Herbal Clean QCarbo Vs Detoxify Mega Clean: Which Is The Best THC Detox Drink?

QCarbo and Mega Clean are two very well-known popular detox drinks. They are both sold by Walmart, which is one of the reasons for that. But in the battle of QCarbo Vs Mega Clean, who wins. I am going to tell you everything you need to know about both of these detox drinks. I’ll review each in turn, and tell you about their quality.

I’ll explain exactly how a detox drink needs to work to pass a drug test, and how you must use one to stand any chance of passing. I’ll then talk to you about an alternative strategy you can use that gives you a higher chance of passing than just using a detox drink.

Let’s Talk About Herbal Cleanse QCarbo Detox

QCarbo is actually a range of several detox drinks, with different flavors, and in three different sizes (16, 20, and 32 fluid ounces size).

QCarbo has been around for many years, and is one of the detox drinks which is sold by American majors like Walmart, Walgreens, and GNC. QCarbo has a long list of ingredients, but most of them just make it taste nice and look good.

But it does contain a “proprietary blend”, that does the heavy lifting. That contains the following:

  • Creatine Monohydrate: Often used in fitness supplements to help improve performance.
  • Dandelion Root Extract: Commonly used for its diuretic effects.
  • Burdock Root Extract: May have blood purifying properties.
  • Turmeric Root Extract: Linked to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract: Traditionally used to support liver health.
  • Echinacea Purpurea Leaf Extract: Used to boost the immune system.
  • Juniper Berry Extract: UIs another a diuretic and supports urinary tract health.
  • Apple Pectin: A type of fiber that can aid your digestion.
  • Fibersol: A soluble fiber that can help with digestive health.
  • Psyllium Husk: Another form of fiber that is often used as a laxative.
  • Licorice Root: Has a long history of use for various digestive issues.
  • Cayenne Pepper: Added for its potential metabolism-boosting effects.

Wow! How could this stuff not work with all that in it?

The problem is though that it’s the size and strength of the proprietary blend in these products that matters.

It’s the combination of the volume of liquid, alongside how potent it is flushing toxins out faster and can be achieved naturally that matters.

On the surface, especially the large 32 fluid ounces size appears to be in with a chance of keeping you clean for a few hours to pass a drug test.

Now Let’s Talk About Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Drink

Mega Clean detox drink is another very popular detox drink that also sold by the same large American retailers. It’s made by a company called Detoxify who make a wide range of detox drinks and related products such as pills, and combo pill and drink products.

It can be a little confusing because every single product has the same red packaging and fonts on them, as well as similar names.

But what we are talking about is the Mega Clean 32-fluid-ounce product. There is 20 fluid ounce one (XXtra Clean), and a 16 fluid ounce one (Mighty Clean).

I think its important to note that all of these products, including the more expensive 32 fluid ounce Mega Clean NT which comes with a single ‘MetaBoost’ capsule whose ingredients don’t convince me at all, contain basically an identical proprietary blend.

But continuing to focus on the standard Mega Clean 32oz, these are the ingredients in it:

  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract: Known for its liver-protective properties.
  • American Ginseng Root Extract: Can boost the immune system and improve energy levels.
  • Guarana Seed Extract: Contains caffeine and is often used for its stimulant effects.
  • Burdock Root Extract: Traditionally used for its blood purifying effects.
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract: Acts as a diuretic and can support urinary health.
  • Taurine: An amino acid that is important for many bodily functions.
  • Uva Ursi Leaf Extract: Commonly used for its diuretic and urinary tract benefits.

As you can see, many of the key ingredients in the Mega Clean proprietary blend are hitting the right spot.

Diuretics, urinary tract health, blood and immune system boosting, liver, kidneys, all the tick boxes are checked.

How To Use A Detox Drink To Pass A Drug Test

Let’s talk you through how you need to use a detox drink to stand a chance of passing a drug test, and what a good detox drink will do when you consume it.

  1. You should abstain from drug toxins and other things that slow your system down as soon as you know you have a drug test. Even a couple of days of natural detoxification can mean a lot of metabolites have left the body, meaning a slower movement of them through the kidneys and into the bladder.
  2. On the day of your test, 90 minutes before you leave, your drink the contents of the bottle. Some detox drinks then get you to refill the bottle and drink additional water (both Mega Clean and QCarbo instruct you to do so).
  3. You’ll then urinate several times over the next hour, and then go and submit your sample.

So as you can see, using a detox drink is pretty straightforward. But you must understand they are just masking agents, that work temporarily for a few hours by doing the following:

  1. A) A good quality detox drink will push toxins out of the body through the kidneys and bladder far faster than they are being processed by the body. This creates a gap in the flow of toxins, that takes several hours to be caught up. It’s during that 3 – 5 hours gap that your urine will be toxin free.
  1. B) Top-quality detox drinks also flood your body with things commonly found in urine. By doing so in volume and in balance, when you create that gap in the flow, the urine which is appearing in your bladder still contains the things that would be looked for on drug test validity checks.
  2. C) Finally, the best detox drinks also stain your urine the correct color and keep it frothing and smelling as it should as well.

QCarbo Verdict: Doesn’t Have The Ingredients And Potency To Pass A Modern Drug Test

Looking at the proprietary blend, at 17 g, it’s very large, five times the size of the Mega Clean proprietary blend.

It also contains many of the same key ingredients. So surely QCarbo32 is better than Mega Clean 32? Well, looking closely at the ingredients, the number one ingredient is actually Maltodextrin. It’s a powder that’s heavy and a carbohydrate.

It’s a filler. It’s adding nothing to the detoxification process, but it whacks up the size of the proprietary blend on the ingredients list.

Apart from that shady point, generally, QCarbo just hasn’t got the key ingredients in enough volume.

Worse than the above, is the fact that it’s got a poor track record. QCarbo 16 reviews are particularly bad, which is unsurprising considering there’s only 16 fluid ounces of liquid which isn’t even enough to flush out a child.

But even the larger 32 fluid ounce size has a poor track record of user reviews.

Does QCarbo work? For me, it’s doubtful. You might get through if you have lower levels of metabolites working their way out of your body, but I personally would never use it or recommend it.

Does Mega Clean Work: Can It Pass A Modern Drug Test?

On its own, Mega Clean is a good option. But only if you’ve got low levels of drug metabolites in your body, or you have managed to abstain for at least two days before your test.

If you’re a regular weed smoker, or you are taking drugs quite frequently in the lead-up up your test, then the gap in the flow of metabolites I’ve explained earlier will be very low, and may not completely stop.

But of the easily obtainable detox drinks, Mega Clean is one of the few that could work and is definitely a better option than QCarbo.

How To Pass A Drug Test With Mega Clean: Combo Strategy That Really Works

The absolute best option is to grab yourself a short course of Toxin Rid detox pills with a bottle of Mega Clean detox. As long as you’ve got at least 24 hours, preferably 40 hours or 72 hours, before your test, you can detoxify your body and accelerate it using the detox pills.

This will obviously leave a slower flow of metabolites exiting the body, which means a bigger gap in the flow of those toxins created by Mega Clean.

If you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear, you get six free Toxin Rid pills bundled in. This gives you a short course of pre-rid pills, that you can use on the day of your test to push out more toxins than you could naturally. It’s a completely free bonus.

Alternatively from Test Clear, you could also buy an additional single day of the full Toxin Rid pill course. Or maybe if you have the time, a two-day course.

Doing a two-day course of Toxin Rid, then using the free pre-rid pills on the day before your test, and then masking the toxins were Mega Clean, is an almost surefire guarantee of passing.

24 Hour Detox Cleanse Guide: 3 Best Ways To Detox Your Body In Just 24 Hours

If you’re looking to pass a drug test at short notice, then understanding what is possible and what isn’t is crucial. I’m going to tell you what the best way to detox your body in 24 hours is right now.

But it’s not a straightforward answer. The best 24-hour detox cleanse for one person isn’t going to work as well for someone else. How much time you’ve got, the circumstances of the test, and who you are, all matter. But don’t worry, I got you covered.

You’ll learn about three methods for passing a drug test with just 24 hours notice, plus a bonus for the method that doesn’t rely on detoxification at all.

How Long Do Drug Toxins Stay In Your Urine?

If you search online, you’ll be told some pretty straightforward facts about how long drug toxins are detectable in urine for.

Take a look at the average detection times, they don’t look that scary:

  • Cocaine up to 48 hours
  • Marijuana up to 72 hours
  • PCP up to 72 hours
  • Opiates up to 48 hours
  • Methamphetamine up to 72 hours
  • Benzodiazepines up to 96 hours

The problem with those “average” detection times is that they are not really representative of anyone who takes drugs more than very infrequently. They don’t account the fact that a lot of people also don’t take the same number of drugs all the time, so have spikes in detection times.

If you are taking drugs then you regularly, then the metabolites build up in the system and the body takes time to process them. If you have taken drugs even twice in the past seven days at higher doses, then it will be 3 – 5 days before you are clean, rather than the more average one or two.

