a benchmark on the quality needed, then this is the best on the market:

  • Clear Choice “Quick Luck” High-Quality Synthetic Urine

Should You Do The Synthetic Urine Near Me Search?

I want to start with a warning. You shouldn’t even be doing that search for “synthetic urine near me”, because you won’t find anything of value.

I’ll go through the specifics in a moment, but brands you can buy from physical stores are not good. They are cheap with high-price markups.

Overall, if you’re facing a drug test at really short notice, so much so that you need to go grab a bottle of fake urine right now, then you are in trouble I’m afraid.

None of the products you can pick up locally will pass a modern drug test. If you’re literally facing a drug test tomorrow then I would claim you have Covid and try and put it off for a few days until you can get proper synthetic urine.

What’s Wrong With Locally Bought Urine Products?

Let’s get to the specifics of why buying locally sold urine products simply won’t work to pass a modern drug test.

Here’s a snapshot of the reasons:

  • Poor sample quality and complexity
  • Most brands don’t tick even the minimum boxes
  • Heatpads are unreliable for temperature maintenance
  • Most brands contain biocide preservatives which can be spotted
  • Cheap synthetic urine won’t pass close human scrutiny

Overall it’s about only getting poor quality and paying a high price for it.

The brands available locally in smoke shops are purchased at wholesale cheaply and then sold on for very high-profit margins. They are making money, but you don’t stand a chance of passing your test. The best fake urine is specialist, expensive, and only available from specialist retailers.

That may sound odd, but because people don’t want to pay top dollar, and don’t appreciate the quality, then shops simply wouldn’t buy them wholesale at such a high price because to make the margins they want they would have to charge more than people would pay.

That’s exactly why you get poor-quality rubbish locally, and why it’s not recommended to buy synthetic urine in local shops.

Did you really think you are going to pop into a smoke shop, spend $30, and get around a modern drug test?

These Are The Fake Urine Products To Avoid

I can’t give you a comprehensive list, and it’s far easier just to recommend a good product as I will in a moment.

But here are some quick reviews of the worst fake urine products that you will regularly see for sale, and that people will regularly say work to pass a drug test.

Remember that these products have been around for two decades. Two decades ago they would have been good enough to pass drug testing, but as it’s moved on substantially in terms of its ability to spot unusual samples, then what worked before won’t work again.

So don’t look at user reviews, because most of them are outdated, and you get a ton of trash reviews just trying to promote these products.

  1. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

This is actually the best of the rest. It’s not great, but it does contain the basics needed to pass a drug test. It also looks like urine. But that’s where the good news ends. If the validity checks on your sample anything more than the very basic ones, then it will fail.

It also doesn’t froth or smell like urine, meaning that anyone looking at it curiously will spot it a mile off.

Plus, it uses a heatpad, and heatpads are terribly unreliable and you shouldn’t use any product that girly relies on one.

  1. U Pass

Another big name that you will see a lot. However, it’s also another very poor-quality brand. Just like Quick Fix, it only contains the basics of creatinine, urea, and uric acid. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity, and sort of looks like urine, but that’s where the positive traits end.

It’s not complex enough, it will not fool visual scrutiny, and the heatpad has always been questioned online because it fails so often.

  1. XStream Urine

Just like Magnum synthetic urine, XStream is billed as “fetish urine”. That tells you its original purpose, and what it’s primarily marketed as. It should also tell you that they won’t be too worried about its quality.

It also costs $24.95. Do you really think you can buy synthetic urine to pass a modern drug test for 25 bucks?

Let me tell you, it’s poor. They claim that labs even use their product to calibrate their equipment. Come on, that’s just complete nonsense. What equipment needs calibrating? The whole thing is just ridiculous.

You can add to the list above brands like Urine Luck, Magnum, and Monkey Whizz. The truth is that you simply cannot get good quality urine nowadays to pass a drug test for something like $50, it’s impossible.

Also, many of the cheap brands contain biocide preservatives. These have been established to be a “footprint” that some drug test companies are almost certainly looking forward to rule out fake samples.

smoke shop synthetic urine

How Else Can I Pass A Short Notice Urine Drug Test?

Now I’ve ruled out all those brands that shops that sell synthetic urine will stock, the cheap rubbish, what else can you do?

Well, you can’t use home remedies. You can’t flush out your system with any type of liquid like water, cranberry juice, or anything else. The Sure Jell/Certo method only partly works, and it only partly works to get rid of cannabis metabolites. Your chance of passing even for cannabis use are less than 50%.

Overall, the only real way out is to invest in high-quality synthetic urine that ticks all the boxes required to get around modern drug testing.

