Toxin Rid 1 Day Review: Full Instructions & Guide – Does Toxin Rid Actually Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Even if you can’t get completely clean, Toxin Rid can help you to pass a drug test. In this Toxin Rid 1 Day review I’m going to tell you how the shortest course can help you. I’m not just going to talk about the short course lengths. This is a complete guide to using Toxin Rid to pass a drug test.

I’ll tell you how you can get completely clean using it. Give you top tips on making sure you get clean, and what to do if you can’t. We will talk about drug detection times, and realistic how long it will take you to get clean, including marijuana (which is problematic).

I’ll also cover full Toxin Rid instructions, tell you how it works, and whether you can get Toxin Rid cheap using a coupon code right now.

What Exactly Is Toxin Rid?

Toxin Rid is a course of detox pills teamed up with a detoxification liquid and high-fiber supplement. It’s been around for nearly 20 years, and has the highest feedback and success rate of any detoxification pill course available today.

It can be bought in course lengths from a single day through to the full 10 day course. You can even add additional days on top.

It can be quite confusing to know which course length to choose. But don’t worry, I’m going to go through all in detail for you in this user guide. Does Toxin Rid really work? Yes, it actually does, and I know that because I’ve used it myself to pass a drug test. But don’t just take my word for it, read on and you’ll see exactly why it’s so potent.

Here’s What You Get In Each Toxin Rid Detox Kit

Whether you buy the Toxin Rid 1 day course, or the 10 day course, you’ll get the same three components in it as follows:

  1. You’ll get the pill course. 15 pills per day. So just 15 pills in the single day course, and 150 and the 10 day course.
  2. You’ll also get a high-potency detoxification liquid. This is like a punch to the guts when you use it at the end of the course, but it’s incredibly potent at drawing out the remaining toxins.
  3. You’ll also get a high-potency fiber supplement. Packed with fiber and a mild laxative, it helps to draw cannabis metabolites into the bowel, if you’re looking to detox after marijuana use.

Even if you’re not trying to get clean for marijuana, the first two parts of the course are highly potent and better than anything else on the market for drawing toxins out of the body fast.

Toxin Rid Ingredients

Before we move on to choosing the right course length and then using it, let’s explain exactly what’s in Toxin Rid which makes it so potent.

These are the ingredients in each detox pill:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Alfalfa
  • Calcium
  • Boron
  • Iron
  • Kelp

There may be others, but those are the main ones that are mentioned. The company who makes Toxin Rid don’t publish a full list so this is based upon snippets that have been put together.

The powerful detoxification liquid contains the following:

  • Chlorine
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Lithium
  • Magnesium
  • Sulphate
  • Boron

As you can see, the detox liquid has a similar structure to the pills, but it’s far more potent in the dose that it hits your body with.

Finally, you got the fiber supplement which is used exclusively to draw metabolites from cannabis into the bowel. It contains psyllium husk powder in high density, and a very mild laxative.

As you can see, everything included is natural. It’s GMO-certified, vegan friendly, and all the ingredients have been proven to help speed up the removal of toxins from the body.

How Do I Choose The Right Course Length?

When it comes to choosing the right course length of Toxin Rid it can be confusing. Let’s clear that up for you now.

The first thing you need to know is that Toxin Rid will speed up the removal of toxins in your body by 50% or more. In some cases, around 70% faster than your body can achieve naturally.

Most drugs at moderate use stay in your body for about four or five days. Cannabis a bit longer. But the more you ramp up the doses and frequency of use, the more those toxins build up. For heavy use of most drugs, it can take up to 2 weeks to get clean.

Cannabis is the outlier here. Repeated daily cannabis use builds up so much in the body that it can take a month or more to get clean in rare cases.

So if you’re using drugs regularly, more days of the week than not, and you want to get genuinely clean, then you need the longer pill courses.

So you’re a moderate user, the middle-length courses, and if you just want to push as many toxins out of your body before the day of your test so you can mask the remaining ones with a detox drink, then the short pill courses will work.

Let’s summarize that for you here:

  • 1 – 3 day courses for partial detoxification
  • 4 – 6 day courses for full moderate detoxification
  • 7 – 10 day courses for full heavy user detoxification

So if you’re here specifically looking at how to use the Toxin Rid 1 day kit then you are looking at a partial detoxification to push out more toxins so that a detox drink on the day of your test has less to do.

