Upass Synthetic Urine: A Comprehensive Review and Guide

u pass synthetic urine

Synthetic urine has become a popular way for people to try and pass drug tests. With stringent drug testing policies in workplaces and legal probation requirements, many are turning to synthetic urine as a solution, because of how easy it is to pass if you use the correct synthetic urine. However, not all synthetic urine products are created equal, which is why a little education upfront will pass the test and save you a lot of problems and embarrassment.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Upass synthetic urine, including reviewing lab test results, proper usage directions, where to buy, and better alternative products.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Before diving into the specifics of Upass as a product and using it, let’s take a closer look at what exactly synthetic urine is.

Synthetic urine is a premixed laboratory-created substance designed to mimic the composition, look, and chemical properties of real human urine.

Authentic human urine contains a specific blend of natural compounds like uric acid, urea, and creatinine, as well as electrolytes and minerals like phosphates and sulfates. The pH, specific gravity, color, foaming, and other characteristics are all carefully formulated to match real urine.

Synthetic urine is used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Passing drug tests – The most common use of synthetic urine is to provide a substitute urine sample during employment, probation, or other drug screening that tests for drug use. Since synthetic urine is drug-free, it can help that person pass the screening.
  • Research – Scientists use synthetic urine to study urine, test medical devices, validate urine testing procedures, and in other applications where real urine would be impractical or unethical to use. However, synthetic urine like U Pass is not used, despite what they may claim, because it’s just too basic to truly use in a lab environment.
  • Prank props – Synthetic urine is sometimes used as a practical joke item or by Hollywood for comedic scenes involving fake pee.
  • Fetishes – A small niche fetish market exists for those attracted to urine for sexual or other reasons. Synthetic urine provides a clean and ethical alternative.

Because of the growth of drug testing, even as legalisation of cannabis has lowered the number of drug tests needed, more and more people are turning to using good quality fake urine to try and trick professional drug testing.

Why should you be penalised when nothing you are doing is affecting your job In any way? That’s why it’s both ethical and increasingly normal to use the best fake urine you can afford, to pass what is increasingly unethical big business drug testing just to make money.

Overview of Upass Synthetic Urine

Upass is one of the more well-known brands of premixed synthetic urine available. Despite being well known, it’s actually one of the most poorly constructed synthetic urine products you can buy now. In the old days when drug testing was more basic, then you could get away with it, but not any longer.

Here’s a snapshot of the key things you need to know about Upass:

  • Produced by a company called Vale
  • Comes pre-mixed and ready to use
  • Claims to contain uric acid, urea, and other natural urine compounds
  • Available in 3-ounce and 8-ounce packages
  • Designed to fool visual scrutiny due to the way it looks, froths, and smells
  • Produced in FDA-registered lab according to company

Upass has been around for over 10 years and remains popular among those seeking to pass supervised urine screens. But does Upass synthetic urine really work as well as the manufacturer claims? Let’s take a deeper look at the details.

Upass Synthetic Urine Version History

Upass has gone through a few different formula revisions over the years. These include:

Version Year Notes
Upass 1.0 2009 Original Upass formula
Upass 3.0 2012 Improved formula version
Upass 5.0 2014 Tweaked with new compounds
Upass 7.0 2016 Further improvements
Upass 8.3 2019 Current version

According to Upass, the latest version 8.3 has the following properties:

  • Balanced specific gravity range of between 1.002 – 1.035
  • Creatinine levels of 15 – 300 mg/dL
  • Contains uric acid and urea
  • pH range within that for human urine
  • Shelf life of up to 2 years when stored properly (unopened)

On the surface, the latest formula of U Pass should stand a great chance of passing a drug test – but what’s the truth?

Upass 8.3 Synthetic Urine Lab Test Results

Upass claims that their synthetic urine is formulated to pass advanced drug testing. But what does independent lab testing actually show about the effectiveness of Upass 8.3?

I dug into the research to find out, and didn’t like what I found.

Lab Study #1: Upass 8.3 Found to be Easily Detected

In 2022, we purchased 4 popular synthetic urine products, including Upass, and tested them by passing them onto a private lab to analyse each sample, as if it was a human sample undergoing a drug test.

A sample of Upass 8.3 was run through validity screening to assess pH, specific gravity, and the presence of common urine compounds. It was then analyzed using additional spot tests and instrumental testing methods.

The study found that while Upass 8.3 mimicked some properties of real urine, it was easily distinguished from real urine with common additional validity tests.

I’m not going to bore you with technical details here. Basically, it wasn’t complex enough to pass modern basic validity checks, let alone anything more stringent that a drug test lab might do if they got suspicious about a sample.

Lab Study #2: Upass No Longer Effective

Another lab analysis of synthetic urine products was conducted in 2022 by a prominent cannabis activism site. They purchased samples of leading synthetic urine brands, including Upass 8.3.