The Traits Of High-Quality Synthetic Urine

When you submit your sample, it has to jump through the following hoops:

  1. Has to be submitted within the correct temperature range, at between 90 and 100 Fahrenheit, to be a legal sample. Heatpads are very unreliable and can’t achieve this with certainty.
  2. It has to pass the “sniff test” which basically represents all types of visual scrutiny. People conducting the test can hold the sample up to the light, shake it to see if it froths, and yes, sometimes even sniff it to see if it smells like urine.
  3. It has to be complex enough to pass validity checks. This is usually a dipstick test that looks for common adulterants, and common things found in urine to ensure it’s a genuine sample. It will also look at the pH and specific gravity ranges.

Astonishingly, there are only two products that actually tick all the boxes needed to fool the stages of a modern drug test.

The Only Product That Ticks Every Box Is Called Quick Luck

A product called Sub Solution from a company called Clear Choice was the best on the market. It ticked all the boxes I’ve mentioned above. The only downside to Sub Solution is that it’s a powder that you have to hydrate with filtered water in order to use it. It’s a small stumbling block, but it is one.

Clear Choice decided to update Sub Solution and release it under the label Quick Luck.

Quick Luck is slightly more complex than Sub Solution, and crucially, it’s premixed for instant use. That also makes it perfect for on-the-spot, or short-notice drug testing.

These are the traits of Quick Luck:

  • Looks, froths, and even smells like human urine
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Has 15 common chemicals found in urine in it
  • Doesn’t contain biocide preservatives

So Quick Luck is going to fool the visual scrutiny, should someone get suspicious.

It’s also going to get through even more complex validity checks, as it is within the correct ranges the key things, and it contains far more common chemicals found in urine than are ever usually looked for.

It also uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad. This is the crucial difference that truly sets it apart.

There’s no preparation with Quick Luck because it’s premixed and use the heat activator powder. No activating heatpads, no maintaining the temperature, and no using microwave ovens. You don’t need to do anything until you are almost ready to submit it.

How To Use Quick Luck To Pass A Drug Test

To show you how easy it is to use Quick Luck to pass a drug test, let’s talk you through the steps you need to know right now.

  1. The only preparation you need to do is to conceal it. Remember that the test will be unsupervised, so nobody will be looking at you. They also can’t search you intimately, so you just need to make sure they can’t touch it. Tuck it into your underwear and wear baggy jogging bottoms.
  2. Depending on the weather, make sure you are also wearing a coat if needed. Keeping the sample close to your body will get it close to the correct temperature to submit it within anyway. That will also leave less work for the heat activator powder to do. It also helps to conceal it further.
  3. On arrival, just before you walk into the building, you’re going to check the temperature on the side of the bottle. If there’s no reading, and you know it’s too cool, then you’re going to use the heat activator powder. Tap in about one quarter, shake it gently until it dissolves, and then watch the temperature strip for about one minute.
  4. Repeat the process with the heat activator powder until you get a reading. If you’re in a very hot area, you may not even need to heat activator powder, and may have to even use a little cold water on it instead. But this is rare.

As you can see, that’s the entire process. It’s about close temperature management, which is very easy using Quick Luck because you can manipulate the temperature degree by degree with ease.

It will pass visual scrutiny, it will pass validity checks, and you’ll be able to submit it within the correct temperature range. It’s the ultimate fake urine, and it’s the only one I would ever use now to try and pass a modern drug test.

best synthetic urine brands

Where To Buy Quick Luck

Unless you’re desperate, do not look for shops that sell synthetic urine. You won’t find fake urine near you that works for modern drug testing. Even if you’ve got just a couple of days, order Quick Luck now with fast shipping. If you’re facing a drug test soon, order Quick Luck now anyway.

Quick Luck is only available direct to buy from Clear Choice themselves.

It’s not cheap, but it is the most complex brand on the market that will give you the best chance of passing a drug test.

Quick Luck costs $100. You’ll get the urine, the heat activator powder, and even a pair of very thin and high-quality heatpads. If you live somewhere cold, you could use the heatpads in advance to start warming the sample up, meaning there will be even less work for the heat activator powder.

As you can see, it’s the ultimate piece of kit for getting the sample temperature exactly right and stand the best chance of passing an important drug test.

Does Fake Pee Work At Quest Diagnostics (Tampa, Gainesville, Or Any Other Location)?

If you know your drug test is at Quest diagnostics, or one of their licensed third-party collection centers, then it’s reasonable to ask does fake pee work at Quest Diagnostics?

You may be visiting a specific Quest location, like Tampa, Fl, for example. Are there different testing standards and criteria you need to know about? Plus, what happens with the drug test, and will Quest diagnostics call if I fail a drug test, or do they just notify the person who paid for the test?

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about drug testing at Quest Diagnostics (which also applies to every other drug testing company as well).

Not only will I be talking about using synthetic urine, but I’ll be specifically referring to the best on the market right now called Quick Luck, which you can check out in advance here:

>>> Clear Choice Quick Luck high-quality fake urine

The Big Question: Do Drug Testing Companies Actually Look For Fake Urine?

To answer the question around whether fake pee works at Quest Diagnostics, we can help everyone here by answering a bigger question: Do drug testing companies try and detect fake urine and will it work to pass a drug test?

