How Long Is Adderall In Your System? Complete Adderall Drug Test Guide

I’m going to tell you how long Adderall is in your system, even if it’s just something like 10 mg of Adderall you’re using. It’s more complex than you might think to answer though.

This is a complete guide to everything you need to know about Adderall in your system, and how to pass a drug test. I’ll cover all the basics you need to know. How long it stays in your system, the different types of Adderall, and the different types of drug tests you could face.

Then, I’ll tell you exactly how to pass both urine and oral drug tests, even with Adderall in your body, so that you never get caught out with an Adderall drug test.

In this guide I refer to the following high-quality products, should you want to check them out first:

  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink
  • Quick Luck Synthetic Urine
  • Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum
  • Toxin Rid Detox Pills

How Adderall Works

Adderall is officially prescribed for narcolepsy and ADHD symptom relief. It’s a stimulant medication that contains both amphetamine and dextroamphetamine.

It increases alertness and focus, and helps to calm the mind for ADHD users, and stimulates the mind to keep people awake with narcolepsy problems. Because of these features, Adderall is abused. It improves cognitive performance, and concentration levels, and increases your mental and physical energy.

Put all that together, and unprescribed Adderall use is widespread. But the problem is that even if used moderately, it’s going to appear on a drug test for at least a few days.

How Long Does Adderall Stay In Your System?

It’s really tough to answer how long Adderall stays in your system for. There are a ton of variations for the following reasons:

  • Health
  • Age
  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Frequency of dosing
  • Type of Adderall taken
  • Dosage being taken
  • Other drugs you are taking
  • Weight

When you read online the times Adderall stays in your system, remember that these are average times for moderate users.

What they are saying is that if you’ve taken a single dose of Adderall, then it will leave your body in X days.

For Adderall, that usually means in 72 hours, but can be up to 100 hours. But remember, that’s a single dose.

If you’re taking it more frequently, and even though it’s only got half life of 10 hours, your body never eradicates it all as you take more. This means it could take you a week to get clean, or even slightly longer if you are a daily user.

Note There Are Two Different Types Of Adderall

Remember as well, there are two different types of Adderall. The instant release and the long release versions. So when you see these average times for Adderall to stay in your system, they are talking generally about the short-release version.

When it comes to the long release, it could be released for several days after your last dose, and you don’t know exactly how long that will be.

If you’re taking this frequently, then it could be one or two weeks before you actually start testing clean.

Does Adderall Build Up In Your System?

Unfortunately, yes Adderall does build up in your system. The more you take, the more this happens.

If you aren’t in peak health, and if you’re taking other things, or if you’re not being good to your body, then these times lengthen as well.

Even though Adderall only has a short-ish half-life, regular dosing will mean that if you have been taking it regularly, and have taken in the past seven days, that you should assume you will fail a drug test.

Do Drug Tests Look Specifically For Adderall?

Drug tests don’t need to specifically look for Adderall or anything else that is similar to it. As I’ve said, it contains amphetamine. That means that any drug test that looks for the structure of amphetamines, or amphetamine metabolites, will find Adderall.

The bad news is that the amphetamine drug test panel is on every single standard drug test, from the lowest four-panel test, to the highest 14 panel test. It’s always there, so you will get caught.

How To Pass A Drug Test With Adderall In Your System

So how on earth can you pass a drug test with Adderall in your system, if you are guaranteed to be found using amphetamines?

Well, if you’ve got a prescription, just show them it and explain. If it’s legitimate then there won’t be a problem. But I’m guessing that’s not the situation you are in.

If you haven’t got a prescription, then you have a few choices for passing a urine drug test:

  • Get clean
  • Submit a fake sample
  • Mask the toxins

I’m going to talk about passing a urine drug test first. However, after that, I will cover how to pass an oral drug test with Adderall in your system as well.

1. How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

Urine drug testing is the most common type you would face, and there are three levels of scrutiny you could face:

  • Unsupervised test when nobody is near you (often in a separate room)
  • Supervised test where somebody is near you
  • Observed test where somebody is watching you

Unobserved drug testing is by far the most common, making up over 95% of drug tests done in the USA. You’ll always know in advance if you’re going to be observed in some way.

So you’ve got a variety of situations, but what can you use to avoid detection for Adderall?

Synthetic Urine

If it’s an unsupervised drug test then synthetic urine is definitely the best way of passing. A good quality synthetic urine will pretty much guarantee that you do so. However, most fake urine is awful. It’s always poor quality and complexity, and it doesn’t even look like urine let alone smell or froth like it.