This gets even worse for cannabis as I’ll explain later, but if you are taking things more often than “average”, then even if you stop, you should assume you’ll fail a drug test within seven days of stopping.

Couldn’t I Just Get Clean Naturally?

You certainly can get clean naturally, but only at the fastest rate that the body can achieve.

If you’re taking drugs even semi-regularly, then there’s no way on earth you’re going to be clean quickly, so it’s never going to be the best way to detox your body in just 24 hours.

Sure, if you’re a light user it may only take you a day or two, but even then, it’s a bit of a lottery and you will need home drug test kits to ensure you are clean. It’s far better to plan and prepare, and assume you would fail so that you can use one of the methods outlined here to ensure that you will 100% pass that test.

Is There Are Genuine Best Marijuana Detox Kits?

Marijuana works slightly differently in the body, which I’m going to explain to you in more detail in a moment.

But first I just want to warn you about claims you’ll often see around claims to be the best marijuana detox kit.

You’ll be told that certain products work best for marijuana, and target it specifically. Although it’s possible to target marijuana metabolites in the body slightly, it’s not foolproof and will not speed up the complete removal of cannabis from the body much faster than a good quality all-drug detox cleanse product.

Detox Marijuana Fast: Is It Different From Other Types Of Drug?

Fast marijuana detoxing is actually tougher than other types of drugs if you are using it more than very infrequently.

The simple reason is that marijuana metabolites are shaped differently from other types of drugs. Because of the shape, they can cling to fat cells in the body which means that they are removed in a non-linear manner.

This also means that most cannabis metabolites actually exit the body through the bowels, as this is the way that excess fat is transported out. Up to 60% of cannabis metabolites exit through the bowels.

So speeding up the removal of cannabis isn’t just about flushing out the body through the urinary tract, it’s also about attracting fat to the bowel through increasing levels of fiber and bile to achieve this.

Methods To Get Clean To Pass A Drug Test Fast

Now we have covered the basics around drug metabolites in the body, let’s talk specifically about the best way to detox your body in 24 hours.

I’m going to cover four methods here that can all achieve a 24-hour detox cleanse, or get around the problem entirely.

1. Synthetic Urine

I want to start with the bonus method I mentioned at the start of this guide. It doesn’t involve detoxification at all and can be used instantly, as long as you’ve got just a few minutes to be out of sight before your test.

Don’t be fooled by cheap fake urine reviews telling you that it doesn’t work. The reason those cheap brands don’t work is that they don’t contain enough to get through the validity checks, they don’t pass human scrutiny, and they come with heatpads that are poor quality so the temperature of the sample is wrong.

I want to talk to you instead about Quick Luck. Expensive, but is the best on the market by a mile.

These are the properties of Quick Luck which set it apart:

  • Premixed for convenience
  • Doesn’t rely on a heatpad
  • Contains the right portions of urea and uric acid
  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Looks, froths, and smells like human urine

Put all that together and you’ve got a highly complex liquid that will pass the validity checks that urine samples go through after submission.

Plus, it doesn’t rely on a heatpad which can fail. It uses something called heat activator powder instead.

The heat activator powder is simply a white powder that when dissolved in liquid raises its temperature slightly. Simply tap in about one quarter just before you go into the building to submit your sample, and shake it gently until it dissolves. It’s completely undetectable. Keep adding a little more until you get a good reading on the temperature strip.

Quick Luck is the most complex solution to passing an unsupervised drug test. You can prepare the sample within the correct temperature range and to minutes out of sight, and it will pass all modern standard drug testing checks.

Using it means is absolutely no need to worry about the best way to detox your body at all, you don’t need to cleanse it, and there’s no need to do anything other than prepare the sample.

2. Detox Drink

If you don’t want to use fake urine, and you’re facing a drug test at short notice, then an easy way to try and pass is to use a high-quality detox drink. Rescue Cleanse is the detox drink I recommend, and the one I’m going to talk to you about right now.

Simply drink your bottle of Rescue Cleanse on an empty stomach for about 10 minutes. Then urinate as frequently as you can over the next hour (a little more extra water is acceptable to drink) to flush out the toxins.

Because the detox drink will flush out faster than you can naturally, it creates a gap in the flow of toxins from the body, while also at the same time keeping your urine balanced and appearing natural due to its ingredients.

This gap in the toxin flow can be up to 5 hours for a light user. If you’ve got heavier amounts of metabolites in your body that time can be reduced to around three hours.

The point is though that this is a simple way of getting a gap in the flow of drug toxins into your bladder so that you can submit a sample during that time with urine that doesn’t contain drug toxins.

Just note that if you’re a really heavy user you may still get stray toxins pretty quickly, so it’s not foolproof and its effectiveness will depend on the amount of drugs you have taken recently.

3. Accelerated Natural Detox

If you want to try and get genuinely clean, then your best 24 hour detox cleanse method is an accelerated detox using detox pills.

Toxin Rid are the pills I will mention here because they are by far and away the best pills you can buy. It’s also not just a pill course, you also get detox liquid, and specifically for marijuana, you also get a powerful fiber supplement.

The 24 hour pill course is probably what you’re looking at here, although I would also recommend you look at buying a 48 hour course and doubling up on taking the pills during the day for 10 hours rather than five, in an emergency.

The basic instructions are as follows:

  • Take three pills per hour with 8 fluid ounces of water
  • Take three pills per hour for the first five hours of the day
  • After the 15 pills have been taken eat and live well
  • Drink plenty of water and exercise

After you have taken all the pills, you can drink the detox liquid in 2 halves over a couple of hours to increase the removal of toxins.

If it’s cannabis you’re trying to get rid of, you can then use the powerful fiber supplement. Mix this up and drink it quickly, and then sip plenty of water afterward. This will draw even more cannabis metabolites into the bowel for removal.

Toxin Rid can speed up the removal of toxins by at least 50%. That means that if you are a light to moderate user who is taken something in the past couple of days so, then you could get clean to pass a test. Just make sure you use a home drug test kit to check before you leave to submit your sample.

4. Best 24Hour Detox Cleanse: Detox Pill & Drink Combo

If you want to get as clean as possible, so you can pass a test with your own urine, then the best 24-hour detox cleanse is a combination of the two methods we have just discussed.

First, you’ll run that 24-hour course of Toxin Rid. Maybe get the 48-hour course and take the pills for longer than five hours during the day if you want. It’s not going to kill you to take a few extra potent herbal pills to flush out more toxins for just a single day.

90 minutes before you leave for your test the next day, use the bottle of Rescue Cleanse as I’ve already instructed. Make sure you do it on an empty stomach so it gets to work fast. That should give you a far longer clean and mean that you can submit your own urine to pass that important drug test with ease.

Just make sure that you have some good quality home drug test kit handy so you can test your progress for getting clean during the course, and just before you leave.

Where To Buy Detox Cleanse Products & Synthetic Urine

So for me, the two best methods you have to detox your body in 24 hours are:

  1. Don’t bother at all and instead use high-quality Quick Luck synthetic urine.
  2. Use the combo method to push out as many toxins as possible with pills the day before your test, and then mask the remaining with Rescue Cleanse just before you leave.

So let’s finish up here by telling you exactly where you can buy these high-quality detoxification products: Toxin Rid detox pills can be bought from Test Clear. The single-day course is just $59.95, and includes the detox liquid and fiber supplement as part of that.

Rescue Cleanse detox drink is available directly from Clear Choice, through their webstore at test negative. It’s just $55 for a bottle.

Quick Luck synthetic urine is also available from Clear Choice. It costs $100, but you are getting the best synthetic urine in the world for your money.

Test Clear also sells a range of high-quality drug tests as well. For just $10 you can buy any single drug test kit, meaning that you can buy two or three and monitor your progress to reassure you that you are genuinely clean to pass a test after using your chosen 24-hour detox cleanse

How To Use Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum To Pass A Drug Test: Oral Clear Gum Review

If you’re looking for something to help you pass an oral drug test, then Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum will be something you read about pretty quickly.

But how good is it? In this Oral Clear gum review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

We will discuss how using detox gum for saliva drug tests works, and how it compares to the best Oral Clear gum alternative. Plus, I’ll give you full instructions for using Oral Clear, and some top tips on increasing your chances of passing a swab drug test.

If you’d like to check out Oral Clear gum at the best price right now before we start, you can here:

>>>> Clear Choice Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum

How Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum Works

Oral Clear gum isn’t gum at all. That’s the surprising fact about it.

Oral Clear is actually a small capsule, slightly bigger than a standard 500 mg medicine capsule, of highly concentrated mouthwash liquid.

But don’t dismiss it as just being another detox mouthwash product in fancy packaging. Because it’s so concentrated, it means that you can smuggle it in anywhere and use it anywhere because it’s totally discreet.

That’s what you pay for, the convenience and discretion, that you simply can’t get with standard saliva neutralizing mouthwash products.

Oral Clear Gum Alternatives: Saliva Detox Mouthwashes

There aren’t any exact alternatives to Oral Clear. However, there is one good mouthwash product alternative:

  • Toxin Rid Rescue Wash

It is relatively cheap at around $30. It will also neutralize your saliva for up to 15 minutes. But on the downside, you can’t use it discreetly. It’s a small bottle of liquid that you have to pour into your mouth, swill around, and then spit out.