Drug testing companies don’t actually specifically look in detail for fake urine. They are not looking for markers, or footprints, or characteristics, that would specifically detect it.

The only exception to that is the potential for them to look for biocide, a common preservative. There is a little evidence, although it’s not complete, that drug testing companies do look for that in some validity checks. However, I’ve never seen it formally acknowledged by any drug testing company.

They look for these basics in what are called the validity checks directly after you submit your sample:

  • Common adulterants such as aspirin and nitrates
  • Whether it contains creatinine
  • Whether it contains urea and uric acid (sometimes)
  • If it’s within the correct pH and specific gravity range

The truth is that the validity checks are mostly just a dipstick test that look for those few common traits, whether it’s a human testing the sample, or one of the modern eCup automated systems.

The second question is does synthetic urine work at Quest and other companies?

The answer is yes. As long as you submit it within the correct temperature range, and it ticks all the boxes I’ve just mentioned for the validity checks, then it’s going to pass the urinalysis to try and detect drugs.

How Complex Does Synthetic Urine Have To Be To Pass?

As you’ve now seen, fake pee can work at Quest and elsewhere, and it doesn’t actually have to be that complex. It has to be complex enough to pass the validity checks. So it has to contain a few common chemicals found in urine, and it must not contain biocide preservatives.

It also has to look, froth, and preferably smell like urine, in case somebody gets suspicious. It’s unlikely, but it can happen.

Most importantly for you, it has to be submitted within the correct temperature range. Legally, this has to be between 90°F and 100°F. This is the bit that you can affect most.

Does Synthetic Urine Work At Quest?

So to answer your main question, around does fake pee work at Quest Diagnostics, no matter what the location is, whether it’s Tampa, or anywhere else, is yes it will work.

And no, they don’t specifically look in detail for fake urine. As long as it jumps through the hoops they put in place, which are pretty basic, then it’s going to pass.

As I’ve mentioned, it has to have the basic characteristics to do that, and it has to have the ability to be easily submitted within the correct temperature range. Most fake urine brands use heatpads to achieve this, but they aren’t really reliable.

Here’s What Happens When You Submit A Sample At Quest

Let’s now talk you through exactly what happens when you submit a sample at a lab company like Quest diagnostics, LabCorp, or Concentra.

Remember also, that all of these big companies outsource to third-party testing centers and companies around the nation. They all have pretty much identical processes, and/or have to follow the process outlined by the company paying for the test.

  1. On arrival you will usually be searched. But this is mostly cursory, removing bags, hats, and coats. They may then pat you down in case you are carrying fake urine. But they can’t touch you intimately, which is why you will put the small vial of premixed urine into your underwear, tucked into your crotch and then hidden with baggy trousers or shorts.
  2. Straight after you have urinated into the little sample cup you will hand it over immediately and within two minutes of this happening, they must record the sample temperature. It has to be between 90°F and 100°F be legal. That’s why a reliable heating source is so important.
  3. A validity test will then be done. This is a dipstick test which is tested against panels usually, but it can also be automated along with the rest of the test if it’s an digital eCup test. This looks for basics in the composition of the urine and the presence of any major adulterants. But it is a basic and cursory test.
  4. As long as it passes the previous steps then it will undergo urinalysis. This is basically another dipstick test against panels. So with a five panel drug test was pay for, then it will be tested against five panels to see if they react.

That’s it. That’s all the steps taken. It’s pretty basic in reality as long as no suspicion is aroused around your sample. A good quality fake urine will dance through that process with ease.

How Long Does Quest Diagnostics Take For Urine Results To Come Back?

Positive or negative result from Quest diagnostics will usually come back within 24 hours.

In terms of how long does Quest diagnostics take the urine results if it’s positive, that can also be 24 hours, but occasionally can be slightly longer if they decide to do a full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis on it, but that’s rare with the initial testing.

Note that with the modern digital eCup system results can actually be texted and emailed immediately after the automated testing is complete.

The Characteristics Of The Best Synthetic Urine

As you now know, you can pass a drug test with fake urine, and it doesn’t have to be that complex. To pass a drug test, all it needs to do is be good enough to pass the basic checks that will be completed.

Does synthetic urine work at Quest? Yes, it certainly does, but only if it has the following characteristics:

  • Must look, froth, and smell like human urine
  • Must be easily submitted within the correct temperature range
  • Has to contain more than the basics of creatinine, uric acid, and urea
  • Has to be within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges

Quick Luck is the only synthetic urine out there that does this and more, as it contains 14 chemicals found in human urine, so it will pass even the more complex validity checking,

How To Pass A Drug Test Using Quick Luck

  1. There’s no preparation because it’s premixed and you don’t have to mess around with a heatpad. Simply conceal it on yourself and head towards the test center.
  2. On arrival, before you go into the building, out of sight you will prepare the sample. Check the temperature then tap in about one quarter of the heat activator powder that you get with the product. Shake it until it’s dissolved. This agitates the liquid and will raise the temperature slightly. Check for a reading after about one minute, and repeat the process until you get one.
  3. Go in and submit your sample. Because it’s an unsupervised test, you can even check the vial temperature before you pour into the sample cup and if it’s cooled and isn’t getting a reading, you can even cheekily add a little more heat activator powder to ensure that you simply cannot fail the temperature check.

