Detox Drinks For Drug Test: Amazon, Walgreens & CVS – Do They Sell Good Drug Detox Kits?

Finding the best detox drink to pass a drug test can be tough with so much bad information out there.

What I’m going to do in this complete guide is quickly tell you how to find the best drinks to pass a drug test, and if drinks from Amazon, Walgreens, and CVS are among the best.

Plus, I will talk about some other detox drink options that aren’t sold at those big retailers. Sure, you can’t grab them as quickly, but with a little preparation, they will be better at passing a drug test.

On top of all that, I will tell you exactly how a drug detox drink works, and what it can’t do for you. Put all this together, and it’s everything you need to know about using detox drinks to pass a drug test in just five minutes.

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How Drug Toxins Work In The Body

When people talk about drug toxins, they are mostly talking about metabolites. These are cell-sized waste products that are formed, or leftover, from the body processing the active ingredients in any drug.

So, for example, with cannabis, the main active ingredient is, as you probably know, THC. The main metabolite, the waste product created after you get high, is THC-NOOH. Although cannabis has more than 80 waste product metabolites, it’s this main metabolite and THC itself which are detectable by drug tests.

So whatever you take, something in it is going to be detectable on a drug test, whether it’s the active ingredient, or one or more metabolites (toxins).

When you get high on drugs, they are processed and then work their way out of the body from your bloodstream, through your kidneys and liver, then out through your skin (not much this way) and your stools, but mainly through urine.

The Misconception About Cleansing Drinks: How They Work In The Body

When people talk about detoxification, the assumption is that they are talking about removing all of those toxins, including the active ingredient, from your body so that you are clean and undetectable.

Let’s clear up that misconception right now. It’s impossible to completely clean out the body in 24 hours or less, and often even with several days to do so.

If you’re a really light user, like once a week at a moderate dose, then sure, after two or three days, you’re going to test clean.

If you’re a regular user though, even two or three times per week at higher doses, then you are going to be detectable for quite some time. For chronic use of drugs like meth, cannabis, or whatever, it can take over a week to get clean.

Detox drinks or “cleansing drinks” are not miracle potions. They do not have the ability to remove all the drug toxins from your body.

This is how drug detox drinks to pass drug tests actually work in the body:

  1. The body is flooded with liquid. This makes you urinate more, which empties the bladder. This liquid isn’t water though, it’s smart because it’s filled with other things.
  2. The first things in this smart liquid are diuretics which help to push more urine out of the body. This cleans out the toxin-filled urine in your bladder and gets urine passing into it through your liver and kidneys faster.
  3. The second thing this smart liquid does is draw out more toxins at a faster rate than can be achieved naturally. So you are urinating more, and that urine will contain more toxins. This creates a gap of several hours between what’s just been removed and fresh toxins coming into your urine. This is the clean zone, the gap you have created where your urine is clean and your body hasn’t caught up with processing yet, that allows you to submit a clean sample within. But the heavy users, and can be as little as two hours long.
  4. These smart detox drinks also flood the body with things found in urine. Because of the high quantities consumed, some of this is passed through as waste into your urine. Because they are balanced in the way they flood the body, the fresh urine is not only toxin-free but appears to be unadulterated because it contains the things urine should within the balance ranges it should.

So overall, a detox drink will flush out all the toxins fast and create a gap during which will be clean. It will also keep your urine appearing natural because it won’t appear adulterated or diluted.

But, it’s just a temporary masking agent. Once your body processes more waste through the kidneys, any toxin still in the body will start to pass into your urine again.

Therefore, do not think a detox drink is going to permanently flush out the toxins. Within a handful of hours at most, you’re going to test positive again. But it is a small window of opportunity that you have to be switched on to use properly.

Using Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test For Supervised Drug Testing

I’ll be honest, the best way to pass a standard unsupervised drug test, where you will be in a different room to the person administering the test, or at least behind a screen, is to use fake urine. It’s easy to use, and the complex modern formula is will fool everything but the most advanced scrutiny.

If you just don’t want to smuggle in a fake sample, or it is going to be a supervised test, then it’s not an option though.

Also, you could be in a situation where you don’t know if it’s going to be observed. For example, if a previously submitted sample fails, when you go back to resubmit, it could be supervised. Legally, that’s the case but it doesn’t always happen.

That’s where detox drinks for drug tests from Amazon, and more specialist retailers, are the only tool available.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

Before I go on to tell you how to use them, and which are the worst and best brands you can buy, let’s answer this key question: do detox drinks work?

The answer is yes. But there are several caveats with how effectively they do so:

  • The number of drugs you take
  • Your metabolism
  • Your age and other factors
  • Time to prepare before your test
  • Quality of the detox drink
  • Sensitivity of the test you are facing

Let me tell you there are a lot of bad quality detox drinks out there. Unfortunately, most of them are actually sold by Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, GNC, and CVS. I’ll go through each store in detail in a moment, as you can compare what’s out there to see the best and worst.