You could try and swallow it, but believe me, it will make you retch. Plus, you’ve still got a small bottle to get rid of which would be highly incriminating if found.

That’s why I chose to spend the extra money on Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum instead. Although it’s still a saliva detox mouthwash, its format and concentration mean that you can literally use with somebody in the room with you, which is impossible with these bottles of mouthwash products.

The Different Types Of Oral Drug Tests You Could Face

Although the oral drug test is always the same in that something is used to collect a sample of saliva that is then tested against panels to see how they react to individual types of drugs, the process of taking them can vary slightly.

These are the three different ways that the sample could been taken:

  1. Although this is rare, the person conducting the test can give you a mouth swab to collect the sample. If they do, it’s a golden opportunity to avoid the lower part of the mouth as much as possible, particularly under your tongue and around the gumline.
  2. The most common type of test is where someone else will use the mouth swab to collect a sample, focusing on the lower inside cheek, under your tongue, and around the gumline, especially the inner gumline.
  3. A variation that is used by some testing companies, and is often used by the drug testing companies who work with Amazon, is to use an oversized mouth swab which is left in the mouth like a thermometer is. It sits there for about five minutes until it changes color on the swab to show that a good enough saliva sample has been collected.

Oral Clear Is Perfect For On The Spot Swab Drug Testing

The problem with swab drug testing is that it can be conducted at very short notice, on the spot sometimes, like beside the roadside.

Even if it’s not literally on the spot, it can be conducted at very short notice, and it can mean you are not out of sight to use a standard mouthwash product to neutralize your saliva. Neither can you take countermeasures in the hours leading up to the test.

I’ll go through the full instructions a moment, but Oral Clear is the perfect gum for a swab drug test because it’s so discreet. Because it is a tiny capsule that you can carry anywhere, and because it’s so discreet to use, even with someone in the room with you, it’s absolutely perfect for any type of oral drug test.

Oral Clear Instructions: Using This Detox Gum A Saliva Drug Tests

Oral Clear is really simple to use, so let’s talk you through the instructions and scenarios you could face right now, so you can see just how good it is.

Let’s imagine that you are at an employment open day, something like Amazon. You have had your interview, and are now sitting waiting with other people to be called in for an oral sample drug test.

You might be able to slope off to the toilet, but you couldn’t guarantee it, which is why Oral Clear detox gum is essential.

You’ll be sitting in a room full of people, but nobody is staring directly at you. So, you simply cup the small capsule in your hand, cough, and put your hand over your mouth. Pop the capsule in, and close your mouth.

Nobody has seen anything unusual. With your mouth shut, you can then gently split the capsule between your teeth. Again, no one is seeing anything.

Then, slowly move the liquid around your mouth. You can do this as if you are sucking a sweet, again not producing any evidence outside your mouth. Also, use your tongue to work the liquid into the cheeks, and around your gumline.

You can practice this now. Look at yourself in the mirror doing what I’ve just explained. Your action simply cannot be detected unless somebody is suspicious and looking straight at you, in which case you would simply stop and swallow what’s left.

After a couple of minutes of doing this, simply swallow the lot. The capsule dissolves, and the mouthwash leaves no trace in your mouth that could be shown up by any part of a drug test.

As you can see, it’s dead easy to use, highly discreet, and effective for at least 15 minutes. That’s why it’s worth the money, and exactly why it’s so much better than a standard mouthwash. If you’re not sure what sort of oral drug testing scenario you could be facing, then just keeping Oral Clear in your pocket is the ultimate guarantee of standing the best chance of passing.

oral clear saliva neutralizing gum

Tips For Enhancing Your Chances Of Passing A Mouth Swab Drug Test

There are several things you can do to increase your chances of passing a mouth swab drug test.

The first is to get as many drug toxins out of your body in the days leading up to your test as you possibly can.

Obviously, this means stopping taking drugs. But it would also mean doing a short course of Toxin Rid detox pills. These will speed up the removal of toxins from the body by 50% or more. Even a 24-hour course, but preferably 48 hour course in the two days before your test, will mean you have very few toxins in your saliva by that point.

But if it is a shorter-term drug test with only a few hour’s notice, then you can still:

  • Brush your teeth every hour
  • Sip water constantly
  • Chew gum constantly
  • Use mouthwash every hour

Literally anything you can do to increase the turnover of saliva in your mouth will reduce the time that drug metabolites appear in it, and also reduce the volume of metabolites appearing.

But, regardless of the actual situation, Oral Clear gum is the most potent product on the market, which is also the most discreet and can be used in any situation.

Don’t Rely On Home Remedies – They Don’t Work

I’ve mentioned brushing your teeth, drinking water, and chewing gum. These are home remedies in a way, but they sensibly help to move saliva through the mouth faster.

But don’t believe home remedy solutions about different types of liquid, acidic liquids specifically, baking powder, anything like that.

The only thing which can truly get rid of drug toxins in the mouth, and then neutralize those coming out of the saliva glands for any length of time, is a specialist mouthwash product designed to do just that.

Where To Buy Oral Clear Gum

There’s only one place you can buy genuine Oral Clear from, and that’s direct from Clear Choice.

It’s a specialist product, and it’s the best that you can get in its class. You’ll have to pay well for it, because it’s so specialist. One capsule of Oral Clear costs $90. It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for, as I’ve explained in this Oral Clear gum review.

Why take the risk, when the alternative is having to fudge things and maybe then get caught?

You can order Oral Clear right now, through the Clear Choice web store, at test negative.

Certo (Sure Jell) Method Guide – Does Certo Work For Urine Testing?

If you’re looking to pass a drug test easily and cheaply then the Certo method will be something you’ll hear about pretty soon into your investigations.

Also known as the Sure Jell method, it was common around a decade ago when there were less high-quality detox products readily available.

So does Certo work for urine test passing? I’m going to answer that key question for you now.

But more than that, this is a complete guide not only on how to complete the Certo method, but also telling you if it’s scientifically possible for it to work, and what you could use instead to pass a modern drug test.

What Exactly Is The Certo Drug Test Method?

The Certo method uses cheap household products to help remove cannabis toxins from the body so that you can pass a drug test.

Note that I use the word cannabis. That’s because this drug test method is specifically designed to remove cannabis metabolites in the body. It’s not designed for other types of drug metabolites.

So unless you’re looking to cleanse yourself of marijuana smoking signs, or the use of novel cannabinoids such as Delta 8, then you can skip to the end of this guide where I tell you about three methods that will work for all drugs.

Why It’s Believed The Certo Drug Test Method Could Work

The idea behind the Certo method is that the fruit pectin creates a sort of gel in the digestive tract that traps drug metabolites and prevents them from being excreted in the urine.

Fruit pectin is a dense form of fiber. So by consuming it in large amounts quickly, we are creating lots of bile and drawing a ton of marijuana metabolites potentially into the bowel very quickly.

Instead, they are removed faster in your stools. The large amounts of water consumed with the Certo method help to dilute and flush out the kidneys and urine, reducing the concentration of any remaining metabolites.

If you’re wondering why we want to draw cannabis metabolites to the bowel, it’s because we need to. You can’t do this with other types of drugs, because they universally exit through the skin or (predominantly) through the kidneys and bladder. But up to 60% of cannabis metabolites actually exit the body through the bowels, because cannabis metabolites are a different shape and readily attached to fat cells in the body.

That’s why the Certo/Sure Jell method has some potential to work, but only specifically for the removal of cannabis toxins faster than can be achieved naturally.

This Is The Full Certo (Sure Jell) Drug Test Method Instructions

Let’s now go through the full Certo drug test instructions, so you can see what’s involved. This is the “classic” method that’s been around for nearly 2 decades.

Materials Needed:

  1. Certo or Sure Jell – These are brands of fruit pectin, commonly used in home canning to thicken jams and jellies.
  2. Sports Drink – A drink like Gatorade is most recommended.
  3. Water – Large amounts of water are consumed as part of the process.
  4. Creatine Supplement – This is used to help maintain normal creatinine levels in the urine.
  5. Multivitamins – Especially containing B vitamins, to help give the urine a normal yellow color.

Method (stage I – night for your test):

The night before the test, mix one packet of Certo with a large bottle of sports drink. Shake the mixture thoroughly until the Certo is fully dissolved.

Drink the entire mixture down swiftly in about 10 minutes. Then follow this up by drinking around 30 fluid ounces of water (about a liter) over the next hour.

Make sure you do this a couple of hours before bed, so you can then urinate a couple of times to clear your bladder and clean out toxins before you sleep.

Method (stage II – day of your test):

On the morning of the drug test, three hours before your test, repeat the Certo and sports drink mixture as I’ve already explained above. This includes drinking the water and urinating for an hour afterward.

At the end of the hour, you will mix the creatine with water (around 8 fluid ounces) and consume that, while also taking a multivitamin pill. Doing this will ensure that creatinine appears in your diluted sample and that it contains vitamins and is stained the correct color (requires B vitamins).

