Triage Advocate – Americorp

Centre County Women’s Resource Center
Job Description: DV/SA Triage Advocate
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Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide services to victims of domestic and sexual violence who access services via phone and in-person at the CCWRC State College location.  Services include:
  • Crisis counseling;
  • Emergency legal advocacy;
  • In-person information and referral;
  • Case management;
  • Hotline response;
  • Personal advocacy;
  • Support to shelter residents;
  • Telephone contact information and referral;
  • Assist with emergency financial assistance;
  • Criminal justice support/advocacy;
  • Support groups, as needed;
  • Maintain case logs for client contact;
  1. Provide information and referral services to callers and visitors to the CCWRC in State College.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain open communication with CCWRC staff to coordinate efforts meeting the needs of CCWRC clients;
  2. Participate with Staff and Team meetings, in-service sessions and professional development sessions; maintain current knowledge for best practices with job performance.
  3. As needed, share responsibility for 24 hour services provided via the hotline.
  4. As needed, serve as SART responder.
  5. Maintain client confidentiality.
  6. Is under supervision of the CAS Director and meets regularly for supervision; coordinates closely with reception staff to assure continual response to clients and the public during the 9-5 work day.
  7. Other duties, as needed.


Completion of the Centre County Women’s Resource Center Volunteer Advocate training.  Degree in counseling, social work, or related field and/or experience in the provision of direct services to women and children.  A strong commitment to providing quality services to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence survivors.  Strong daily commitment to:

  • the provision of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault services with a feminist perspective;
  • the struggle against ageism, classism, racism, ableism, homophobia and heterosexism;
  • support and involve people of all racial, social, ethnic, religious, cultural and economic groups;
  • must meet qualifications and receive Act 33 and 34 clearances

Must have a valid PA driver license and be approved to drive the CCWRC van;    Hours worked per week: 40


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