Xstream Synthetic Urine Review: Will It Pass A Drug Test?

xstream synthetic urine review

There are a ton of fake urine brands out there, so how do you know which ones are any good? In this complete XStream synthetic urine review, I’m going to talk about one of the most popular brands.

I’ll cover everything you need to know, and compare XStream to the two most complex and bestselling fake urine products. If you want to check them out now, you can view the details here:

  • Sub Solution synthetic urine
  • Quick Luck premium synthetic urine

I’ll cover how drug testing works, and how good synthetic urine has to be to pass. I will talk about the characteristics it needs to have, and give you full XStream drug test instructions.

Is XStream more than a fetish urine? Let’s find out now.

How Urine Drug Tests Work

When you submit your sample, it goes through the following stages of scrutiny. The sample has to have the characteristics to pass the first three:

  1. Within two minutes of handing the sample over they have to record the temperature. Therefore, you have to be able to manipulate the temperature of the fake sample you hand over to be within the correct temperature range, which is legally between 90°F and 100°F. If it’s outside this range, the sample is rejected and you automatically fail.
  2. Next, your sample will go through some validity tests. This is usually a dipstick panel test. It checks for adulteration, things like nitrate presence. It checks that the specific gravity and pH range is correct for human urine. It looks for the right range of creatinine (a waste product of creatine which is used by our muscles). Sometimes it also looks for the presence of biocide preservatives, and (very rare) urea, uric acid, and some other chemicals.
  3. Your sample will then be analyzed for the presence of drug metabolites. This is an immunoassay, otherwise known as the panel drug test. If they pay for a five panel test, it’s tested for five substances. Obviously if any of those test positive then you have potentially failed the drug test.
  4. If it fails validity checks or the immunoassay, then it goes to full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis. This is very rare though. If it goes to this level, it will delay your sample results by couple of days, and I’m telling you that no fake urine on earth will pass that level of analysis.

How Good Does Synthetic Urine Have To Be To Pass A Drug Test?

So just how good does XStream have to be a drug test success? You now understand the scrutiny it will go through, so how would XStream deal with that?

XStream is primarily a fetish urine. That’s what it’s sold as, that’s what it’s labelled as. But they also claim it’s complex enough to pass a drug test.

XStream has the following characteristics:

  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • It looks like urine
  • Use a heatpad to keep it warm
  • Contains creatinine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Does not contain biocide preservatives

If you are new to synthetic urine, I highly recommend to check out my detailed  guide.

How Complex Is Xstream Fetish Urine?

So look, it ticks a lot of boxes. For a basic pre-employment drug test, XStream is more than fetish urine, and it could pass.

The problem comes with any deeper scrutiny. It’s claimed it contains amino acids and other things found in urine. This is nonsense. It’s just inaccurate marketing on third-party reseller sites that claim this complexity. XStream is a very basic urine.

It doesn’t froth or smell like urine, like the top brands do. So it won’t pass an in-depth visual scrutiny from a curious lab assistant.

It’s not that complex, and if the testing looks for anything other than the basics, then they will not be there.

The heatpad isn’t great either. It’s unreliable enough to drop your chances of passing dramatically.

Xstream Instructions (Including Top Tips)

The instructions for using XStream drug test urine are pretty straightforward. They are exactly the same as any other premixed urine that uses a heatpad to maintain the temperature within the correct range (between 90°F 100°F).

  1. Microwave the sample for about 10 seconds. Shake it gently, and watch the temperature strip. If you don’t see a reading after about 90 seconds, microwave it for another 10 seconds. Keep doing this until you get a reading on the temperature strip that is as close to 100°F as possible, without going above that (because there will not be a reading then).
  2. Shake the air activated heatpad. You’ll start to feel it warm in your hand. Tape it to the sample bottle. Make sure you do this on the opposite side to the temperature strip so you don’t get a false reading.
  3. Tuck this prepared sample between two pairs of underwear. Then put on baggy jogging bottoms, and a casual top, so you don’t look unusual.
  4. Just before you go into the building to submit your sample, you’ll need to check the temperature is still within the correct range. My top tip is to take a flask of hot water with you. If the temperature has cooled, you can pour hot water on to the sample to raise it. Make sure it’s a cheap flask you don’t have to take it into the building with you, and just leave it outside somewhere.

Xstream synthetic urine instruction

Xstream Synthetic Urine LabCorp Test: Can It Fool Them & Does It Work?

So the million dollar question in this XStream synthetic urine review has to be will it pass a drug test?

It’s a basic but good formula and it does look like urine. So, it could pass a basic drug test where there’s no complications.

However, it’s not 100% reliable. It’s not complex enough falls levels of normal scrutiny, it doesn’t smell and froth like urine, and the heatpad as a source of temperature maintenance is badly unreliable.

That’s the same with all urine products that use a heatpad. They are dirt cheap to make, don’t kick out a steady heat, and fail often.

In terms of XStream synthetic urine LabCorp, or other top drug testing labs, the processes they use nowadays are enhanced and they can spot bad fake samples more easily. You are taking a risk using XStream.

Other Fake Urine Brands You Can’t Rely On

XStream fetish urine is one of many cheap fake urine brands that you can buy online, and often locally in smoke shops are greatly inflated prices as well. If the fake urine is dirt cheap, it’s not going to be very complex and stands a good chance of being caught out.

These are the brands I would advise you treat with caution and only use in an emergency:

  • XStream
  • Magnum
  • Urine Luck
  • U Pass
  • Quick Fix
  • Monkey Whizz

Magnum is just awful, and you shouldn’t go near that at all. It’s not even properly set up with urea and uric acid in it.

For the others, you could pass a basic pre-employment drug test with them. But it’s a risk, and you just don’t need to take it when there are better options out there.

Xstream Vs Sub Solution

Sub Solution is the best selling fake urine in the USA. It costs $85, so nearly 3 times the price of XStream. But, as with everything in life, you usually get what you pay for.

Sub Solution has the following characteristics:

  • Looks, froths, and even smells like urine
  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Contains creatinine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains a total of 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Uses heat activator powder

So as you can see, it’s far more complex than XStream, and even smells like urine as well.

The only downside is that it’s a powder. It has to be mixed with filtered water prior to use. That means it can’t be used at short notice. However, without a microwave, you couldn’t use premixed XStream at short notice either.

For me, the extra money is worth it just for the heat activator powder. No need to mess around with a heatpad, you just use the powder for you go in to the building where you will submit your sample.

Tap in about one third, shake it until it dissolves, and then carefully watch the temperature strip. If you don’t get a reading, or it’s not quite warm enough, tap in a little more until it as close to 100°F as possible, but without going above that.

It gives you instant, granular, control over the sample temperature. No variable heatpad temperature being kicked out, and no chance of failure. Also, no messing around with a flask of hot water around the corner from the building.

Xstream Urine Vs Quick Luck

Compared to XStream, Quick Luck is a different universe. Just like Sub Solution it’s highly complex. It’s actually pretty much Sub Solution but premixed. Both made by Clear Choice, it’s the newest version that builds on Sub Solutions pedigree by being premixed.

You actually get a pair of heatpads with Quick Luck as well, in case you want to raise the temperature and keep it there in advance, so the heat activator powder has less work to do. But, just like Sub Solution, it uses the incredible heat activator powder and you don’t have to rely on a heatpad at all if you don’t want to.

It’s perfect for on-the-job, short-notice drug testing, and far more advanced than XStream.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution are available to buy direct from Clear Choice.