You’ll then urinate a couple of times in the hour after that, and then get to your test to submit your sample as quickly as possible.

Do You Need To Use Certo And Gatorade?

Gatorade is just a sports drink. The main reason to drink it is that contains sugars, caffeine, and electrolytes.

Pretty much any sports drink that contains those could be used instead of Gatorade. It’s just always mentioned because it’s a big brand found in the USA (even though it’s not actually found in many other countries with the same popularity). You don’t actually need to drink sports drink at all. You could use water, and consume it with an electrolyte pill that will contain the key ingredients of zinc, magnesium, and salts.

However, especially if you’re in the USA, and it’s easier to just grab a bottle of Gatorade if it’s not something that you wouldn’t react badly to.

certo and gatorede

The Certo Method Is A “Home Remedy” Drug Test Solution

The Certo method is a home remedy method. That means it uses easily obtainable household ingredients to try and pass a drug test.

Other such home remedy methods have been touted for decades.

These are some of the most common you’ll read about:

  • White wine vinegar
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Green tea
  • Other types of specialist tea
  • Bleach (yes, you read that right)
  • Baking soda and water
  • Cranberry juice

The problem with all of those home remedies is they are absolute nonsense. There is no way on earth they will flush out drug toxins from your body any quicker than water would.

Plus, drinking excess liquid is not only going to leave your sample diluted (easily spotted in validity checks) but drinking to excess can expand cells in the body and cause over hydration which can lead to significant fast moving health problems.

Does The Certo Drug Test Method Work?

You’re probably already pretty aware of where I’m going to go with this, and the answer I’m going to give you.

Does the Certo drug test method work – not a chance in hell.

These are the exact reasons why it won’t work:

  1. Although the Certo/sure jell is rich fiber, and it will draw more cannabis metabolites to the bowel, it won’t do anything to speed up the removal of toxins through the bladder, other than drinking the large amount of liquid involved in it.
  2. The large amount applicable significantly dilute your sample. It will also not accelerate the flow of toxins fast enough to create a gap in the toxin flow. That’s a crucial point. You’re not trying to get rid of all the cannabis metabolites, because you can’t. You’re trying to flush them out faster than natural, so it takes your body several hours to catch up.
  3. Just taking some creatine and a multivitamin is not going to fool modern validity checks on your sample. They will spot that it’s been diluted and adulterated with a simple dipstick test.
  4. If you’re looking to get rid of any other drugs than marijuana then you are just shit out of luck anyway, because it won’t flush them out any faster than would simply drinking water.

Put all that together, and although the Certo method can draw cannabis metabolites into the bowel faster than natural, and it will help get rid of more cannabis metabolites, it’s not going to help you pass a drug test.

It’s not a complete method because it doesn’t address drug metabolites in the urine, nor the fact that your urine will be totally lacking in balance.

My advice is simple: forget the Certo method of the get-home remedies to try and cut corners for a drug test. The only things will help you are specialist products, so let’s talk you through them in detail now.

Best Way To Get Genuinely Clean To Pass A Drug Test: Toxin Rid Pills

 If you’ve got time before your drug test, then the easiest way to pass is to get genuinely clean. You can do this with high-quality detox pills called Toxin Rid.

Available exclusively from Test Clear, they are the most potent pills on the market that contain a range of natural ingredients that help speed up the removal of toxins in the body by up to 60%.

Toxin Rid is available in course lengths from one day through to 10 days, and you should tailor the course length you choose the amount of drug metabolites you suspect you have in your body.

To help you, broadly these are the brackets you should work within when choosing a course length:

  • For lower levels of drug metabolites select the 1 – 3 day courses
  • For moderate levels drug metabolites let the 3 – 5 day courses
  • For higher levels of drug metabolites, select the six-day or higher courses
  • If you are a regular daily weed smoker then select the full Toxin Rid 10 day course

Obviously it’s not easy to recommend the exact course length you will need, but if you are a regular daily cannabis smoker then I would always go for the seven day course or the 10 day course if you have the time before your test.

Basically, by a course that matches the length of time you have in days before your test, or you suspect you will get.

Using Toxin Rid is really simple, and you just follow these easy instructions:

  1. Follow the principles of a natural detox, living healthily, exercising, and drinking plenty of water.
  2. Every day of the pill course, during the first five hours of the day you are awake, take three pills per hour with 8 fluid ounces of water each time. Then live well and drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day.
  3. On the last day of the pill course, two hours after the last detox pills, mix up half the detoxification liquid. Drink that smoothly over 10 minutes, then abstain from drinking or eating for two hours.
  4. Two hours later repeat the process, and abstain from drinking or eating for another two hours.
  5. For cannabis users, use the fiber supplement on the day after the detox liquid. This works like fruit pectin (Certo) by drawing more cannabis metabolites into the bowel in the same way.

Because you’re not doing all this just before your test, and it’s more structured in replacing things lost by the body within the pills, alongside a potent detoxification liquid, then your sample will still be natural and balanced during most drug test validity checks.

Best Way To Mask The Toxins To Pass A Drug Test: Rescue Cleanse

If you’ve got lower levels of drug metabolites in your body, and not much time before your test, then a detox drink might be the best way to go.

A detox drink doesn’t actually detox you that much, other than pushing out toxins faster than your body can naturally at that moment in time. That creates a gap in the flow toxins of a few hours, during which your urine will be clean of them. Rescue Cleanse also floods the body with things found in urine, like creatinine (creatine) and vitamins and minerals. These flush through the body as well, keeping the fresh urine testing naturally.

Rescue Cleanse on its own probably won’t work for long enough if you have higher levels of metabolites in your body though.

The combo strategy is then the best:

  • One day course of Toxin Rid
  • Rescue Cleanse detox drink

Do a 24-hour detox, massively accelerated by potent Toxin Rid pills. That will leave less toxins flowing out of the body on the day of your test, meaning Rescue Cleanse has less work to do.

Best Way To Pass An Unsupervised Drug Test: Quick Luck

Drug tests are mostly unsupervised, meaning that there will be nobody in view, nobody will be looking at you and usually nobody even in the same room when you submit your sample.

You’ll know in advance if it’s a supervised test, unless you are caught with something that you have tried to smuggle in, in which case they can then demand the test is supervised and brackets you don’t have to agree).

So for most drug tests, you could use synthetic urine, because nobody is going to be observing you submit your sample.

Quick Luck is the best product on the market. It has the following characteristics:

  • Contains 14, chemicals found in urine
  • Contains the correct amount of creatinine, urea, uric acid
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • It looks, froths, and smells like urine

So Quick Luck will get past even the most rigorous validity checks and will then obviously pass the immunoassay (urinalysis).

The biggest reason why people submitting fake samples get caught though is because they submit it outside the correct temperature range (legally a sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F).

Quick Luck uses heat activator powder instead of a heatpad. This allows you to simply transport the premixed urine to the venue, and then prepare it discreetly just before you go in. Tap in about one-quarter the activator powder and shake it until it’s dissolved. Watch the temperature strip, and if you don’t get a reading, repeat the process with small amounts until you do.

Easy to use, complex, and it will fool close expert human scrutiny, making Quick Luck the best solution for unsupervised drug testing.

Where To Buy The Products You Need To Pass A Modern Drug Test

As you can see, the Certo drug test method is a load of nonsense. No home remedies will pass a drug test, because even if they manage to get you clean they would leave you horribly adulterated and you would fail the validity checks.

So let’s tell you where you can buy the products I’ve explained about above, which will definitely help you to pass a drug test:

  1. Quick Luck synthetic urine is available direct from Clear Choice, through their test negative webstore. Click here for more details.
  2. Rescue Cleanse detox drink is also available from Clear Choice, through their website at test negative. Click here for more details.
  3. Toxin Rid detox pills are available direct from Test Clear. Click here for more details on the different course lengths available.

Don’t forget, if you are using detox drinks or detox pills, that you will need home drug test kits to see if you are clean before you submit your sample.

These home drug test kits are affordable, and both Test Clear and Clear Choice have them for sale, so you can order them at the same time.

Detox For Drug Test: Walgreens & Amazon – Best Drug Test Kits And How To Pass Any Drug Test

 If you’re looking to detox for a drug test, then Walgreens is an obvious place to look. Lots of products, good prices, and quick ordering. But are detox for drug test Walgreens and Amazon options, along with sites like eBay and Walmart, the best?

In this complete guide, I’m going to cover the best drug detox kits, how to use them, and where to buy them from.

I’ll explain how to use each drug detox cleanse kit in detail, explain limitations, and help you understand the strategies that give you the best chance of passing an important drug test.

If you’d like to check out the high-quality products we will be comparing Walgreens options to, then you can here:

  • Quick Luck Synthetic Urine
  • Toxin Rid Detox Pills
  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink
  • Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum

What Sort Of Drug Test Are You Facing?

In truth, there’s no such thing as a single best detox cleanse kit, so trying to explain what the best drug test kits are is pretty impossible.

But what you can do is use the best specific products and strategies for the type of drug test you face. So what sort of test are you facing?