Where To Buy Quick Luck

As you can now see, the answer the question around does fake pee work at Quest diagnostics in Tampa, or any other location in the USA, is yes it will.

As long as you use Quick Luck, then due to its complexity and ability to control the temperature, then it’s pretty much certain that you will pass unless something abnormal happens, which is very rare because the companies just want to make as much money as possible from your sample by intervening as little as possible in any extra scrutiny.

Quick Luck is made by Clear Choice. It costs $100, which is the most expensive on the market but now you can see exactly why it is the premium brand.

It’s available to buy only direct from Clear Choice through their web store at test negative.

Best Synthetic Urine Reviews 2024: Top 4 Fake Urine Brands For Drug Test

If you’re facing an unsupervised drug test then the best synthetic urine, used correctly, is the easiest way to pass every time.

This is a complete guide to doing just that. A full set of synthetic urine reviews, tells you how to use the top four best synthetic urine brands.

But it’s more than that. I will also cover the brands of fake urine that you shouldn’t use, and why the fake urine kits they produce just aren’t up to standard. I will talk to you about my own experiences in passing drug tests. I’ve passed one with the detox drink, and two with the same brand of synthetic urine kits.

So this will also contain my top tips on using fake pee for drug tests, and how to minimize your chances of getting caught out.

Let’s Start By Explaining The Three Different Types Of Urine Tests

You should only use a synthetic urine kit for an unsupervised urine test. Let me just explain what the three different types of drug tests you could face are:

  1. The unsupervised drug test is where you are not being observed. You will either be behind a screen or even in a completely separate room when you submit the sample.
  2. A supervised drug test is where someone will remain in the room with you when you submit the sample into the cup. That doesn’t mean they are staring straight at you, but they will be a huge deterrent.
  3. An observed drug test is where someone directly watches you urinate into the cup. This is to 100% verify that the specimen is yours.

Now, a little confusion is that supervised and observed drug testing can be the same thing. So it could be called a supervised test, and you could be directly observed.

But the thing is, you shouldn’t ever face a supervised/observed drug test unless the drug test is for law enforcement, probation, or court purposes. The only time that you could face a supervised test without any of the above being in force is if you have failed a previous drug test and are having a retest.

As long as it’s a standard drug test, say for a job interview, or whatever, then you shouldn’t have anyone observing you when you urinate, which makes it perfect for using fake urine.

Fake Urine & Drug Testing

If you’re facing a urine drug test, you have three strategies to pass it is someone who smoked weed or take something else that could show up on the test:

  1. You get yourself naturally clean. You could accelerate this with something like Toxin Rid, a course of detox pills that rapidly eliminate toxins from the body.
  2. You can mask the toxins up to four hours with the detox drink. This could be used in conjunction with a natural detox of short, or longer duration, to minimize the toxin levels.
  3. You submit a synthetic piss sample by passing any analysis of your own urine at all.

The best way to get clean is to be naturally clean. However, that can take several weeks if you are a chronic weed smoker (some studies have shown that weed metabolites can stay in the body for two months or more if there are high levels of them), and even a couple of weeks for a heavy user of something else.

Even accelerated with detox pills, it’s going to take you at least a week to get clean and you may not have that time.

Detox drinks definitely work, but only for a few hours. If you have tons of drug metabolites in your body, you may only get two hours, and there’s always a chance that toxins could leak into your urine stream early.

That’s why for supervised standard drug testing, fake urine should be your number one strategy.

Why Can’t I Just Use Someone Else’s Urine For Free?

This is a brilliant question and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use someone else’s urine. You’ve still got some issues though.  You’ve still got to smuggle it in. You also have to make sure it’s within the correct temperature range.

Plus, you’ll have to do it fast. Even in the refrigerator, it’s only going to last a few hours before the sample starts to go cloudy and stringy.

On top of all that, how can you be sure the urine is clean? Your buddy might be telling you they haven’t taken anything for weeks, what about if they have forgotten something?

Overall, why take a huge risk to save $100 or less, when just by investing a bit of cash can almost guarantee to pass any level of drug test scrutiny? I know someone who did exactly this a few years back and they failed. It didn’t take a genius to just look at the urine and see that it hadn’t been freshly done. There are clear signs.

If you don’t believe me, urinate into a clear container, screw on a lid, and then leave it for three hours at room temperature.

What The Best Synthetic Urine Kits Consist Of

So how exactly do you spot the best synthetic urine kits when there is a myriad of products out there?

Well, you can partly look at user reviews. Synthetic pee reviews can be a good benchmark, as long as there are plenty of positive ones from diverse sources. But mostly, it’s looking at two factors. What the urine consists of, and what options it gives you the heating it up and keeping it within the correct temperature range?