Is Toxin Rid The Best Marijuana Detox Kit?

Toxin Rid is the most potent detoxification pill course you can buy. When teamed up with the detox liquid and the fiber supplement it’s unbeatable, especially for marijuana.

The pills draw toxins out of the body faster. Between 50 and 70% faster than can be achieved naturally.

Then, at the end of the pill course, the detoxification liquid really floods the body and pushes out a ton of extra toxins.

But specifically for marijuana you’ll want to use the fiber supplement. It’s really high concentration, and has a mild laxative included as well.

When you drink that, it draws cannabis metabolites into the bowel rapidly, because cannabis metabolites attach to fat cells and up to 60% of them actually exits through the bowels rather than the bladder.

So yes, in terms of targeting cannabis, it’s this three-step process helps to put Toxin Rid are above any other comparable detoxification product.

Could I Just Get Clean Naturally?

Of course you could get clean naturally, as long as you’ve got long enough time before your drug test.

If you’re a moderate user, once or twice per week, and you live relatively healthily and are in good health, then you’ll be clean in four or five days. If you’re a heavy user though, especially cannabis, it could be two weeks before you can get clean, and that’s where the problem really lays.

So yes, you can drink plenty of water, exercise, and sweat, eat lean and clean, speed up your metabolism, and get plenty of rest to allow your body to work optimally.

But that’s it, and you’re not going to shave time off those average elimination times unless you use the potency of Toxin Rid to speed up your system and draw out more toxins.

Detox Marijuana Fast: Full 24 Hour Detox Cleanse Guide

I’m going to talk you through how to pass a drug test using Toxin Rid now. I’ll focus on the one Day detox course, but the same rules apply to any of the Toxin Rid course lengths. All that changes is the number of days you are taking the pills. Everything else is identical.

Just be aware that with the Toxin Rid 1 Day detox, you’ll have to do everything on the day before your test, you can’t do it on an actual day.

Toxin Rid 1 Day Detox Instructions

  1. From the first hour you wake up, you will take three pills per hour. Each time you take three pills, you will consume them with 8 fluid ounces of water.
  2. You’ll repeat step one for the first five hours of the day, consuming all of the 15 pills included in the Toxin Rid 1 day detox course. If it was a longer pill course, you’ll just consume 15 pills per day for the length of that Toxin Rid course instead.
  3. Two hours after you finish the last three pills you are going to take the detox liquid. The first step is to mix half of it up with filtered water or orange juice. You should have an empty stomach when you do this as well.
  4. Consume half of the detox liquid you have mixed up. Then wait two hours without eating or drinking anything at all.
  5. Repeat the process with the other half of the detox liquid. Again, wait two hours without eating or drinking anything else.
  6. All the rest of the day, try and only eat fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and drink plenty of water. This is an intense cleansing process which helps to draw out the remaining toxins.
  7. The last step, that you can do a couple of hours after the last half of the detox liquid, is to mix up the dietary fiber supplement and consume that.
  8. When you drink the dietary fiber supplement make sure you drink it down smoothly and quickly in just 30 seconds. Otherwise it can congeal, and be more difficult for your body to process. Make sure you sip water continually after that for a few hours.
  9. Once you’ve done all this do a home drug test to see if you are clean. You probably won’t be unless you’ve only been taking moderate amounts of drugs in the days before this. If you’re clean, you’re fine.
  10. You probably won’t be clean though, so this step is to use Rescue Cleanse detox drink 90 minutes before your drug test. You’ll have cleaned out most of the toxins making it easier for Rescue Cleanse to work. Consume that, urinate frequently over the next hour, and then go and submit your sample within two hours to maximize your chances of passing.

Does Toxin Rid Actually Work?

I’m a regular daily weed smoker, two or three times per night after work. It would take me around two weeks to get clean, and I knew that from research.

I bought home drug test kits, and a bottle of Rescue Cleanse even though I was going to do the full 10 day detox. I was testing negative after day seven, but persisted until day 10. I tested negative on the day of my test, but decided to use Rescue Cleanse as an insurance policy anyway. I passed that drug test.