Clear Choice Quick Luck is an exception. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best of the bunch and has no comparison.

Quick Luck has the following key characteristics:

  • Perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity ranges
  • Contains the right amount of creatinine
  • Contains 14 common chemicals found in urine
  • Contains the right amounts of urea and uric acid
  • Looks, froths, and even smells like urine

Not only is this advanced enough to pass modern validity checks, even the automated eCup system tests, but it will even pass the visual scrutiny of a curious human.

Better than all that, Quick Luck gets around the main reason why fake urine fails. The reason is that it’s submitted outside the correct temperature range.

Human urine exits the body within a very narrow temperature range, and legally, the sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F to be valid. Most fake urine uses heatpads to keep the sample warm. You have to heat it and then use the heatpad to maintain that temperature, which is problematic.

Quick Luck uses heat activator powder instead. No messing around with microwaves or heating the sample in advance at all.

Just before you go into the building, simply tap in about one-third, shake it until it dissolves (it’s undetectable), and watch the temperature strip. Add a little more until you get a good reading and then go in and submit your sample.

Detox Drink

Detox drinks are great for supervised/observed drug testing, or if you simply don’t have the courage to smuggle in fake urine (although I advise it).

Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drink you will find. It’s really powerful and does two things very well.

  1. Firstly, it helps the body flush out drug toxins faster than it can naturally. In doing so it takes a while for the body to catch up again. This can take several hours, and it’s the time during which you can submit fresh, clean urine. Usually, this is around 3 – 5 hours clean.
  2. Rescue Cleanse also floods your body with things found in balanced urine. A lot of this gets pushed through as waste, and even though you flush yourself out, your urine won’t be diluted because it still contains the things that it should.

Rescue Cleanse is dead simple to use. Simply drink the contents of the bottle and then urinate at least three times over the next hour. Then get to your drug test as fast as possible.

It’s not quite as guaranteed as fake urine for unsupervised drug testing but is definitely the next best option if you are facing one at short notice.

Accelerated Detoxification

If you’ve got Adderall in your system, then the best way to confidently pass a urine drug test is to be actually clean.

Sure, as explained, time will detox you. But it’s unlikely you’ll have enough time if you’re a regular user. But you can do accelerated detox using detox pills. Not the rubbish ones that you’ll see cheap online, but the best of the bunch that I’m now going to tell you about.

Toxin Rid is the pill of choice. I’ve used them to detoxify twice. They speed up the removal of toxins in your body by at least 50%, and often more if you really eat healthily, exercise, sweat, and don’t take in any other drugs or alcohol. The five, seven, or 10 day courses should be selected depending on the frequency and dosing of the Adderall you are using.

So, if you’re a moderate user of short-term Adderall, you might get away with the five day course of Toxin Rid. This should have you testing clean in just two or three days.

2. Saliva Drug Test

Saliva drug testing can be problematic because someone can walk up to you and say they are taking your sample almost immediately.

Also, this can be done by somebody at work, by the roadside, by the police, or by probation services. Basically, with a little training and the right equipment they can do it almost on the spot. The good news is that Adderall, like all drugs, doesn’t hang around in saliva for very long. At most, one or two days usually.

But again, if you are using it regularly, it will stay for a day or so longer, and this could be even longer if you’re using slow-release Adderall.

Don’t worry though, there’s an easy way around it called Oral Clear saliva-neutralizing gum.

It’s not actually even a gum, but a capsule of highly concentrated mouthwash liquid. It’s incredibly easy to use and discreet enough to hide anywhere. Pop it in your mouth and split the capsule gently between your teeth with your mouth shut. Then, use your tongue to move the concentrated liquid around the gumline and your cheeks.

Do this for as long as you can and then swallow the lot. It will keep you neutralized of all drug toxins, including amphetamines like Adderall, for up to 15 minutes.

Where To Buy The Products You Need To Pass A Drug Test

When it comes to worrying about how long as Adderall in your system, you don’t have to really worry if you know how to get around the problem.

Even with the accelerated detox, a regular daily user of Adderall will be clean in three or four days. Just be aware that the slow-release version takes longer, although it’s uncommon for people using it recreationally to bother with it.

Let’s finish up here by telling you exactly where you can buy the products I’ve just talked about:

  1. Quick Luck synthetic urine is available from Clear Choice, through their website at test negative.
  2. Rescue Cleanse detox drink is also available from Clear Choice, through their website at test negative.
  3. Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum is again also available from Clear Choice, through their website at test negative.
  4. Toxin Rid detoxification pills are available in course lengths from a single day through to 10 days in length and are available directly from Test Clear.