Here’s what the best synthetic urine has to have going for it (as a minimum):

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine
  • Balanced for ph
  • Within the correct specific gravity range
  • Looks like actual human urine

That’s the bare minimum, although I will point out that urea and uric acid aren’t actually looked for during standard drug testing validity checks. However, if more advanced scrutiny is undertaken then they need to be present.

Creatinine is a byproduct of creatine, which is used to fuel muscles. It’s always present in urine. If it’s not there, and it’s not there within the correct balance, then it shows either a diluted or a fake pee sample.

fake pee for drug test

Keeping Fake Pee Within The Correct Temperature Range

The other vital factor is ensuring that the sample is submitted within the correct urine temperature range.

Real human urine actually exits the body within a very narrow temperature range, usually between 98°F and 100°F. Very occasionally, it can be slightly hotter if you are very unwell (have a fever and would not be going for a drug test), and occasionally a little lower.

Legally, urine samples have to be accepted if they are within 90°F and 100°F though. The lower band of 90°F is to allow for two minutes of cooling.

You have to hand over your sample, and it has to be tested for its temperature, within two minutes of it being done. Watch out for that when you submit yours.

So when you are using synthetic urine, you need to be sure that the synthetic urine kit you are buying contains a method to heat it up, or at least keep it within the correct temperature range.

Heating synthetic urine is the trickiest part!

The most common method is an air-activated heat pad. You strap it to the side of the sample, and it kicks out a steady heat within that temperature range so that it stays warm for one or more hours, allowing you to transport and submit it.

Only specialist heat pads do this though, not just any heat pad. I highly recommend you check out onlymyhealth’s fake urine guide.

The problem with heat pads, as a couple of people I know, have found, is that they don’t kick out a steady heat for very long. If you are late, you prepare the sample early, or it’s a faulty pad, you can have a sample that’s too hot, or too cold.

The other method is heat activator powder. Only two products use it, so I will cover using that in the synthetic urine reviews later in this guide.

synthetic urine heat pads

Validity Checks & How A Urine Sample Is Tested

When you hand over your sample, within two minutes, they have to check the temperature range is within the 90°F and 100°F range. If it’s outside that, the specimen will be rejected. The next step of the process is to check that it’s a valid sample. This will be done almost immediately after you leave.

A dipstick is used with the sample, usually with five different reactive strips on it. They will react to the following five things:

  • Creatinine levels
  • Specific gravity
  • Ph level
  • Nitrate levels
  • Oxidant/PCC presence

Creatinine is always present in real human urine, and if it’s at low levels then it points to a diluted sample.

Specific gravity and pH levels need to be within the correct ranges in actual urine, otherwise, it again points towards a diluted or adulterated sample.

Higher levels of nitrates in a urine sample also point to an adulterated specimen. Nitrates are present in several substances which have the ability to oxidize drug metabolites, especially cannabis metabolites.

Bleach, iodine, peroxide, and a few other substances can be used to oxidize drug metabolites. That’s why PCC presence is also checked for.

If it passes that validity test, then your sample will be tested using the panel drug test level it’s been paid for. This panel drug test could be done on physical panels, or via digital equipment (immunoassay).

If any of the validity tests flag up, or visual scrutiny arouse suspicion, then your sample will be sent for a full mass spectrometry – gas chromatography analysis. If this happens, then nothing is going to pass, but that situation is very rare.

fake urine sample

Cheap Synthetic Urine Products That You Should Avoid

To stand up to any level of scrutiny you are going to have to use the best fake pee you can find.

There are several synthetic urine brands out there that have a good reputation, and strong reviews, people say they look like: “real human urine” and “natural urine” but are actually terrible for passing drug tests.

Part of the problem is that they are old synthetic urine products. So they have been around a long time and built up a lot of online reviews and chats. The trouble is that the volume of good reviews is shown first, which means the more current bad reviews don’t get as much scrutiny.

Plus, some synthetic pee brand is just crap. It’s designed for fetish use, or even used as an animal repellent and just doesn’t contain any of the chemical structure required to pass a drug test.

These are the five synthetic urine brands that I definitely recommend you do not use:

  • Ultrapure synthetic urine
  • Magnum synthetic urine
  • Agent X synthetic urine kit
  • Xstream synthetic urine
  • U Pass synthetic urine kit

let me just talk about Magnum premixed synthetic urine so you can understand how poor these urine products are.

People started pointing out that Magnum didn’t contain uric acid. If it went for a more thorough analysis, it was bound to fail a urine test. So Magnum just started adding a vial of uric acid to the box they sold. The idea was that you would pour it into the actual fake pee.

That’s obviously ridiculous. No reformulation, just handing responsibility to the person who bought it to hope that this half measure paid off.

Let’s Talk About Biocide

A few years back there was a sudden uptick in reports of fake urine failing drug tests.