But, with the right drink, the right preparation, and some luck, a good quality detox drink will pass a drug test.

Ways You Can Enhance Your Chances Of A Detox Drink Working

Whichever detox drink you buy, otherwise known as a drug detox kit if it contains a combo of pills and liquid, the process is pretty much the same:

  1. You’ll drink/take whatever it is supplied when you buy the product.
  2. You may have to drink some additional water. If you are asked to drink more than the total volume of liquid contained in the original product, that’s a huge red flag warning that it’s a poor-quality detox drink that could dilute your sample.
  3. You’ll urinate as frequently as possible during and after. Over an hour, at least four times. That cleans out the old toxins fast and allows fresh urine that is free of toxins to flood into your bladder. You need to then get to the test location and submit a clean sample as fast as you can.

To enhance your chances of passing, the biggest thing you can do is to complete an accelerated natural detox for as many days as possible before your test.

Sometimes, this is impossible if you are facing a drug test at short notice, but often you’ll get at least a couple of days’ notice.

Even a single 24-hour period of abstinence, drinking plenty of water, sweating, eating small and lean meals, eating fatty foods if it’s cannabis you are trying to hide, and getting plenty of rest, can allow your body to get rid of a lot more toxins.

You’ll then accelerate this with a course of detox pills. Toxin Rid is the best of the bunch.

Toxin Rid will eliminate far more toxins. In my experience, it will get you clean 50% quicker.

Just 24 hours of full detoxification will push a ton of toxins. That leaves far less on the day of your test, which means the detox drink has less work to do, and there will be a longer gap between fresh toxins being processed and appearing in your urine again. For a detailed Toxin Rid review, click here. You can purchase it straight from the manufacturer.

waays to clean yoour systemDrug Detox Kits Walgreens – Weed Detox

Drug detox kits at Walgreens are very limited. Let me tell you, you are pretty much wasting your time trying to look for professional-grade detoxification products through Walgreens. Virtually every product is low quality or designed for ongoing detoxification alongside the clean living. They are not designed for a short, sharp, shock of ingredients that draw out drug toxins.

The only detox drink of any note that they sell is Qcarbo. Right now, they don’t even sell the large 32 fluid ounce size, they only sell the small QCarbo16 version.

So don’t look for drug detox kits through Walgreens. Detox drinks, and pills, all of them are completely pointless and a waste of money.

This is the same for weed detox Walgreens products as well. Those detox kits are marketed as targeting cannabis metabolites. Although this is partly possible, I’ve never seen a kit that contains enough of the ingredients needed to draw more cannabis metabolites out through the bowels.

Walgreens detox kit

Drug Detox Kits CVS

Detox drinks from CVS suffer exactly the same problems and limitations as those from Walgreens.

Most of them are absolute rubbish. They are poor-quality products that aren’t going to do much at all, and will only work for the long term over several weeks alongside a natural detox. Again, the only detox drink of any quality is QCarbo. Unlike Walgreens, they do sell the full 32 fluid ounce version, which you really need regardless of your toxin intake or body size.

But other than that, it’s another detoxification kit wasteland. Just like Walgreens, CVS is not the place to buy a detox kit capable of passing a drug test.

CVS drug detox kit

Drug Detox Kits GNC

GNC has another large range of detox cleanse products. However, in common with all the other major retailers, they are mostly awful quality or designed for long term cleansing.

GNC do sell three detox drinks that are capable of passing a drug test:

  • QCarbo 16
  • QCarbo 32
  • Ultra Eliminex

None of these are very good. Ultra Eliminex is the best of the bunch by considerable distance though.

Ultra Eliminex was the strongest detox drink on the market when it launched, and I used it to pass a drug test three years ago.

However, a lot of people have said the Ultra Eliminex has failed them. I looked at the ingredients list and compared it to old images online of the original ingredients label, and it’s definitely different.

So, even Ultra Eliminex isn’t good enough anymore. It’s the best option you have from GNC for drug detox kits, but it’s not a quality product any longer

Drug Detox Kits Amazon

As the biggest retailer in the world, you’d think Amazon would sell every type of detox drink and you should be spoiled for choice at the best prices.

Unfortunately, detox drinks for drug tests on Amazon are actually a bit of a minefield. For a start, there are a lot of out-of-date products for sale there, and a lot of fake products.

Secondly, some of the specialist products simply aren’t available on general retail sites, they are only available from specialist sellers.

They do sell a wide range of names people recognize. Stinger, Ultra Eliminex, QCarbo, the Detoxify range, High Voltage Detox, and even Rescue Ice Detox.

Out of all, the only one I would trust is Detoxify Mega Clean. However, it’s not the best place to buy it because there is a much better combo deal available elsewhere. I will tell you were at the end of this guide.

Overall though, Amazon is the best of the bunch of the main retailers. You can get drug detox kits, detox pills, and detox drinks that do have some track record.