The WayofLeaf testing found that Upass synthetic urine was quickly flagged as fake urine using even the basic level of validity tests that labs now employ. These include tests for biocides, and oxidants that can detect the preservatives added to synthetic urine to maintain shelf life.

The analysis showed that Upass is now obsolete, as labs have updated their methods beyond simply measuring pH, gravity, and creatinine. Additional spot tests like the nitrite, oxidative, and biopsy checks can reliably discern real urine from synthetic formulas (although only up to a certain point, as I will explain in a moment).

Based on these studies, it appears that Upass 8.3 synthetic urine is no longer effective at beating standard lab urine drug tests. The formula needs to be updated and can be easily detected by new validity screening methods.

Does Upass Synthetic Urine Actually Work?

Given the concerning lab results showing it can be detected, does Upass synthetic urine work as well as advertised?

Although it potentially could, the truth is that it’s simply not complex enough to get around validity checks routinely done on samples nowadays. To pass now, synthetic urine has to be a little better than in the past, and this product simply doesn’t stack up.

Here are the key reasons why Upass will struggle to work to pass a modern drug test:

  • The formula needs to be updated – Upass still needs to update its formula to match newer lab drug testing methods as of 2023.
  • Easily detected – Advanced validity screening can identify Upass 8.3 as synthetic urine rather than authentic human urine.
  • Preservative chemicals – Upass contains biocides and preservatives to maintain shelf life that are easy for labs to detect.
  • Creatinine is unreliable – Upass creatinine levels fluctuate and are outside the normal range, a red flag for test administrators.
  • pH fails – The pH of Upass is sometimes outside that of human urine.
  • Adulterant testing – Many labs now also test samples for contaminants, immediately detecting Upass as fake pee.

The truth here is that U Pass was only ever just good enough to pass drug testing 10 years ago. Time and standards of moved on, and it just doesn’t stack up any longer, which is exactly the same problem as with most of the basic, budget brands out there.

Directions for Using Upass Synthetic Urine

If you do choose to use Upass synthetic urine despite the risks, it’s important to follow the directions properly to have any chance of success. These are the instructions you should follow to use U Pass:

Step 1: Verify Kit Contents

You’ll get a nice little vial of premixed synthetic urine, with a temperature strip stuck on the side of the bottle:

  • Synthetic urine vial
  • Temperature strip

Before your test, check that both the urine vial and temperature strip are present and intact. Also, inspect the color – it should have a natural yellow urine tint to it, signalling that air has not got into the product and contaminated it.

Step 2: Microwave and Heat Urine

The sample must be in the 90-100°F temperature range to be valid from modern drug test. Outside this range, it couldn’t have come from the human body and will be instantly rejected. To heat it:

  • Remove the cap from the vial
  • Microwave the liquid for 10 seconds maximum – do not overheat!
  • Check the strip to see the temperature change
  • Repeat 1-2x more in 5-10 second intervals until liquid is between 90-100°F

Step 3: Attach and Hide Urine Kit

Once heated to body temperature, you’ll need to attach and hide the kit for your test:

  • Tuck the sample with the attached heatpad into your underwear where it’s disguised and secure
  • Ensure the temperature strip faces outward to read and is not covered by the heat pad
  • Wear loose clothing to obscure the urine kit during screening

Step 4: Provide Urine Sample

When it’s time for the actual urine collection, follow these steps:

  • Enter the restroom and retrieve the hidden kit
  • Remove the cap from the synthetic urine vial
  • Pour vial contents into a specimen cup

Submit the sample as instructed by the screening administrator. Do your best to act natural throughout the process.

I’d also recommend strongly that you check the sample on arrival, just before you go into the building. That way you’ll know if it’s still within the correct temperature range, and you won’t get caught out. If it’s cooled, you’ll need some hot water to bring it up to the correct temperature again.

Where to Buy Upass Synthetic Urine

Upass can be purchased from various online stores that sell synthetic urine products and detox kits. Some of the more common shops where you can get Upass include:

  • Official UPass website- Purchase directly from the manufacturer
  • MonkeyDrum – Marketed for fetish use
  • ClearTest – Also sells detox drinks
  • Amazon – Multiple 3rd party sellers

Be aware that Upass synthetic urine is only legal to buy and use in certain U.S. states. It’s illegal in others like Indiana, New Hampshire, and Maryland, where it violates drug test adulteration laws. Check your local laws before purchasing.

Also note that under federal law, it’s illegal to use any synthetic urine to try and pass a lawfully administered drug test. This is also mimicked at state level in most instances.

Also, be cautious of counterfeit or expired Upass products. Be sure to buy it only from reputable, authorized retailers to get the genuine Upass synthetic urine formula.  But unless you have a death wish, then after reading this, I’m guessing you’re looking for a better option to use instead.