  1. The most common type of drug test in the USA and beyond is the urine drug test. It’s affordable, quick, and can catch you out for several days after you last took drugs.

There are two types, unsupervised testing and supervised. Most tests are unsupervised, meaning nobody will be watching you.

With the urine test, you have the following options:

  • Submit a fake sample (synthetic urine)
  • Mask the toxins for a few hours (detox drinks)
  • Try and get completely clean (detox pills)
  • Hybrid method to lower drug metabolites levels (detox pills + detox drink)
  1. The second most common drug test type is the oral drug test. They take a sample of your saliva and test that. It’s cheap and anyone can administer the test, but will only catch someone out for two or three days after the last took drugs.

Walgreens Detox Kits: What Detox Cleanse Kit Options Are There?

You really haven’t got a lot of options for finding detox kits at Walgreens, and especially not weed detox Walgreens options.

They sell QCarbo32, a really poor-quality detox drink. In my testing a few years back, I found as a daily weed smoker it couldn’t mask the toxins for a home drug test. It simply wasn’t potent enough to create a gap in the flow of toxins through the kidneys into the bladder.

They sell a ton of pretty useless detox pills, which they advertise as detox cleanse kits. You can get a 10-day detox kit, and a ton of shorter-term options.

As an example, they sell something called the RenewLife 2 part, 3 day cleanse (advanced herbal formula). Basically, guys, it’s junk. The ingredients are rubbish, and it costs just $4.29. Let me tell you, you might as well use headache pills for the good it will do.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart Any Better?

There’s absolutely nothing at Walgreens to help you, other than a detox drink called Mega Clean which I’ll cover in a little while.

It’s the same story for all of the big marketplace sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. They sell junk at low prices.

If you want to pass a drug test, then you need specialist products from specialist retailers. They aren’t cheap, but they are potent and will do the job they claim.

Best Strategies To Pass Drug Tests

Hopefully, my warnings will have convinced you that there’s no point in messing around with cheap rubbish. The best strategies to pass drug testing include using top-quality products

As with anything in life, you want the best chance of success, so let’s now talk you through the strategies that will maximize your chances of passing a drug test.

1. Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Most drug tests are unsupervised. That means you’ll be behind a screen, or in a different room when you submit your sample. If it’s one of the newer digital eCup tests, where you put the sample into a machine for analysis, then there are no humans involved at all.

This makes the unsupervised drug test perfect for submitting a fake sample. Obviously, you can’t use one during a supervised test where you would be observed urinating, but they are very rare and you would know in advance it was going to be that type of test.

Don’t be fooled by cheap fake urine. Stuff like Magnum, Urine Luck, and U Pass are all cheap and nasty, and just don’t have the complexity to fool modern drug analysis, or even a curious human.

Quick Luck is totally different though. It’s a level above and is itself a development of the best fake urine out there until it arrived on the scene, called Sub Solution.

Made by a company called Clear Choice, Quick Luck has the following characteristics:

  • Looks, froths, and smells like urine
  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Contains the right amounts of creatinine, urea, uric acid
  • Contains 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Doesn’t rely on a heatpad to maintain the temperature

Quick Luck will pass all standard validity checks due to what it contains. The validity check will look for things found in urine, and Quick Luck has everything that is common to it. It will also pass human scrutiny. The curious or suspicious person will not be able to tell it apart from the real sample, and I would defy you to tell the difference either.

Quick Luck is the best fake urine you can buy, and the best way of passing an unsupervised drug test.

You can buy Quick Luck direct from Clear Choice, for $100 here.

2. Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drink on the market. It has a limitation, but all detox drinks do.

A detox drink does not fully detox your body. It’s not a permanent detoxification product. Detox drinks are masking agents.

They work by doing the following:

  1. A good detox drink will contain things that can flush out your body of toxins faster than can be achieved naturally. This, along with the volume of liquid, means that you will not only urinate more frequently but more toxins will be drawn out in a short space of time.
  2. By speeding up the removal of toxins faster than can be achieved naturally, it creates a gap in the flow of toxins going into the kidneys, through them, and out into your urine. Typically, this gap is up to 5 hours, but for heavy users could be as low as two hours. But it’s still a good window during which you can submit a clean sample.
  3. A good quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse will also flood your body with things found in urine. Because of the flood, some will be passed through as waste, and will appear in your urine in the correct balances to keep it appearing normal for those validity checks.

Using Rescue Cleanse is very simple as well. Simply drink the liquid in the bottle (32 fluid ounces) about 90 minutes before your test. Spend the next hour urinating at least three or four times, and then head to the test center and submit your sample as quickly as possible.

Rescue Cleanse is very affordable at $55. Made by Clear Choice, it’s available directly here. >>LINK

3. Toxin Rid Detox Pills

The best way to pass a urine or oral drug test is to be completely clean of drug toxins so that you can confidently.

The problem is that it can take several days after your last dose or smoke to get clean. If you’re a regular cannabis smoker, because of the way they work in the body, it can actually be several weeks before you test clean after your last joint.

On average, if you have taken something in the past three or four days, then you’ll probably fail a drug test. You can add several days to that if you’re taking large doses very regularly.

The best chance of getting genuinely clean is to use Toxin Rid detox pills. Highly potent, they will speed up the removal of toxins from your body by 50%, and sometimes up to 75% faster than can be achieved naturally.

That would mean that even as a regular weed smoker, who would take two weeks or more to get clean, could be clean in a week or less.

Even if you can’t get completely clean, it will leave far fewer toxins in your body. You can then use a good quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean to mask the remaining ones, and because there are less toxins flowing out of your body, the time during which you will test negative will be extended.

Toxin Rid is available in variety of course lengths:

  • 1 – 3 day courses for partial detoxification of heavy users, and full detoxification of light users.
  • 4 – 6 day courses for full detoxification of light to moderate users, and partial detoxification of heavy users.
  • 7 – 10 day courses for full detoxification of moderate and heavy users.

Toxin Rid instructions are simple as well:

  • Simply take three pills per hour for the first five hours of each day of the course.
  • Then, on the last day, after your last pills, mix up the detox liquid and drink that. It’s a potent liquid that will push out a lot of the remaining toxins queueing up to exit the body.
  • If you’re a weed smoker, you can also then use the optional fiber supplement. Because up to 60% of cannabis metabolites exit through the bowel, this potent fiber supplement will help to draw many of those metabolites into the bowel and clean them out quickly.

Toxin Rid courses are available to buy from as little as $59.95.

You can buy Toxin Rid courses direct from Test Clear here.

4. Mega Clean Detox Drink

I’ll just recommend Mega Clean here. Although it’s available from Walgreens, on its own it’s not as potent as Rescue Cleanse so is not as recommended unless you have no other option.

If you buy it from Test Clear though, the company who make Toxin Rid pills, then you’ll get six potent pre-rid pills bundled in free. That’s enough to do a strong 24-hour detox on the day before your test. It will push out a ton of toxins, and leave less in the body for Mega Clean to mask.

You can buy Mega Clean with the free pre-rid pills direct from Test Clear here.  >>LINK

5. Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum

If you’re facing an oral drug test, which you could if you’re going for a job with a company like Amazon that definitely do oral drug testing, then there’s only one product I can recommend.

Oral Clear is a saliva-neutralizing product. Often called a gum, it’s really a small capsule of highly concentrated mouthwash-neutralizing liquid.

It’s really easy to use as well:

  1. Discreetly cup the capsule in the palm of your hand, and put your hand your mouth to push the capsule in. It’s only the size of a standard headache capsule.
  2. With your mouth closed, gently split the capsule between your teeth. Keeping the liquid in your mouth, move it gently around your mouth to cover each area. Use your tongue to work it into the gumline and other difficult-to-reach areas.
  3. The last step is to swallow the lot. It will get rid of all traces of you having used it, and the mouthwash itself is undetectable on a drug test.

Oral Clear will keep your saliva neutralized for up to 15 minutes, and that’s the same for fresh saliva coming into your mouth as well. Oral Clear is available to buy from Clear Choice for $95 right here.

Best Marijuana Detox Drink: Is Rescue Cleanse The Best 24 Hour Detox Cleanse?

I’m going to tell you what the best marijuana detox drink is right now. I’ll explain exactly why, and how it compares to the main competitors.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drinks, and in this full review I’ll tell you exactly how well it works for marijuana and other drugs. I’ll explain in detail how a 24-hour detox cleanse should work, and how you can combine three different elements to create the best strategy to pass a drug test.

If you’d like to check Rescue Cleanse out in advance, you can right here:

  • Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32 Fluid Ounce Detox Drink

How A Detox Drink Actually Works

Let’s clear up a big misunderstanding about detox drinks at the start. They are not permanent detoxification products; they are masking agents.

This is how a detox drink works when you drink it:

  1. First, it floods your body so that your bladder fills up and you urinate more. But you do this more often, because it contains diuretics to speed up the number of times you urinate, and the amount of urine that passes out of your body.
  2. The detox drink also contains vitamins, minerals, and other proven ingredients that help to draw more toxins out of the body at a faster rate. Therefore, you will flush drug toxins through your kidneys and bladder faster than naturally, which leaves a gap in the toxin flow.
  3. The detox drink also floods your body with things found in urine. Some of this is passed through as waste into your bladder, keeping your urine appearing natural in balance.

