Quick Fix Vs XStream Synthetic Urine: Does Synthetic Urine Work In 2024?

I’m going to tell you what the best synthetic urine for a lab test is. Quick Fix Vs XStream is one comparison I’ll do, but I will compare other top brands as well.

I’ll tell you exactly what’s in them, and how complex they are. I’ll tell you how good they have to be to pass a modern drug test, and which brands simply won’t work. I’ll also tell you how to prepare your sample and use fake urine to pass a modern drug test. Does synthetic urine work in 2024? It certainly does, very well, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Plus, I’ll tell you what the best fake urine on the market is, exactly why it is, and do a full review of it as well.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Here’s what happens when you submit your sample for analysis:

  1. It will go through a temperature check within two minutes of you urinating. It has to be between 90°F to 100°F to be a legal sample. That’s why a good heat maintenance method to use with your fake urine is essential.
  2. As long as it passes the temperature check, it goes through some basic validity checks. This is usually a dipstick test that looks for the presence of adulterants like nitrates, and that it has a few basic chemicals found in human urine. It often also checks for the pH range as well.
  3. If it passes the first two steps, then it will go for urinalysis. This is usually just a dipstick test, or a panel test, where they will react to the drugs being tested for.

Note that modern automated drug testing like eCup 5 panel testing is no different, the steps are just automated rather than being completed by a human.

Does Synthetic Urine Work In 2024 (And Beyond)

Reading the above, you can see that the answer the question: does synthetic urine work in 2024, is definitely yes. But it must achieve the following:

  • Be submitted within the correct temperature range
  • Must pass the validity checks
  • It has to fool human scrutiny, should there be any

Despite there being more than two dozen well-known brands of synthetic urine out there, only two actually consistently work anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you which they are you in a moment.

Will Fake Urine Pass All Types Of Drug Test?

Good quality synthetic urine will pass the validity checks with ease. Therefore, it can pass any drug test.

Even the modern eCup and xCup tests can be passed, even though they have digital reading equipment. In reality, they are just digitalized dipstick tests.

The only real problem with synthetic urine comes with being observed. Supervised drug testing is therefore unsuitable because you won’t get the time out of sight to pour the synthetic urine into the sample cup.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Composition

Quick Fix urine is one of the most popular synthetic urine brands, and has been for 20 years. Many people wonder if it’s still the best synthetic urine for a lab test in 2024 and beyond.

Quick Fix has the following characteristics:

  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Looks like human urine
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Comes with a heatpad to maintain the temperature

It’s basic, but it worked for many years. However, times have moved on and Quick Fix hasn’t.

Its allegedly latest formula is 6.3. But with so few ingredients within the correct proportions, how on earth could it have been through this many development stages? It smells of simply stating a higher number to give the impression it’s a complex formula that’s constantly being updated.

Not only is Quick Fix very basic in composition, but it doesn’t really look particularly like human urine. Hold it up to the light, and it can look a little different. Plus, it doesn’t froth or smell like human urine does, so wouldn’t fool the scrutiny of an experienced lab tech person.

Also, the heatpad is very basic as well. The whole kit is very cheap, at just $30 for the basic 2 fluid oz synthetic urine kit. You simply cannot get good quality heatpads and premixed urine for that price nowadays.

XStream Composition

If you think Quick Fix is simple, then XStream will impress you even less. It’s not even primarily designed for passing drug tests, it’s actually marketed as fetish urine.

Now that may just be a cover story for its real purpose, but a lot of the website and its marketing is devoted to that purpose.

XStream claims to have the following characteristics:

  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Looks like urine
  • Froths and smells like urine
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Also allegedly contains amino acids and proteins

The problem with the above is it’s not really true. For a start, there are dozens of amino acids in proteins, and you could never balance synthetic urine to contain the right amounts of any, let alone all. Plus, they aren’t even looked for on any drug tests, so it all smells distinctly untrue.

XStream is unfortunately all about marketing, and very little about evidence it can genuinely pass a drug test.

Are Either Of These The Best Synthetic Urine For Lab Test Success?

The problem is that you can’t believe what you read from the user reviews, for the marketing hype. Also, remember these brands have been around for a couple of decades, and drug testing used to be more basic so they could have passed, but wouldn’t now.

The truth is that synthetic urine doesn’t have to be that complex, it just has to:

  • Pass human scrutiny
  • Pass validity checks
  • Be submitted within the correct temperature range

But neither of these top brands really does that, so in the battle of Quick Fix Vs XStream synthetic urine, neither wins.

You’ve also got the problem that they both use heatpads, and poor quality heatpads as well.