It seemed to be most brands that were suddenly failing. People on knowledgeable forums, and places like Reddit, were starting to think that drug testing companies had found a way to spot fake urine.

However, it turned out that a handful of brands, actually the better ones mostly, were still working. So it wasn’t just that they had found a way to spot a synthetic urine sample. There seemed to be a footprint, something common to all these products which were being looked for. The chief culprit was biocide preservatives.

Biocide is found in many products from makeup to household cleaners, and they help to keep products fresh and lengthen their shelf life.

Biocide is also in many types of fake urine. Lots of analysis, by lots of people including me, over a couple of years came to the conclusion that it was biocide that was being looked for as an extra dipstick reaction panel on the initial validity testing strips.

To my knowledge, there are only four reliable and high-quality brands of fake urine on the market right now, which can pass a drug test and that don’t contain biocide. So let’s take a look at them now with detailed reviews.

Detailed Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top Four Best Synthetic Urine Kits

For me, these are the four best synthetic urine kits you can buy right now. I’m doing a detailed review of each of them, including instructions for use so that you can compare the quality and process.

1. Clear Choice Quick Luck – Best Synthetic Urine Product 2023

Quick Luck premixed synthetic urine isn’t cheap. It costs $100. But it’s a high quality synthetic urine product right now, and the best you can buy. It has the following properties which make it stand out from almost everything else:

  • Looks, froths, and even smells like normal urine
  • Balanced for ph and specific gravity
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains the right amount of uric acid and urea
  • In total it contains 14 chemicals that are found in urine
  • Comes with the incredible heat activator powder
  • Also included in the kit is a heat pad
  • Longer shelf life Compared to other Synthetic pee brands

You are getting the best fake urine you can buy. Premixed, ready to use, complex in the formula. This will even pass the scrutiny of a full immunoassay and analysis. So whatever level of scrutiny it faces, it’s going to be your best chance of passing.

Here are the instructions for using Quick Luck:

  1. It’s possible to preheat this. You can use a microwave, and warm it in 15-second bursts until it registers on the temperature strip.
  2. If you want to preheat it, before you start microwaving, activate the heatpad so that it’s ready for when the sample reaches the right temperature. Then attach the two together.
  3. Whether you pre-warm it or not, you will then head off to the location you are submitting your sample at. Just outside, you will check the temperature.
  4. Whether it’s cooled or not, you can use the heat activator powder to raise the temperature. Add a little bit, shake it up until it dissolves, and monitor the temperature. Only add more in small amounts, and eventually, it will reach the temperature range required.

That’s really all there is to it. Just make sure that you submit your sample within about 15 minutes of getting it to within the right temperature range if you are only using heat activator powder not the heat pad.

The heat pad is really an insurance policy. It allows you to transport the sample prewarmed, and then just use the heat activator powder to top it up if necessary.

But for me, I just wouldn’t bother with the heat pad. The heat activator powder works fine on its own. About one-third of the total powder supplied is enough to usually raise the temperature to between 90°F and 100°F, and it makes the sample far less bulky to smuggle in.

Overall, the combo of the complexity and the power in the heat activator powder takes all the stress out of passing a drug test. Unless you are very unlucky, then it’s worth every penny due to its ability to pass scrutiny.

I’ve actually never used Quick Luck to pass a drug test, but I have used its sister product I’m now about to talk about. If I face another one any time soon, it’s Quick Luck I will be using now.

2. Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit (Best all-around choice)

Sub Solution is like the little brother of Quick Luck. A few years older, and ever so slightly simpler in the formula, just like Quick Luck though its formula is updated annually.

It’s the best all-around choice when you consider everything about it. It costs $85. It gets the heat activator powder into your hands, and the formula is pretty much the same as Quick Luck.

The only downside to Sub Solution Vs Quick Luck is that Sub Solution is a powdered urine kit while Quick Luck is in liquid form. You will get it in powder form and you need to mix it with filtered water to use it.

But overall, apart from the premixing thing, there’s really not much to choose between them, and usage instructions are pretty much the same:

  1. The first thing you need to do is hydrate the bottle of powdered synthetic urine that you receive. Use filtered water (not bottled water or tap water) to do this. Fill the bottle to the line and then shake it until it’s dissolved and clear, basically looking like urine.
  2. Unlike with Quick Luck, you can’t heat the sample in advance. There is no heat pad with the fake pee kit for you to do this, so you’ll just have to do it on arrival.
  3. When you arrive at the venue you will submit your sample, just before you go in, tap in about one-third of the heat activator powder. Shake it gently until it dissolves, and then watch the temperature strip. If after two minutes nothing’s happened, add a little more and repeat the process. Keep doing this until a reading registers and then get the temperature as close to 100°F as you can without going over.

That’s all the steps there are in the Sub Solution. Just one more step than Quick Luck, and that’s mixing up the powder.

No, you don’t get the heat pad as an additional heat source option, but it’s really not necessary.