So as you can see, you get clean for only as long as there is a gap in the toxin flow, the time between you flushing toxins out, and fresh toxins then working their way back through your kidneys and into your bladder again.

Mostly, with a good quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, this will be up to 5 hours for a light marijuana smoker, or other drug user. But for heavy users it can be as low as two or three hours, and even less if you get unlucky. That’s why a combo strategy works best and I’ll outline that in a little while.

Avoid These Low Quality Detox Drinks

The main reason not to do that search for “THC detox drink near me”, is because the detox drinks sold locally are poor quality, without exception. They are widely available in smoke shops, and also from places like Walmart in some cases. But that doesn’t mean they are good, quite the opposite in fact.

The thing is, they are really cheaply made so they can be sold at the highest profit margin. They are also widely marketed, especially with fake reviews.

This makes them sound really popular, and then when they are put into wholesale, they are bought up and sold at great profit to the retailer. The person buying it is getting little more than flavored water for their money though.

These are the brands of detox drink that you really should avoid:

  • Stinger detox range
  • QCarbo range
  • Ultra Eliminex
  • Rescue Detox ICE range
  • Champ Flush
  • Spectrum Labs Quick Clear

Let’s just talk you through a few of these so you can see why they should be avoided:

  1. Stinger detox is just a huge scam. If you look at the proprietary blend, the thing that makes it potent allegedly, it’s exactly the same in every single detox drink. It’s also exactly the same proprietary blend as in their mouthwash. How can that be true? It’s basically the same thing in every bottle but with a different label.
  2. Ultra Eliminex used to be a good detox drink. They weakened the formula a couple of years back and now it’s not good at all. It’s now little better than the previous drink from the same company called QCarbo, and shouldn’t really be trusted any longer.
  3. Rescue detox is often deliberately confused with Rescue Cleanse. In fact, some reviews of Rescue Detox use the terms interchangeably deliberately. They also mix up different pictures of the products as well. It’s to convince you that the cheap and inferior Rescue detox drink is the same product as Rescue Cleanse.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review (Why It’s The Best Detox Drink)

Rescue Cleanse has a 15 year track record of passing drug tests. Look on Reddit and other social media platforms and you can see endless positive, grassroots user reviews. Rescue Cleanse is slightly more expensive than the average detox drink, but you get what you pay for with any specialist drug test product.

I’ve tested this myself before I used it to pass an actual drug test. I’m a regular cannabis smoker and I followed the instructions to the letter, with a 24-hour abstinence.

I passed a home drug test 90 minutes after consuming it. I passed another one three hours after consuming it. I tested positive at four hours.

So for me, after also passing a real pre-employment drug test it a few weeks later, it is the real deal. It works twice for me, and it worked for up to 4 hours is somebody who smokes weed more days of the week than not?

THC detox drink

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Instructions

Rescue Cleanse is beautifully simple to use as well. There’s no additional water to drink either, which most other detox drinks make you do.

So you won’t feel bloated, you won’t be constantly urinating, and most importantly, it won’t potentially dilute your sample to the level where it could get picked up during the initial validity checks done on your sample.

These are the instructions for the Rescue Cleanse 24-hour detox cleanse:

  1. On the day before your test, two days for, or even longer, if possible, you should abstain from all drugs. More than that, cut out alcohol, heavy and fatty foods, and anything else which can slow you down. Exercise, sweat, and get plenty of rest. Also, drink plenty of water and urinate as frequently as you can in the day or two before your test day.
  2. Drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse bottle on an empty stomach. So you should try not to eat for at least two or three hours before your preparation period. Drink the bottle of Rescue Cleanse without additional water over about 10 minutes.
  3. Over the next 90 minutes you need to urinate at least three times, and preferably more than that if possible. If you’re struggling, drink a small glass of additional water, but nothing more than that.
  4. You should get three or four hours clean. If you’re a heavy user or smoker then it could only be two or three hours, and maybe slightly less than that. That’s why it’s important that as soon as you can, you head to the location you are submitting your sample at and do it.

If You Have Time Increase Your Chances Of Passing

As I mentioned above, as much time as you can before the day of your test, you should abstain and live a healthy lifestyle to maximize your chances of removing as many toxins as possible.

Doing this lessens the number of toxins moving out of your body just before your test, which means Rescue Cleanse will mop them up and lengthen the time it works for.

Toxin Rid is the pill you should use. They are available in course lengths from a single day through to 10 days. Even the one or two day courses are very affordable, and will really pump out a ton more drug metabolites. For more info, check out my Toxin Rid review.

marijuana detox

Don’t Forget The Home Drug Test Kits

The ultimate combo strategy, if you’ve got a couple of days to prepare before your test, but not enough time to get completely clean, is to use Toxin Rid pills with Rescue Cleanse.

But you won’t know if it’s working unless you buy some home drug test kits as well. Test just before you leave. If you’re testing negative, get there and submit your sample fast. But what if you’re testing positive? Well, you have two choices. First, you could claim you just failed a Covid test and can’t come.

Second, you could drink another bottle of Rescue Cleanse and repeat the process as quickly as possible, by trying to urinate a couple of times, and then head off to the location.

Usually though, unless you’re very unlucky, that drug test will be negative, and you can confidently submit your sample completely clean within a couple of hours or so.

Where To Buy Rescue Cleanse

No Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review would be complete without telling you where you can buy the best marijuana detox drink. It’s only available to buy direct from Clear Choice. It costs $55, and is available through their webstore called test negative.

Don’t forget to buy two bottles if you’re a heavy weed smoker, just in case you need to drink more than one to flush out enough toxins to get through your test.

The Stuff Detox Review: Does It Actually Work To Pass A Drug Test?

There are a ton of detox drinks out there on the market. Some are really popular but in actual fact have a really poor track record. In this “The Stuff” detox review, I’m going to tell you about one of the popular ones that you can buy easily.

The Stuff has been around for several years now, and you can buy it at places like Walmart and GNC.

So what I’m going to do here is tell you everything you need to know about detox drinks generally, and how good The Stuff is compared to several of the other key ones.

I’ll give you the full instructions for using it, compare them to other detox drinks, and then tell you about my own experiments using home drug test kits to test if the toxins were masked.

I’ll finish up this review of The Stuff by telling you about a couple of alternatives that I’ve found to be the best out there.

What Is “The Stuff” Detox Drink Exactly?

“The Stuff” is a detox drink that is widely available. You can buy a GNC The Stuff detox for just $25, it’s available in a couple of different flavors likefruit punch and ferocious fruit. According to the manufacturer’s descriptions, it’s a scientifically engineered detoxification drink made by a healthcare professional.

It’s a 20-fluid-ounce bottle of liquid. That’s the “middle ground” for detox drinks. You’ll get small 16 fluid ounces bottles which are really only designed for very low levels of drug toxins in the body, or smaller people.

You’ll then get the large 30 to fluid-ounce ones which are meant for larger people and higher levels of toxins. So The Stuff with its 20 fluid ounces of liquid stuff sits in the middle of that.

This means unless it’s potent, then it isn’t gonna have the punch to do the intended job.

On the surface, it seems to have everything you need. It has a ton of vitamins listed on the ingredients (although you could just take a couple of vitamin pills which cost virtually nothing).

It also contains creatine, which is converted into creatinine, something that is always found in human urine. So if you flushed it out and it isn’t there, then they can spot you’ve done something.

It also contains:

  • Burdock Root
  • Nettle leaf
  • Milk Thistle leaf
  • Uva ursi Leaf extract

Now, on the surface, that seems good. All of these things have scientifically proven evidence around them as being natural antioxidants, and natural cleansing and detoxification products.

On top of that, it contains things like magnesium and even a large amount of fruit pectin. Fruit pectin can help to produce bile because it’s high in fiber, which can draw more cannabis metabolites specifically right into the bowel.

But, and here’s the million-dollar question: are the ingredients in enough quantities, and in the right balance to flush drug toxins out and, crucially, keep your urine appearing balanced.

It’s Important To Understand Exactly What A Detox Drink Does

Before I go any further, I want to explain exactly what a detox drink does. Exactly how it works.

The misconception is that a detox drink will clear out your system of drug metabolites. You go out partying, drink the well and drink again the next day, and they miraculously vanish. That’s not what happens.

All the detox drink does is mask the toxins in your body.

First, the volume of liquid flushes you out. It means that your bladder is emptied and refreshed with another volume of liquid that doesn’t contain drug toxins.

Second, the ingredients help to flush out more toxins and you can naturally so that you go longer before fresh toxins appear in your urine.

Third, it contains things that appear in the urine. It floods the body with them so that some are passed through as waste into your urine, meaning your sample doesn’t appear unusual.