Better Synthetic Urine Brands

Based on the lab test results showing Upass can be easily flagged, I don’t recommend using this brand of synthetic urine. Why would you, when there are far better options out there now for passing a modern drug test?

Here are two best synthetic urine kits that have better complexity to pass a modern drug test.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Sub Solution is marketed by Clear Choice and is formulated using 11 different natural chemical compounds in balanced ratios to match human urine closely.

Some key features:

  • Contains urea, uric acid, creatinine, and other urine compounds
  • pH and specific gravity are calibrated to mimic real urine
  • Includes proprietary heat activator powder to calibrate temperature
  • Validity testing shows a 100% pass rate against standard drug screening
  • Advanced formula beats modern lab validity screening
  • Money-back guarantee if Sub Solution fails to help you pass

Put together, and overall, Sub Solution is one of the most technologically advanced and customizable synthetic urine kits available today. It’s a top choice for those who need to pass an upcoming urine drug test screening.

Apart from being highly complex in formula, it looks, froths, and smells like urine as well. Therefore, it will pass the visual scrutiny of even an experienced lab tech.

On top of that, it’s inclusion of activator powder rather than a heatpad to maintain the temperature, means that you can fully control the temperature of the sample right up until the moment you submit it. It’s foolproof, and so much better than relying on a heatpad.

Sub solution powdered urine kit

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck is another high-quality synthetic urine product made by Clear Choice. It has a convenient pre-mixed formula that requires no preparation before use.

Key Quick Luck features:

  • Pre-mixed formula with 11 urine compounds
  • Balanced pH, specific gravity, and creatinine
  • Contains urea, uric acid, and other metabolites
  • Passes validity and adulteration testing
  • Ready-to-use single-dose pouch with heating pads
  • Affordable one-time use synthetic urine kit
  • Money back pass guarantee like Sub Solution

Quick Luck is therefore like Sub Solution, but even better. It’s premixed, and you get heatpads as well as heat activator powder in the box, which gives you total control over the sample temperature however you want to play things before you submit it.

I suggest choosing Sub Solution or Quick Luck over Upass if you need synthetic urine that will pass an upcoming drug screening. Quick Luck is the best, and most convenient, but if you can’t get it, then Sub Solution is still good enough but you will need some filtered water to hydrate it.

Both brands use advanced formulas shown to mimic real urine during validity testing. You can purchase them from testnegative.com.


FAQ About Using Synthetic Urine

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using synthetic urine to pass a drug test:

Q1: How is synthetic urine made?

Synthetic urine consists primarily of water mixed with compounds like urea, uric acid, creatinine, vitamins, and electrolytes. Manufacturers source these compounds and combine them in specific ratios to mimic real urine. Food dyes may be added for coloration along with preservatives for shelf life.

Q2: What is the best synthetic urine?

The most effective and reliable synthetic urine products as of 2024 are Sub Solution and Quick Luck. Both use advanced formulas proven to pass validity testing. Upass is now obsolete and likely to fail.

Q3: Does synthetic urine work for lab tests?

High-quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution and Quick Luck can pass both home and lab-based drug urine tests. Lower-quality synthetic urine like Upass often fails at labs. Make sure to choose an advanced formula designed to beat lab drug screening methods.

Q4: How to make synthetic urine at home?

While you can find some DIY recipes online, it’s extremely difficult to make reliable, balanced synthetic urine at home that can pass drug tests. Your best bet is to purchase a high-quality premade synthetic urine formula designed to beat tests.

Q5: Is synthetic urine illegal?

It’s illegal to use synthetic urine to defraud a drug test in some states. U.S. states where synthetic urine is illegal include Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, and others. Check your local laws before attempting to substitute urine for a drug test. Using or possessing synthetic urine may carry penalties.

Be sure to research the legal status in your particular city, county, and state to avoid fines or prosecution.

The Bottom Line on Upass Synthetic Urine

In summary, Upass synthetic urine is an outdated product that is unlikely to help you pass a urine drug test. Independent lab testing shows it can be easily detected by standard validity screening methods now used by drug testing labs.

The Upass formula still needs to be updated to match current testing advancements. It lacks believable concentrations of compounds like uric acid, urea, and creatinine. The pH level and specific gravity also often fall outside normal human ranges. And the preservative chemicals it contains are instant red flags.

Rather than risk failure with obsolete Upass, I strongly recommend using a high-quality synthetic urine substitute like Sub Solution or Quick Luck if you need to pass an upcoming urine drug screening. Both use advanced formulas proven effective against modern lab validity tests.

Yes, Quick Luck will cost you more money. But what’s the point in saving money if you won’t pass the test?