Just note that with the one Day detox, you’re unlikely to get clean. But it will push out a ton of toxins making it easier for the combo strategy of Toxin Rid pills plus a detox drink work better.

90 minutes before your test, drink a bottle of Rescue Cleanse detox drink and then urinate as frequently as you can over the next hour.

Rescue Cleanse will mask any of the few remaining toxins flowing out of your body at the time for two or three hours which is long enough for you to submit a clean sample in.

But please do the longest course you can with the time you have. If it’s three days your test, don’t be complacent and just use a single day course, go for the three-day course and still then do home drug tests, and use Rescue Cleanse just before you leave to maximize your chances of passing.

Toxin Rid User Reviews

Toxin Rid user reviews are usually very positive, and over 20 years it’s massively positive that so many people, thousands each year, use it successfully to pass drug tests.

I’m not going to paste in a load reviews here, but I will paste in one that highlights a particular aspect of Toxin Rids benefits:

“I am a heavy guy, 250;bs in fact. Smoking weed daily means I’m stacked up for weeks and I knew that I wouldn’t get clean easy but Toxin Rid did the job. Use the 10 day course and tested negative on home drug test on days eight, nine, and 10. Incredible stuff and pass the test like a dream!”

Toxin Rid Side Effects & Warnings

Toxin Rid can be intense. It can give you a stomach upset, and make you feel queasy. You shouldn’t be sick though, and its completely natural ingredients mean there’s no worries.

You will see a ton of stuff coming out of your body. Your urine and stools can change color in the first couple of days you use it.

The only real warning is that because it removes things from your body so fast, it can be tiring and leave you dehydrated with some vitamin and mineral loss. This isn’t a problem for most people, and you can top up with a multivitamin if you feel you need to.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or you have an underlying health condition, then you shouldn’t really be using Toxin Rid.

Is There Are Toxin Rid Coupon Code?

At the time of writing this there is not a working Toxin Rid coupon code available, and I don’t know of one that’s been around in the past couple of years either. To be honest, it’s not a high price to pay, and it’s such a great product with a good track record that they don’t really need to discount anyway.

The only thing I can suggest is joining the mailing list on the Test Clear website in the hope that they will pump out a Toxin Rid discount code to you at some stage.

Where To Buy Toxin Rid: Toxin Rid Near Me?

Don’t bother doing the Toxin Rid near me search on Google, because you won’t find it locally.

In fact, online, I wouldn’t recommend you buy it from marketplace sites like Amazon or eBay either. They will always be fakes because only a few trusted resellers are available.

As with all specialist products, they are best bought from the people who make them. You’ll know it’s quality and original, and you’ll usually get the best price anyway.

Best Place To Buy Toxin Rid Detox Courses

Undoubtedly, the best place to buy Toxin Rid from is direct from Test Clear. You’ll know you’re getting the real deal, and they offer the best prices and freebies anyway.

No matter what course length you select, you’ll get a free drug test kit. So say you are trying to get rid of marijuana, you’ll get a free $10 marijuana home drug test bundled in. You can also buy additional ones for any type of drug from Test Clear.

Make sure you get a few of those home drug test kits in stock, so that you can test yourself towards the end of your course, and on the day of your test. Three or four is usually enough.

In terms of pricing the courses themselves, they really are pretty affordable:

  • Toxin Rid 1 day detox $54.95
  • Toxin Rid 5 Day detox $109.95
  • Toxin Rid 10 day detox $189.95

In each kit you’ll get the detox liquid and the fiber supplement. The only thing that changes as you pay more money for the additional days on top of the first is more pills (150 pills in the 10 day supplement).

Rescue Cleanse is the most potent detox drink on the market. You’ll need that if you’re doing the combo strategy of getting rid of as many toxins as you can on the day before your test with the Toxin Rid 1 day course, so that there is less work for Rescue Cleanse to do on the day of your test.

Rescue Cleanse is available to buy from clear choice direct. It only costs $55, but is definitely the best detox drink for your money.

If you want to get everything from the same place, direct from Test Clear, then the next best detox drink is called Mega Clean. That costs $69.95 and you can buy it with the Toxin Rid course, which will save you postage costs.