The Stuff Detox Drink Instructions

The Stuff detox instructions are pretty straightforward:

  1. Shake the bottle gently and then drink the entire contents of the bottle smoothly for about 15 minutes.
  2. Refill the bottle with water shake and drink that for about 15 minutes.
  3. Very soon, you’ll want to go to the toilet and urinate frequently. You will need to urinate three times to ensure your bladder is cleared out and the fresh urine coming in is clean.
  4. You’ll then need to submit your sample within two hours. The claim is you’ll stay clean for five hours, but that’s rare unless you have very low levels of drug toxins in your body. Exercise

Does The Stuff Detox Work To Pass A Drug Test?

The Stuff detox is very popular. They sell a ton of them. That’s because it’s available widely.

If it’s made cheaply and then pushed into stores widely, then you are going to sell them. That creates reviews and a buzz around the product.

The volume model has worked for The Stuff, just as it has for Stinger detox and QCarbo. People still claim all three of those can pass drug tests.

But does The Stuff actually work?

Well, it’s only a 20 fluid ounces bottle of ingredients. That’s not enough for a full-grown adult male to drink entire contents flush out of the body.

There aren’t enough of the ingredients for me. If you look at the proportions and the total proprietary blend volume on the ingredients list, it’s not as big as the drinks actually work.

For me, it simply cannot work to flush out all of the toxins to keep you clean to pass a test unless you are really lucky.

I tested The Stuff for this detox drink review!

  • I bought three 16 oz bottles because I was curiosity about this. I did a 24-hour detox before the day I intend to do a home drug test (I’m a daily weed smoker). During this pre cleansing period I did exercise, drink plenty of water, and ate plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • I followed the instructions and did a home drug test kit one hour after completing the cleansing program and making sure I had urinated three times.
  • I failed that drug test. So what I did then was wait a few more days and carried on smoking.
  • Then I did another 24-hour detox and then repeated the process. But what I did this time was to not drink the excess water, but instead drank two bottles of The Stuff, for a total of 40 fluid ounces of liquid that should get me clean.
  • I did a home drug test kit one hour afterward and failed. I did another 2 hours after, and it failed again.

At no point, during two tests, did I test negative using a good quality home drug test kit.

The conclusion is that for me, The Stuff detox drink simply does not work.

I’ll note here at the end of this review that I tried the classic version. There’s also an “Extra Stuff detox”. The ingredients for stuff extra one are very similar, but it seems to be lower in sugar content.

As there is no notable difference in the ingredients, and it’s the same size bottle, then I see no reason on earth why that would work either.

Here’s 2 Detox Drinks That Really Work

If you want a detox drink with a long track record, that has more than 15 years of working to pass thousands of drug tests behind it, then I have to point you towards Rescue Cleanse.

I’ve used this to pass a real drug test and I’ve tested it since then with a home drug test kit to make sure it still works for review purposes. The ingredients list is exactly the same as well. Rescue Cleanse is really high quality, and you don’t even need any excess water. You just drink the full 32oz bottle, and I’m telling you, you will get two or three hours clean to pass a drug test.

The alternative is Mega Clean. It’s not as potent as Rescue Cleanse though. However, here’s the trick to make it just as good.

You buy it from Test Clear. That way you’ll get six powerful pre-rid pills (Toxin Rid) bundled in with it for free. As long as you’ve got 24 hours before your test, you can use the pills to do in accelerated detox.

This will leave fewer toxins on the day of your test for the detox drink to deal with. Combined, Mega Clean in the pre-rid pills are just as potent as Rescue Cleanse.

The ultimate combo though, grabs yourself a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid, and bottle of Rescue Cleanse, and if you’ve got the 24 hours notice before your test, you’ll do that detox and then use extra bottle of Rescue Cleanse, to stand an incredibly strong chance of passing.

The Absolute Best Strategy To Pass A Drug Test Using Fake Urine

Detox drinks mask the toxins. They do it well if you if choose the right drink, and even better if you have the ability to do a 24-hour detox with pills beforehand. The absolute best way to pass a drug test is not The Stuff or any other type of detox drink. It’s fake urine.

For $90 you can get your hands on a Sub Solution fake urine kit (full review here).

Sub Solution has 14 chemicals in it that mimic urine. It looks, smells, and froth like urine. On top of that, you can get the temperature within the correct temperature range and keep their using the heat activator powder this included.

As long as it’s an unsupervised test, then the complexity will allow you to submit a perfect sample that is undetectable.

Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox Review: Does Nutra Cleanse Work?

If you’re searching for a detoxification program, a detox kit, to pass a drug test for marijuana or other drug use, then the Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox is one you will come across.

Does Nutra Cleanse work? In this full review, I’m going to answer that question.

I’m also going to talk about a couple of alternatives, so if you want to check them out first, you can right here:

  • Toxin Rid Detox Pills
  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

We will cover everything you need to know about this detox kit. How Nutra Cleanse works, and what the instructions are.

I’ll also compare it to another product they sell called Nutra Cleanse clean caps, and whether you need their detox drink the Nutra Cleanse clean shot as well on the day of your test.

What Is The Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox?

This five day detox uses three different types of pills over five days in order to clean out your system to pass a drug test.

You’ll get the following when you buy it:

  • 4 pre-cleanse formula capsules
  • 13 morning formula capsules
  • 30 evening formula capsules
  • 8 post-cleanse formula capsules

The idea is that over five days (in reality seven days), you take the pills with water, live healthily, and drug toxins will be removed from the body at a far faster rate than can be achieved naturally.

Now this all sounded incredibly familiar to me, and I became suspicious. I’ll explain why I was suspicious, and how my suspicions were found to be accurate, later in this review.

How Quick Can You Get Clean To Pass A Drug Test?

If you’re going to use a detox course that claims to be able to get clean in five days, then you have to know of the ingredients stack up to this, and if you can physically get clean in that time as well.

The truth is that yes, you can get clean in five days to pass a drug test. But it depends on a few factors:

  • The actual potency of the pill course or detox kit you are using
  • How many drug toxins you have in your body
  • Your physical ability to get rid of the toxins (general health, age, diet)

So yes, on the surface, the claims you’ll get clean in five days do stack up. But do the ingredients back up those claims?

I’ll talk you through whether Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox can work after I’ve explained the instructions for using it to you.

Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox Instructions

Here are the instructions for completing the Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox:

  1. The night before you start your main five day cleanse, one hour after your evening meal, you will take the pre-cleanse formula capsules with 24 fluid ounces of water.
  2. On each of the five days of the cleanse, you will take six capsules with 24 fluid ounces of water. You will do this at least one hour before you first eat each day.
  3. At the end of each day of the cleanse, so for five evenings, you will take six evening formula capsules with 24 fluid ounces of water.
  4. The day after your five day cleanse, which should be the day of your drug test, you’ll take the eight post cleanse formula tablets with another 24 fluid ounces of water.
  5. You’ll then urinate as frequently as you can after you have taken each set of pills, and on the day of your test, once you’ve urinated three or four times, just before you leave, you’ll do a home drug test kit to make sure you are clean.

Does Nutra Cleanse Work?

Does Nutra Cleanse work? Well, to do so it’s got to get you clean in the time of the course, which means it has to be potent enough.

Looking at the ingredients list, and comparing them to the market leader Toxin Rid (whose ingredients I’ve looked into in detail to see scientifically how they can remove drug toxins faster), this is not as potent.

There’s a good number of ingredients, but the doses per capsule are much lower. I just don’t see how this pushes toxins out at the same rate as a far more effective Toxin Rid capsules.

Looking online, there’s not a lot of positive vibes about this product either. I’m not seeing loads of people saying “fantastic! I passed a drug test using Nutra Cleanse!”.

So for those reasons I’m suspicious this would work. But, as I’m now going to explain, there are another couple of reasons why I know it doesn’t work well, and why it’s not a good choice for you.

These Are The Reasons Why I Do Not Recommend Nutra Cleanse Detox

 I have tested a product called Rescue 5 Day Detox. It claims to be able to get you clean to pass a drug test in just five days.

It contained a “Headstart” packet of four capsules to take the night before your main five day detox. It also contained five days’ worth of morning and evening formula capsules. You take these with 24 fluid ounces of water each time.

There were also eight “ice caps”, which you took on day seven, the day of your test. These acted like a detox drink, masking and removing the last toxins. That’s why when I read the instructions for Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox, I immediately got suspicious because they are identical to the instructions for Rescue 5 Day detox.

Both are made by different companies. Or at least you’re meant to think so, with different logos and websites for each.

But looking at the ingredients list, and number of capsules, they are literally identical. Not only identical, but laid out identically on the ingredients box, and even in the same order.

Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox is just Rescue 5 Day detox repackaged. As that didn’t work well for me, then this won’t work well for you.

Put all that together, and these are the reasons why I cannot recommend Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox to you:

  • This is simply another product repackaged
  • It’s not potent enough to get you clean in five days
  • This product is actually a seven-day detox
  • It’s not as potent as Toxin Rid
  • The pills on the day of your test are not going to mask toxins

What About Nutra Cleanse Clean Caps?

“Nutra Cleanse” also makes a detox drink called the Nutra Cleanse Clean shot, and a product called Nutra Cleanse clean Caps.