The beauty of Quick Luck and Sub Solution is that because the drug test will be unsupervised, you can even check the temperature when you are behind a screen or in a cubicle. If it’s cooled too much, you can simply tap in a more heat activator powder and get the temperature into the legal range before you hand it over.

Sub solution review

3. Quick Fix Pre mixed synthetic urine

Third, on my list is Quick Fix. For me, it’s the best budget fake urine kit you can buy.

Usually costing just $30, you can even upgrade to Quick Fix plus for another $10. Let me just say at the start of this review that Quick Fix plus isn’t a better product. You just get 3 fluid ounces of premixed urine rather than 2 ounces.

For most drug tests that’s not really an issue, but some drug tests do ask for a bigger sample. Although, none of them require anything approaching 2 fluid ounces, let alone three. Quick Fix is a liquid urine kit. It’s not as complex as the best synthetic urine kits Sub Solution and Quick Luck though, but it does contain creatine, urea, and uric acid.

It also looks like human urine but doesn’t really smell or froth like it. It’s great for a basic drug test though where there isn’t much scrutiny on it.

These are the instructions for using Quick Fix to pass a drug test:

  1. Activate the heating pad so that it’s warm when it are attached to the urine sample. It only needs a couple of minutes to reach its maximum temperature.
  2. Because it’s premixed you simply need to heat up in the microwave. Loosen the lid and put it in. Then microwave on full power for about 15 seconds. Take it out and gently agitate it and check the temperature strip.
  3. Repeat step one until you get a reading on the temperature strip. You’ll want to get it as close to 100°F as possible without going over. Look for a stable temperature as close to 100°F as possible that stays there for a couple of minutes.
  4. Attach the pre-activated heating pad using the supplied elastic band, or preferably some secure tape.
  5. When you arrive at the venue, check the temp strip. If it’s cooled and it hasn’t got a reading on the temperature strip, then you’ll need to warm it up. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to use an external heat source, but I will talk about that in the section on top tips for using fake pee for drug test after the reviews.

So as you can see, Quick Fix is a very basic formula and it uses a heatpad that could fail (although the failure rate is low).

But it’s plenty good enough to pass a basic pre-employment drug test or similar, and if you are on a budget or don’t care very much, then it’s a perfect solution.

  1. Test Clear Powdered Urine (Dehydrated urine)

The last of my four top synthetic urine reviews is for Test Clear powdered urine kit.

Costing $50, it’s the middle ground in terms of price. It is powdered urine like Sub Solution, so you will need to hydrate it.

It claims to be clean human urine, not synthetic urine. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but when hydrated it definitely looks and smells like real urine.

Here are the instructions for using Test Clear powdered urine:

  1. Step one is to activate the heat pad so that it pre-warms and doesn’t allow cooling of the sample when attached.
  2. Using only filtered water, fill up the bottle of powder and hydrate it. Shake it gently until the powder vanishes.
  3. Microwave the sample gently for 15 seconds, then gently shake it and check the temperature strip. Put it back in for another 15 seconds, and repeat until it shows a reading on the temperature strip. You wanted to be as close to 100°F as possible, without it being above that.
  4. When it’s within the correct temperature range you can attach the heat pad to the bottle using tape to connect them firmly and ensure the join creates a steady heat from the heat pad into the urine.
  5. Again, just like with Quick Fix, you’ll need to check the temperature strip just before you enter the building where you will submit your sample. If it’s cooled too much, then you’ll have to warm it up.

The Test Clear powdered urine is a great middle-ground product. A bit better in quality than Quick Fix, it will pass scrutiny better.

Top Tips For Passing A Urine Drug Test (Built On My Personal Experiences)

Now you have my top four synthetic urine kit recommendations.

Quick Luck for the premium all-around experience, Sub Solution for the best of the bunch for the money, Quick Fix if you are on a budget, and Test Clear if you want that middle ground of affordable quality.

I want to finish by talking you through my experiences with drug testing and how you can maximize your chances of passing using fake pee for drug tests.

I just want to finish by saying that it’s actually really easy. As long as you’ve got the guts to hide the sample, and you use high-quality fake urine then it’s a cinch.

If you use Sub Solution synthetic urine or Quick Luck, I would recommend you also buy “the practice kit”. That contains the heat activator powder and allows you to practice with it to see how it reacts in liquid and warms it up before the day of your test.

Here are my top two tips to help you pass that test.

Tip #1

Let’s talk first about the cooling issue. With Sub Solution and Quick Luck, it’s not a problem because of the heat activator powder. That will simply raise the temperature in seconds.

But with a synthetic urine product that uses a heating pad, you have no additional heat source to use. So what do you do if you arrive and check the temperature and it’s cooled below 90°F?

Well, my top tip is to take a flask of hot water with you. Not boiling, as that could melt the plastic bottle the urine is in, just close to boiling.

Gently pour it on a bit at a time (being careful to avoid your hand), and shake it gently every so often then check the temperature strip. That should do enough to raise the temperature the few degrees that are needed.