Air-activated heatpads should kick out a gentle heat. You attach them to the sample, and it should keep them within the correct temperature range for several hours.

But you can’t predict the climate around you, or what people will wear. These heatpads can also fail by kicking out less heat, or too much heat.

In fact, when it comes to synthetic urine, more people get caught submitting it outside the correct temperature range, then actually get caught by failing the validity checks. So a reliable way of getting the temperature within the correct range is vital.

Don’t Do The Synthetic Urine Nearby Search

Looking for synthetic urine nearby is not a viable option. Smoke shops and local retailers will just try and sell you the low-grade urine I’ve just talk to you about at a high price.

They have no experience or knowledge and don’t care about quality. They buy cheap at wholesale from what’s available, mark the price up massively, and sell it on as fast as possible.

Also, some cheap brands contain biocide preservatives, and it’s been rumored for more than five years that some of the big testing labs like LabCorp look for the presence of biocide preservatives in their validity checks.

The truth is that you need a specialist product. These are expensive and aren’t available through wholesalers, and you have to therefore go through specialist online retailers who are the creators of the products.

These Are The Best Brands Of Synthetic Urine

When it comes to passing a modern drug test, in 2024 and beyond, there are basically just two choices.

Both brands far exceed the quality of both Quick Fix and XStream. They are also far superior to other well-known brands like Magnum, U Pass, and Urine Luck.

Let’s talk you through both of them right now, so you can make a better decision.

  1. Sub Solution synthetic urine

Although it’s been around for 10 years, Sub Solution is still the second most complex and convincing synthetic urine on the market. It’s made by Clear Choice, who are just the best company for high-quality and specialist drug test products.

Sub Solution has the following characteristics:

  • A powder that uses filtered water to hydrate it
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Contains 14 common chemicals found in urine
  • Looks, smells, and even froths like human urine
  • Doesn’t contain biocide preservatives (confirmed by company)

So as you can see, this is going to pass the validity checks, and it’s going to pass even the closest scrutiny of an experienced employee. But what about submitting it within the correct temperature range, what about the heatpad? Well, Sub Solution doesn’t even use a heatpad.

Sub Solution uses something called heat activator powder. You get a small vial of it when you buy the urine.

You tap in about one-third of the powder and shake the vial of urine until it’s dissolved fully. Don’t worry, it’s untraceable in a drug test.

The heat activator powder agitates the liquid and raises the temperature. About one-third of the heat activator powder is usually enough; but after a minute of checking the temperature strip, you can always add a little more, bit by bit, until you get a good reading close to 100°F (but not above that level).

Put all that together, and apart from the fact you have to mix the powder with filtered water to get the urine viable to use, Sub Solution is highly complex, will fool human scrutiny, and gets around the problem of the temperature of the sample fully.

  1. Quick Luck synthetic urine

Quick Luck is also made by Clear Choice. In fact, it is the successor to Sub Solution, being developed from it.

Quick Luck has the following characteristics:

  • Slightly more complex than Sub Solution (more chemicals)
  • Contains around 16, chemicals found in human urine
  • Premixed for rapid use
  • Comes with heat activator Powder
  • Also comes with a pair of high-quality heatpads

So what you’re getting with Quick Luck is a slightly better version of Sub Solution, and importantly it’s premixed for more rapid deployment.

Using the premixed Quick Luck urine with the heat activator powder out of sight, means that even for short notice drug testing, you could have a viable sample ready to use in just two minutes.

If $15 is important to you, then get Sub Solution, but if you want the ultimate fake urine product on the market, then I’d definitely buy Quick Luck every time.

But why does the synthetic urine kit also include a pair of high-quality heat pads, why would you need them?

Well, mostly you won’t, but consider this scenario.

You’re in a cold climate. When you arrive at the test center, before you go in, the sample is very cold. You’ll have to use a lot of the heat activator powder and mess around for longer to get it viable. But if you slap one of the heatpads, or even both, on the sample before you leave, it’s going to get pretty close to the temperature, and then you can just tweak it with the heat activator powder.

Basically, the heatpads could mean less time spent getting the temperature exactly right. But it’s important for me to state that they aren’t needed, because the heat activator powder is pure genius.

Where To Buy Quick Luck & Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck and Sub Solution are both made by Clear Choice, and the best place to buy them as direct from the company in the USA, through their website “test negative”:

  • Quick Luck currently costs $110
  • Sub Solution currently costs $95

Both of these will pass any level of modern drug test. They are complex enough, you can control the temperature, and they will fool even the most modern drug testing equipment.