Let’s start with clean caps. These are literally just the same pills that are included with Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox, which they call the “post cleanse formula capsules”. They have exactly the same ingredients.

Nutra Cleanse clean caps also have an identical ingredient list to the Rescue 5 Day detox “ice capsules”, which are also sold separately.

Put that all together, and you’ve got exactly the same pills packaged up in three different ways. However, they are packaged, it doesn’t make them any good though.

In terms of the clean shot, it’s a $60 detox drink with the same clean caps included yet again.

There’s hardly any volume to the detox drink, certainly not enough to flush out your system, and the ingredients are not going to speed up the removal of toxins massively while replacing the legitimate ingredients in human urine that are flushed out.

Is Nutra Cleanse A Scam?

I’m going to stop just short of calling it a scam. But here are the facts you have to consider at the end of this Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox review:

  1. This is an identical product to another one called Rescue 5 Day Detox.
  2. Both of those products also have an allegedly stronger 10 day detox version. Again, they are absolutely identical and have big claims.
  3. The clean caps from Nutra Cleanse are exactly the same composition as a couple of other products they sell, and they are all identical.
  4. The clean shot is yet another poor product, with exactly the same clean caps bundled in with it again.

Put all that together, and I think you can see, that the repackaging is a way of sidestepping previous poor results and publicity to keep pushing the same rubbish at an even higher price.

Better Alternative: Toxin Rid & Rescue Cleanse Detox Kit

Toxin Rid is the best detox pill on the market. You can choose from course lengths of between one day and 10 days in length depending on your needs.

You also get a post-cleanse detox liquid that is genuinely potent and for cannabis smokers and an additional fiber supplement which powerfully draws cannabis metabolites into the bowel for removal.


As a heavy weed smoker, you would expect to take up to 3 weeks to get clean naturally. Using Toxin Rid, I was starting to test clean in just five days.


On the day of your test, your insurance policy is Rescue Cleanse. A potent detox drink, it will definitely mask the toxins for up to 5 hours so you can cover up any stray remaining toxins from your cleanse, and guarantee passing.


Put those two together, and you have the most potent combo detox kit on the market, and far superior to anything that you can buy from the Nutra Cleanse range.


You can buy Rescue Cleanse direct from Clear Choice, through their website: test negative.


ToxinRid detox pills can be bought direct from the Test Clear website.

Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Review: Ingredients, Instructions & Does It Work?

There is a myriad of detox drinks out there, and Ultimate Gold detox drink is another choice you have. In this complete ultimate goal detox drink review I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

We will talk about how drug toxins work in the body, and how a detox drink should work to counter them. I’ll tell you a bit about gold detox, and the bizarre confusion some people, including professional reviews, have about it.

Then I will cover the full Gold Detox drink instructions you need to follow, should you choose to buy Ultimate Gold.

How Drug Toxins Work In The Body

To understand how good a detox drink is, you have to understand how drug toxins work in the body, and then how a detox drink should work to counter them. say you smoke weed. When you smoke a joint, THC gets you high, and THC is detectable in your blood, and later in your saliva and urine.

Waste products created during that process, called metabolites, are also created. For weed, the most prolific is THC-NOOH.

All of these things fly around your body until they are processed by the liver and kidneys, and rejected from the body through your stools and urine (a tiny amount is also removed through sweating).

So a detox drink has to deal with that process and hide the fact that you have these things in your body.

That’s the point. It hides them. A detox drink is not a permanent detoxification agent, it merely creates a gap in the toxin flow out of the body, allowing you to submit a clean sample.

This Is How A Detox Drink Should Work

This is what a good quality detox drink will achieve in the body:

  • Will flush out the toxins in your kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract
  • Accelerates the speed at which you urinate
  • Replaces the things found in urine that now will be there
  • Keep your urine looking natural color
  • Creates a gap in the flow of toxins out of your body

Let’s just look at that in a little more detail so you can see if Gold Detox can achieve it, or not.

When you drink a detox drink it floods your body with a lot of liquid. At the same time, it contains things that are diuretics, so you not only urinate more liquid but a lot more frequently. This pushes toxins out of your body far quicker than natural.

Doing that creates a gap. You have maybe a few hours before fresh toxins work through the kidneys and into your urine again.

But more than that, it floods your body with things found in urine. Some are passed through as waste in the correct proportions, meaning your urine still contains them even though it’s just been ruthlessly flushed out.

Finally, it will contain a range of things, including B vitamins, which will keep your urine appearing a natural color, rather than clear and diluted.

What Is The Gold Detox Drink?

So now you understand what a detox drink should do, what exactly is the Gold Detox drink? Ultimate Gold make two different detox drink sizes. 16 fluid ounces and 20 fluid ounces. Other than that, they are identical in the composition of what is in the bottle.

For me, 16 fluid ounces is nothing. There’s really no difference between the two sizes for the practical purposes of flushing out your body.

So if you are going to buy Ultimate Gold, then you should be looking at the 20 oz size for maximum effects.

Don’t Get Confused Between Gold Detox Drink And Gold Fake Urine

When I was looking into Gold Detox drink originally, I was utterly confused by a review I read.

It had a picture of the Gold Detox drink bottle and pictures of the ingredients list. It talked about it containing creatine, and it talked about it flushing out toxins.

But then, it bizarrely started talking about fetish urine and how you would need to microwave it to get the temperature as close to 100°F as possible. Whatever idiot that site had employed, they had got confused in the review between the detox drink and the fake urine product the company also sell.

Don’t make that mistake as well. They are both called Ultimate Gold, but the urine comes in a box, while the drink comes in two different-sized bottles.

Gold Detox Drink Instructions

Now let’s take a look at the exact Ultimate Gold detox drink instructions you will need to follow to stand a chance of passing a urine drug test using it.

  1. Shake the bottle gently and then consume the contents steadily over 15 minutes. Do this 90 minutes before the time of your test.
  2. Refill the bottle with water and drink that steadily over a second 15 minute period.
  3. From the time you start this process, urinate at least three times in the next 60 minutes.
  4. That leaves you with about 30 minutes to get to your test location.

As long as you spend the hour urinating frequently and you get to the test promptly after that, you should have a couple of hours clean during which you can submit a clean sample.

The top tip for me is to ensure that you have a home drug test kit handy. If you fail just before you leave, drink a backup detox drink bottle (the same or different brand), urinate at least once, and then head off.

Does Gold Detox Work?

Any ultimate goal detox drink review that serious has to answer the key question: does it work?

For me, it’s mostly a no.

If you have light levels of toxins in your body, and you can do a 48 hour detox before the day of your test as well, then the 20 fluid ounce bottle might just work for you. But for me, there are several problems with Gold Detox.

First, there just isn’t enough liquid. Even the large bottle is only 20 fluid ounces, whereas the detox drinks I know work contain 32 fluid ounces. More liquid, more ingredients, more potency.

Second, the ingredients just don’t seem potent enough to me. Sure, there is a diuretic in there (Uva Ursi), and some creatine (although on one ingredients list I saw there was no creatine listed). There are also vitamins to alter the shade of your urine.

But there’s not much of any of this, and even more concerning the, there’s even 40 mg of PABA in it, for God knows what reason, which has been linked to causing cancer.

Overall, this just isn’t potent enough to do the job unless you are a really light user and get lucky.

Where To Buy Ultimate Gold Detox Drink

If you still want to use Gold Detox, and you’re wondering where to buy Ultimate Gold, then Amazon is the obvious place. On there right now, you can get a 20 oz bottle for less than $20.

But that should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of this detox drink overall. $20 is a joke, and you can’t expect to get quality for that money.

Better Alternatives To Ultimate Gold Detox Drink

There are far better alternatives out there to the Gold Detox drink.

  1. Mega Clean

Mega Clean from Test Clear is one of the most potent options out there right now.

Mega Clean is a good detox drink. A good balance and potency, and it’s a full 32-fluid-ounce bottle.

If you buy it from Test Clear, you get six free pre-rid pills bundled in as well. Then, all you have to do, is do a 24 hour detox on the day before your test, use the pre-rid pills, and it will push out far more toxins than you can naturally.

Doing that means there’s less work for the detox drink to do. There will just be less toxins to create a gap in the flow of.

The instructions for using a pretty straightforward. Drink the contents, refill the bottle and drink those, and urinate at least three times in the space for an hour. You should be clean for up to 5 hours after (although in reality for a heavy user or smoker, it’s three hours maximum).

Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills is a fantastically powerful combo, probably the most powerful combo out there right now.

  1. Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse on its own is the most potent detox (on its own) you can buy right now. A full 32 oz bottle, it contains a really good range of ingredients that push out far more toxins than you can naturally, while leaving your urine perfectly balanced.

You don’t even need additional water when using Rescue Cleanse, which is a great sign.

You literally just drink the contents of the bottle, and urinate at least three times during 60 minutes while drinking it and after. Doing that should leave you clean for up to 5 hours (although again, for heavy users it’s usually around three hours).

If you just want a detox drink with a proven track record, and no extra messing around with additional water, then Rescue Cleanse is definitely your best option. It’s not available in Walmart and on Amazon. You can only order it from the manufacturer’s website.