How To Use Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum To Pass A Drug Test: Oral Clear Gum Review

If you’re looking for something to help you pass an oral drug test, then Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum will be something you read about pretty quickly.

But how good is it? In this Oral Clear gum review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

We will discuss how using detox gum for saliva drug tests works, and how it compares to the best Oral Clear gum alternative. Plus, I’ll give you full instructions for using Oral Clear, and some top tips on increasing your chances of passing a swab drug test.

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How Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum Works

Oral Clear gum isn’t gum at all. That’s the surprising fact about it.

Oral Clear is actually a small capsule, slightly bigger than a standard 500 mg medicine capsule, of highly concentrated mouthwash liquid.

But don’t dismiss it as just being another detox mouthwash product in fancy packaging. Because it’s so concentrated, it means that you can smuggle it in anywhere and use it anywhere because it’s totally discreet.

That’s what you pay for, the convenience and discretion, that you simply can’t get with standard saliva neutralizing mouthwash products.

Oral Clear Gum Alternatives: Saliva Detox Mouthwashes

There aren’t any exact alternatives to Oral Clear. However, there is one good mouthwash product alternative:

  • Toxin Rid Rescue Wash

It is relatively cheap at around $30. It will also neutralize your saliva for up to 15 minutes. But on the downside, you can’t use it discreetly. It’s a small bottle of liquid that you have to pour into your mouth, swill around, and then spit out.

You could try and swallow it, but believe me, it will make you retch. Plus, you’ve still got a small bottle to get rid of which would be highly incriminating if found.

That’s why I chose to spend the extra money on Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum instead. Although it’s still a saliva detox mouthwash, its format and concentration mean that you can literally use with somebody in the room with you, which is impossible with these bottles of mouthwash products.

The Different Types Of Oral Drug Tests You Could Face

Although the oral drug test is always the same in that something is used to collect a sample of saliva that is then tested against panels to see how they react to individual types of drugs, the process of taking them can vary slightly.

These are the three different ways that the sample could been taken:

  1. Although this is rare, the person conducting the test can give you a mouth swab to collect the sample. If they do, it’s a golden opportunity to avoid the lower part of the mouth as much as possible, particularly under your tongue and around the gumline.
  2. The most common type of test is where someone else will use the mouth swab to collect a sample, focusing on the lower inside cheek, under your tongue, and around the gumline, especially the inner gumline.
  3. A variation that is used by some testing companies, and is often used by the drug testing companies who work with Amazon, is to use an oversized mouth swab which is left in the mouth like a thermometer is. It sits there for about five minutes until it changes color on the swab to show that a good enough saliva sample has been collected.

Oral Clear Is Perfect For On The Spot Swab Drug Testing

The problem with swab drug testing is that it can be conducted at very short notice, on the spot sometimes, like beside the roadside.

Even if it’s not literally on the spot, it can be conducted at very short notice, and it can mean you are not out of sight to use a standard mouthwash product to neutralize your saliva. Neither can you take countermeasures in the hours leading up to the test.

I’ll go through the full instructions a moment, but Oral Clear is the perfect gum for a swab drug test because it’s so discreet. Because it is a tiny capsule that you can carry anywhere, and because it’s so discreet to use, even with someone in the room with you, it’s absolutely perfect for any type of oral drug test.

Oral Clear Instructions: Using This Detox Gum A Saliva Drug Tests

Oral Clear is really simple to use, so let’s talk you through the instructions and scenarios you could face right now, so you can see just how good it is.

Let’s imagine that you are at an employment open day, something like Amazon. You have had your interview, and are now sitting waiting with other people to be called in for an oral sample drug test.

You might be able to slope off to the toilet, but you couldn’t guarantee it, which is why Oral Clear detox gum is essential.

You’ll be sitting in a room full of people, but nobody is staring directly at you. So, you simply cup the small capsule in your hand, cough, and put your hand over your mouth. Pop the capsule in, and close your mouth.

Nobody has seen anything unusual. With your mouth shut, you can then gently split the capsule between your teeth. Again, no one is seeing anything.

Then, slowly move the liquid around your mouth. You can do this as if you are sucking a sweet, again not producing any evidence outside your mouth. Also, use your tongue to work the liquid into the cheeks, and around your gumline.

You can practice this now. Look at yourself in the mirror doing what I’ve just explained. Your action simply cannot be detected unless somebody is suspicious and looking straight at you, in which case you would simply stop and swallow what’s left.

After a couple of minutes of doing this, simply swallow the lot. The capsule dissolves, and the mouthwash leaves no trace in your mouth that could be shown up by any part of a drug test.

As you can see, it’s dead easy to use, highly discreet, and effective for at least 15 minutes. That’s why it’s worth the money, and exactly why it’s so much better than a standard mouthwash. If you’re not sure what sort of oral drug testing scenario you could be facing, then just keeping Oral Clear in your pocket is the ultimate guarantee of standing the best chance of passing.

oral clear saliva neutralizing gum

Tips For Enhancing Your Chances Of Passing A Mouth Swab Drug Test

There are several things you can do to increase your chances of passing a mouth swab drug test.

The first is to get as many drug toxins out of your body in the days leading up to your test as you possibly can.

Obviously, this means stopping taking drugs. But it would also mean doing a short course of Toxin Rid detox pills. These will speed up the removal of toxins from the body by 50% or more. Even a 24-hour course, but preferably 48 hour course in the two days before your test, will mean you have very few toxins in your saliva by that point.

But if it is a shorter-term drug test with only a few hour’s notice, then you can still:

  • Brush your teeth every hour
  • Sip water constantly
  • Chew gum constantly
  • Use mouthwash every hour

Literally anything you can do to increase the turnover of saliva in your mouth will reduce the time that drug metabolites appear in it, and also reduce the volume of metabolites appearing.

But, regardless of the actual situation, Oral Clear gum is the most potent product on the market, which is also the most discreet and can be used in any situation.

Don’t Rely On Home Remedies – They Don’t Work

I’ve mentioned brushing your teeth, drinking water, and chewing gum. These are home remedies in a way, but they sensibly help to move saliva through the mouth faster.

But don’t believe home remedy solutions about different types of liquid, acidic liquids specifically, baking powder, anything like that.

The only thing which can truly get rid of drug toxins in the mouth, and then neutralize those coming out of the saliva glands for any length of time, is a specialist mouthwash product designed to do just that.

Where To Buy Oral Clear Gum

There’s only one place you can buy genuine Oral Clear from, and that’s direct from Clear Choice.

It’s a specialist product, and it’s the best that you can get in its class. You’ll have to pay well for it, because it’s so specialist. One capsule of Oral Clear costs $90. It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for, as I’ve explained in this Oral Clear gum review.

Why take the risk, when the alternative is having to fudge things and maybe then get caught?

You can order Oral Clear right now, through the Clear Choice web store, at test negative.