The Stuff Detox Review: Does It Actually Work To Pass A Drug Test?

There are a ton of detox drinks out there on the market. Some are really popular but in actual fact have a really poor track record. In this “The Stuff” detox review, I’m going to tell you about one of the popular ones that you can buy easily.

The Stuff has been around for several years now, and you can buy it at places like Walmart and GNC.

So what I’m going to do here is tell you everything you need to know about detox drinks generally, and how good The Stuff is compared to several of the other key ones.

I’ll give you the full instructions for using it, compare them to other detox drinks, and then tell you about my own experiments using home drug test kits to test if the toxins were masked.

I’ll finish up this review of The Stuff by telling you about a couple of alternatives that I’ve found to be the best out there.

What Is “The Stuff” Detox Drink Exactly?

“The Stuff” is a detox drink that is widely available. You can buy a GNC The Stuff detox for just $25, it’s available in a couple of different flavors likefruit punch and ferocious fruit. According to the manufacturer’s descriptions, it’s a scientifically engineered detoxification drink made by a healthcare professional.

It’s a 20-fluid-ounce bottle of liquid. That’s the “middle ground” for detox drinks. You’ll get small 16 fluid ounces bottles which are really only designed for very low levels of drug toxins in the body, or smaller people.

You’ll then get the large 30 to fluid-ounce ones which are meant for larger people and higher levels of toxins. So The Stuff with its 20 fluid ounces of liquid stuff sits in the middle of that.

This means unless it’s potent, then it isn’t gonna have the punch to do the intended job.

On the surface, it seems to have everything you need. It has a ton of vitamins listed on the ingredients (although you could just take a couple of vitamin pills which cost virtually nothing).

It also contains creatine, which is converted into creatinine, something that is always found in human urine. So if you flushed it out and it isn’t there, then they can spot you’ve done something.

It also contains:

  • Burdock Root
  • Nettle leaf
  • Milk Thistle leaf
  • Uva ursi Leaf extract

Now, on the surface, that seems good. All of these things have scientifically proven evidence around them as being natural antioxidants, and natural cleansing and detoxification products.

On top of that, it contains things like magnesium and even a large amount of fruit pectin. Fruit pectin can help to produce bile because it’s high in fiber, which can draw more cannabis metabolites specifically right into the bowel.

But, and here’s the million-dollar question: are the ingredients in enough quantities, and in the right balance to flush drug toxins out and, crucially, keep your urine appearing balanced.

It’s Important To Understand Exactly What A Detox Drink Does

Before I go any further, I want to explain exactly what a detox drink does. Exactly how it works.

The misconception is that a detox drink will clear out your system of drug metabolites. You go out partying, drink the well and drink again the next day, and they miraculously vanish. That’s not what happens.

All the detox drink does is mask the toxins in your body.

First, the volume of liquid flushes you out. It means that your bladder is emptied and refreshed with another volume of liquid that doesn’t contain drug toxins.

Second, the ingredients help to flush out more toxins and you can naturally so that you go longer before fresh toxins appear in your urine.

Third, it contains things that appear in the urine. It floods the body with them so that some are passed through as waste into your urine, meaning your sample doesn’t appear unusual.

The Stuff Detox Drink Instructions

The Stuff detox instructions are pretty straightforward:

  1. Shake the bottle gently and then drink the entire contents of the bottle smoothly for about 15 minutes.
  2. Refill the bottle with water shake and drink that for about 15 minutes.
  3. Very soon, you’ll want to go to the toilet and urinate frequently. You will need to urinate three times to ensure your bladder is cleared out and the fresh urine coming in is clean.
  4. You’ll then need to submit your sample within two hours. The claim is you’ll stay clean for five hours, but that’s rare unless you have very low levels of drug toxins in your body. Exercise

Does The Stuff Detox Work To Pass A Drug Test?

The Stuff detox is very popular. They sell a ton of them. That’s because it’s available widely.

If it’s made cheaply and then pushed into stores widely, then you are going to sell them. That creates reviews and a buzz around the product.

The volume model has worked for The Stuff, just as it has for Stinger detox and QCarbo. People still claim all three of those can pass drug tests.

But does The Stuff actually work?

Well, it’s only a 20 fluid ounces bottle of ingredients. That’s not enough for a full-grown adult male to drink entire contents flush out of the body.

There aren’t enough of the ingredients for me. If you look at the proportions and the total proprietary blend volume on the ingredients list, it’s not as big as the drinks actually work.

For me, it simply cannot work to flush out all of the toxins to keep you clean to pass a test unless you are really lucky.

I tested The Stuff for this detox drink review!

  • I bought three 16 oz bottles because I was curiosity about this. I did a 24-hour detox before the day I intend to do a home drug test (I’m a daily weed smoker). During this pre cleansing period I did exercise, drink plenty of water, and ate plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • I followed the instructions and did a home drug test kit one hour after completing the cleansing program and making sure I had urinated three times.
  • I failed that drug test. So what I did then was wait a few more days and carried on smoking.
  • Then I did another 24-hour detox and then repeated the process. But what I did this time was to not drink the excess water, but instead drank two bottles of The Stuff, for a total of 40 fluid ounces of liquid that should get me clean.
  • I did a home drug test kit one hour afterward and failed. I did another 2 hours after, and it failed again.

At no point, during two tests, did I test negative using a good quality home drug test kit.

The conclusion is that for me, The Stuff detox drink simply does not work.

I’ll note here at the end of this review that I tried the classic version. There’s also an “Extra Stuff detox”. The ingredients for stuff extra one are very similar, but it seems to be lower in sugar content.

As there is no notable difference in the ingredients, and it’s the same size bottle, then I see no reason on earth why that would work either.

Here’s 2 Detox Drinks That Really Work

If you want a detox drink with a long track record, that has more than 15 years of working to pass thousands of drug tests behind it, then I have to point you towards Rescue Cleanse.

I’ve used this to pass a real drug test and I’ve tested it since then with a home drug test kit to make sure it still works for review purposes. The ingredients list is exactly the same as well. Rescue Cleanse is really high quality, and you don’t even need any excess water. You just drink the full 32oz bottle, and I’m telling you, you will get two or three hours clean to pass a drug test.

The alternative is Mega Clean. It’s not as potent as Rescue Cleanse though. However, here’s the trick to make it just as good.

You buy it from Test Clear. That way you’ll get six powerful pre-rid pills (Toxin Rid) bundled in with it for free. As long as you’ve got 24 hours before your test, you can use the pills to do in accelerated detox.

This will leave fewer toxins on the day of your test for the detox drink to deal with. Combined, Mega Clean in the pre-rid pills are just as potent as Rescue Cleanse.

The ultimate combo though, grabs yourself a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid, and bottle of Rescue Cleanse, and if you’ve got the 24 hours notice before your test, you’ll do that detox and then use extra bottle of Rescue Cleanse, to stand an incredibly strong chance of passing.

The Absolute Best Strategy To Pass A Drug Test Using Fake Urine

Detox drinks mask the toxins. They do it well if you if choose the right drink, and even better if you have the ability to do a 24-hour detox with pills beforehand. The absolute best way to pass a drug test is not The Stuff or any other type of detox drink. It’s fake urine.

For $90 you can get your hands on a Sub Solution fake urine kit (full review here).

Sub Solution has 14 chemicals in it that mimic urine. It looks, smells, and froth like urine. On top of that, you can get the temperature within the correct temperature range and keep their using the heat activator powder this included.

As long as it’s an unsupervised test, then the complexity will allow you to submit a perfect sample that is undetectable.