Best Marijuana Detox Drink: Is Rescue Cleanse The Best 24 Hour Detox Cleanse?

I’m going to tell you what the best marijuana detox drink is right now. I’ll explain exactly why, and how it compares to the main competitors.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drinks, and in this full review I’ll tell you exactly how well it works for marijuana and other drugs. I’ll explain in detail how a 24-hour detox cleanse should work, and how you can combine three different elements to create the best strategy to pass a drug test.

If you’d like to check Rescue Cleanse out in advance, you can right here:

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How A Detox Drink Actually Works

Let’s clear up a big misunderstanding about detox drinks at the start. They are not permanent detoxification products; they are masking agents.

This is how a detox drink works when you drink it:

  1. First, it floods your body so that your bladder fills up and you urinate more. But you do this more often, because it contains diuretics to speed up the number of times you urinate, and the amount of urine that passes out of your body.
  2. The detox drink also contains vitamins, minerals, and other proven ingredients that help to draw more toxins out of the body at a faster rate. Therefore, you will flush drug toxins through your kidneys and bladder faster than naturally, which leaves a gap in the toxin flow.
  3. The detox drink also floods your body with things found in urine. Some of this is passed through as waste into your bladder, keeping your urine appearing natural in balance.

So as you can see, you get clean for only as long as there is a gap in the toxin flow, the time between you flushing toxins out, and fresh toxins then working their way back through your kidneys and into your bladder again.

Mostly, with a good quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, this will be up to 5 hours for a light marijuana smoker, or other drug user. But for heavy users it can be as low as two or three hours, and even less if you get unlucky. That’s why a combo strategy works best and I’ll outline that in a little while.

Avoid These Low Quality Detox Drinks

The main reason not to do that search for “THC detox drink near me”, is because the detox drinks sold locally are poor quality, without exception. They are widely available in smoke shops, and also from places like Walmart in some cases. But that doesn’t mean they are good, quite the opposite in fact.

The thing is, they are really cheaply made so they can be sold at the highest profit margin. They are also widely marketed, especially with fake reviews.

This makes them sound really popular, and then when they are put into wholesale, they are bought up and sold at great profit to the retailer. The person buying it is getting little more than flavored water for their money though.

These are the brands of detox drink that you really should avoid:

  • Stinger detox range
  • QCarbo range
  • Ultra Eliminex
  • Rescue Detox ICE range
  • Champ Flush
  • Spectrum Labs Quick Clear

Let’s just talk you through a few of these so you can see why they should be avoided:

  1. Stinger detox is just a huge scam. If you look at the proprietary blend, the thing that makes it potent allegedly, it’s exactly the same in every single detox drink. It’s also exactly the same proprietary blend as in their mouthwash. How can that be true? It’s basically the same thing in every bottle but with a different label.
  2. Ultra Eliminex used to be a good detox drink. They weakened the formula a couple of years back and now it’s not good at all. It’s now little better than the previous drink from the same company called QCarbo, and shouldn’t really be trusted any longer.
  3. Rescue detox is often deliberately confused with Rescue Cleanse. In fact, some reviews of Rescue Detox use the terms interchangeably deliberately. They also mix up different pictures of the products as well. It’s to convince you that the cheap and inferior Rescue detox drink is the same product as Rescue Cleanse.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review (Why It’s The Best Detox Drink)

Rescue Cleanse has a 15 year track record of passing drug tests. Look on Reddit and other social media platforms and you can see endless positive, grassroots user reviews. Rescue Cleanse is slightly more expensive than the average detox drink, but you get what you pay for with any specialist drug test product.

I’ve tested this myself before I used it to pass an actual drug test. I’m a regular cannabis smoker and I followed the instructions to the letter, with a 24-hour abstinence.

I passed a home drug test 90 minutes after consuming it. I passed another one three hours after consuming it. I tested positive at four hours.

So for me, after also passing a real pre-employment drug test it a few weeks later, it is the real deal. It works twice for me, and it worked for up to 4 hours is somebody who smokes weed more days of the week than not?

THC detox drink

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Instructions

Rescue Cleanse is beautifully simple to use as well. There’s no additional water to drink either, which most other detox drinks make you do.

So you won’t feel bloated, you won’t be constantly urinating, and most importantly, it won’t potentially dilute your sample to the level where it could get picked up during the initial validity checks done on your sample.

These are the instructions for the Rescue Cleanse 24-hour detox cleanse:

  1. On the day before your test, two days for, or even longer, if possible, you should abstain from all drugs. More than that, cut out alcohol, heavy and fatty foods, and anything else which can slow you down. Exercise, sweat, and get plenty of rest. Also, drink plenty of water and urinate as frequently as you can in the day or two before your test day.
  2. Drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse bottle on an empty stomach. So you should try not to eat for at least two or three hours before your preparation period. Drink the bottle of Rescue Cleanse without additional water over about 10 minutes.
  3. Over the next 90 minutes you need to urinate at least three times, and preferably more than that if possible. If you’re struggling, drink a small glass of additional water, but nothing more than that.
  4. You should get three or four hours clean. If you’re a heavy user or smoker then it could only be two or three hours, and maybe slightly less than that. That’s why it’s important that as soon as you can, you head to the location you are submitting your sample at and do it.

If You Have Time Increase Your Chances Of Passing

As I mentioned above, as much time as you can before the day of your test, you should abstain and live a healthy lifestyle to maximize your chances of removing as many toxins as possible.

Doing this lessens the number of toxins moving out of your body just before your test, which means Rescue Cleanse will mop them up and lengthen the time it works for.

Toxin Rid is the pill you should use. They are available in course lengths from a single day through to 10 days. Even the one or two day courses are very affordable, and will really pump out a ton more drug metabolites. For more info, check out my Toxin Rid review.

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Don’t Forget The Home Drug Test Kits

The ultimate combo strategy, if you’ve got a couple of days to prepare before your test, but not enough time to get completely clean, is to use Toxin Rid pills with Rescue Cleanse.

But you won’t know if it’s working unless you buy some home drug test kits as well. Test just before you leave. If you’re testing negative, get there and submit your sample fast. But what if you’re testing positive? Well, you have two choices. First, you could claim you just failed a Covid test and can’t come.

Second, you could drink another bottle of Rescue Cleanse and repeat the process as quickly as possible, by trying to urinate a couple of times, and then head off to the location.

Usually though, unless you’re very unlucky, that drug test will be negative, and you can confidently submit your sample completely clean within a couple of hours or so.

Where To Buy Rescue Cleanse

No Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review would be complete without telling you where you can buy the best marijuana detox drink. It’s only available to buy direct from Clear Choice. It costs $55, and is available through their webstore called test negative.

Don’t forget to buy two bottles if you’re a heavy weed smoker, just in case you need to drink more than one to flush out enough toxins to get through your test.