Tip #2

My second tip is how to hide synthetic urine. You need to hide it discreetly. Although it’s unsupervised, and you can’t be directly searched (you can be patted down but not touched intimately), then there’s really only one place to put it. What you’ll need is two pairs of sizeable underwear. Tuck it in between the two pairs, so that it’s not against your skin but is in close proximity and securely fits and doesn’t slip.

Make sure it’s right in the crotch where they can’t touch you. Not only does this keep it safe, but it will keep it warm and closer to body temperature.

Just make sure you wear baggy jogging bottoms and a matching top or t-shirt so that you don’t arouse suspicion and look natural while concealing the bulge.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

If sealed, synthetic urine will usually last about one year, often longer if it’s a powder rather than premixed. Once open, even if kept in a refrigerator, 24 hours is the maximum time you can use it within, without it starting to spoil and risking being noticed.

Whether your sample is real urine from someone else, premixed urine, or powdered synthetic urine you have mixed with filtered water, you should be submitting it within about four hours of it being first exposed to air. Do NOT freeze synthetic urine!

How To Conceal Synthetic Urine?

For unsupervised drug testing, synthetic pee is the absolute best way to pass a drug test. Synthetic urine is best concealed in the crotch. Wear two pairs of underpants and tuck the fake sample between them. Then put on baggy jogging bottoms.

Although you can be searched generally, including the items you are carrying and being patted down they cannot search you intimately. Therefore, concealing the items intimately is the only way you can guarantee being able to smuggle them in.

The exception to this is supervised drug testing. If you are returning after failed tests, or it’s supervised because it’s something like a probation drug test, then you could be searched more thoroughly. That will be discussed and known in advance though, so you won’t get caught out.


How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test?

If you’re going to keep urine warm to pass urine drug tests and it has to be submitted within a very small temperature range. Legally, a sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F to be , that is the normal body temperature. Trying to keep a liquid synthetic urine within such a tight temperature range is pretty tough.

The best way to do it is to not submit your own urine at all, it’s to buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck. These closely mimic human urine and contain everything looked for during validity tests.


What Is The Shelf Life Of Synthetic Urine?

Most synthetic urine has a shelf life of around one year. If it’s a liquid, you probably won’t get away with using it much after that.

However, if it’s powdered urine like Sub Solution, then as long as the sealed plastic bottle is not open, then it should be good for many months after that.

Can A Modern Lab Test Detect Synthetic Urine?

A modern urine drug test can detect poor synthetic urine brands such as magnum, monkey whizz, urine luck etc..

How Long Can Pee Last In A Bottle For a Drug Test?

If kept in a refrigerator you might keep real urine fresh for 24 hours. But that’s a maximum, and it will still deteriorate. This deterioration can be observed, and potentially picked up because the chemical balance will change.

If kept at ambient temperature, urine is only going to last a maximum of around six hours before it starts to deteriorate.

Even if you think you can get a human sample to the drug testing lab before it starts to deteriorate, you still have to solve the problem of how you are going to submit it within the narrow temperature range between 90°F and 100°F for it to be a valid sample.

That’s why brands like Sub Solution and Quick Luck are so potent. They are highly complex to fill validity checks, they don’t deteriorate in the way human urine does, and they use heat activator powder to give you granular control over the sample temperature.

What Is The Difference Between Powdered And Liquid Synthetic Urine?

The only difference between powdered form and liquid synthetic urine is that synthetic urine is a liquid that has been hydrated.

In terms of submitting premixed and powdered urine, they are exactly the same. That’s why Quick Luck and Sub Solution are the same compositions. The only difference between them is that Sub Solution is a powder, whereas Quick Luck comes premixed for convenience.

Just make sure when you are mixing up the powdered urine kit that you don’t just use tap water or bottled mineral water. These contain compounds that are not found in normal urine because they are filtered out by our kidneys. Always used jug-filtered water to remove the minerals and other compounds.

Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected In Lab Test?

The only way that fake urine can specifically be found is if it contains biocide preservatives. These are sometimes looked for during validity checks. Most poor quality brands use these preservatives.

The best selling synthetic urine kit is Quick Luck which does not use biocide preservatives, they are like drug free human urine and therefore cannot be specifically detected.

The only other way fake pee can be detected is if during the validity checks, they look for something which isn’t there (and the more complex fake pee will have you covered), or it doesn’t look, froth, or smell like urine if it comes under intense scrutiny.

Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

Yes, in most states it’s perfectly legal to buy and sell synthetic pee. To check the exceptions google “synthetic urine legal + your state”

How Much Synthetic Urine Do You Need For A Drug Test?

Where Can I Buy Synthetic Urine?

The best place to buy synthetic urine is from online specialist retailers. Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two best synthetic urine products on the market, can both be bought direct from Clear Choice via the testnegative website.

Do not buy fake pee from physical stores. They only sell poor-quality synthetic urine brands like Urine Luck, U Pass, Magnum, and Monkey Whizz.