But they are not the best ones to buy. In terms of detox pills, Toxin Rid is really the only one you should be looking at, and in terms of detox drinks, there are really only two right now which have the potency and the track record to pass consistently.

Detox Drinks For Drug Test Amazon

Avoid These Brand Name Detox Drinks

To steer you away from the bad-quality drug detox kits at Walgreens and similar places that sell, let’s give you the brand names I’ve tested using home drug test kits over the past few years, and which I found just don’t really work consistently.

These are the detox drinks for drug tests I do not recommend buying from Amazon, or anywhere else:

  • Stinger Detox Range
  • High Voltage Detox (including double flush and five day flush)
  • Qcarbo 16 & 32
  • Ultra Eliminex
  • Rescue Detox Ice
  • All Smaller Detoxify Products
  • The Stuff Detox
  • Champ Detox
  • Omni Detox Range
  • Herbal Clean Q Caps Detox Kit
  • Zydot Original Detox

None of the above have a really good track record. Some of them are okay, and if you can get a couple of days to detoxify your body before the test, then you could pass. They are far better than nothing.

But overall, getting detox drinks for drug test from Amazon is a poor strategy, as it is from the other big retailers I’ve mentioned.

amazon detox drinks

The Top Two Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test

Now I’ve covered the good, bad, and ugly available detox drinks for a drug test from Amazon, Walgreens, and other big retailers, let’s look at the great detox options that I’ve used to pass drug tests, and can recommend.

Not only have I used both of these to pass real part-time retail job pre-employment drug tests, but I know other people who have passed even more important ones with these products. Drug detox drinks work if you get the right ones, and you try and do a natural detox before the day of your test (if you’ve got time).

So let’s talk you through the best detox drinks on the market, and what the best strategy is for using them in a full guide/review of each.

  1. Mega Clean – Detox Drink Available On Amazon

I’ve put Mega Clean as number one, even though it’s a slightly weaker detox drink than Rescue Cleanse, my second recommendation.

The reason I put it is the number one choice is due to one simple fact. If you buy it from Test Clear, they will bundle in a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid pre-rid pills free.

So you are getting not only a good quality detox drink but the ability to do accelerated 24-hour detox before your test as well. Combined, that’s highly potent and pretty much your best chance of passing a drug test.

Mega Clean instructions are pretty straightforward:

  1. Do a 24-hour detox and accelerate it using the pre-rid pills.
  2. 90 minutes before your test, drink the detox drink smoothly over 15 minutes.
  3. Refill the bottle and drink the extra water over 15 minutes as well.
  4. From the 90 minutes start time, over the next hour, urinate at least three times and preferably four times to make sure the toxins are pushed out.
  5. You’ve then got about 30 minutes to get your test. Get there and submit your sample promptly to stand the best chance of submitting a clean sample.

On its own, Mega Clean is second best. But if you can do the 24-hour detox with the accelerated pre-rid pills, it’s the most potent combo you can get right now. You can purchase it from

  1. Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse is my second choice here, but only when put up against Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills. If you just want the absolute best quality detox drink with the best chance of getting clean on its own, then Rescue Cleanse is the one.

Rescue Cleanse is not one of the detox drinks for drug tests from Amazon, Walgreens, or anywhere else. It’s not available from anyone other than Test Negative, home of the Clear Choice detox range which includes Sub Solution (the best fake urine you can buy).

The instructions for using Rescue Cleanse are even more straightforward than Mega Clean:

  1. Do a 24-hour detox. Use a 24-hour course on Toxin Rid. If you don’t have time to do this, Rescue Cleanse can still work though. It’s that powerful.
  2. 90 minutes before your test time, drink the contents of the bottle smoothly for over 15 minutes. That’s it, it’s so concentrated and potent that there’s no need for additional water either. But they do say that you can drink an additional 8 fluid ounces if you want.
  3. Urinate at least three times in the next 30 – 45 minutes.
  4. Rescue Cleanse can give up to 5 hours clean, but it’s likely to be closer to 3 hours if you are a heavy weed smoker or another drug user. Get there fast and submit your sample.

Conclusion: Don’t Buy Detox Drinks For Drug Tests From Amazon Or Other Major Retailers

Rescue Cleanse costs just $55 from Test Negative. Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills bundled in free costs $69.99 from Test Clear. The absolute best combo is rescue cleanse from Test Negative and a full 24-hour course of Toxin Rid pills from Test Clear.

But, from a single specialist retailer, the Mega Clean and pre-rid pills bundled is the overall most potent, but only if you get time to do the 24-hour detox the day before your test.

My final word of advice here is to always buy a second bottle of whichever drink you choose, and also a couple of home drug test kits.

Just before you leave to submit your sample, do a test. If it fails, drink the contents of the second bottle, urinate once, and then do a second test.

That way, you’ll know you are definitely clean, and you’ll have the reassurance that you can confidently get to the testing facility fast and submit a clean sample. If you are still not clean, use synthetic urine, it always works if the test is unsupervised, for more info on synthetic urine, check my detailed guide.