Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Reviews Are Wrong! Here’s The Truth: Does Quick Fix Work?

If you’re looking to pass a drug test with fake urine, then Quick Fix is one of the first products you’ll hear about. But are Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine reviews accurate?

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know right now. Not only to answer the question around does Quick Fix work, but also how to use it if you decide it’s the brand for you. Plus, I’ll also talk about passing a drug test generally, both supervised and unsupervised, with fake urine and other methods.

I’ll also compare Quick Fix to other brands, both good and bad, including this top brand on the market right now: Clear Choice Quick Luck premium synthetic urine

So sit back, because in the next five minutes, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Quick Fix 6.3 passing and failing, how to use it, and even a Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit review.

How Complex Does Fake Pee Have To Be To Pass A Drug Test?

Fake pee doesn’t actually have to be very complex to pass a drug test. There’s a misconception that it has to completely mimic urine or the sample will be detected as fake.

Thinking that fundamentally misunderstands how drug testing works. Here’s how your sample would be analyzed:

  1. Step one is to ensure that the temperature is within the correct range for human urine. Human urine actually exits the body within a very narrow temperature range, and legally, to allow for two minutes of cooling, any sample between 90°F 100°F is legal. So it’s essential that Quick Fix, or whatever brand you use, has a reliable heat maintenance method.
  2. Step two is validity checks. This is where they look at the composition of the urine. But surprisingly, they don’t look for much:
  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Creatinine
  • Ph range
  • Specific gravity range
  • Whether adulterants like nitrates are present
  • Sometimes other chemicals look for
  1. Step three is the urinalysis. That’s where they test the sample for drugs. If a human is doing the test, then the sample also has to look like urine (and potentially froth and smell like it). But with the modern eCup system that companies like LabCorp and Quest increasingly use, even that’s not as relevant now.

So as you can see, it’s not a complete analysis of the composition of the urine. Therefore, Quick Fix doesn’t have to be that complex either.

How Complex Is Quick Fix Urine?

Let me be clear, Quick Fix is a very basic formula though. It really only contains the basics that *could* get it through the validity checks:

  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Contains correct amount of creatinine
  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity range
  • “Sort of” looks like urine

Let’s address the last point first. Quick Fix sort of looks like real urine when you look at it, but when you hold it up to the light it’s not quite as convincing.

It doesn’t froth like urine when you shake it, and it doesn’t smell like urine either. So the curious lab tech who suspects something would visually work out it was fake in about four seconds.

In terms of the complexity, it should be enough to get you through validity checks. But that’s only if they do the pure basics. Although they don’t state it, the companies must look for more, even just one or two other ingredients, otherwise literally any fake urine could fool the system, and that’s simply not the case.

Overall, Quick Fix is not particularly complex, and won’t get past any additional checking during validity checks, or any level of human scrutiny.

Why Quick Fix 6.3 Can Fail: The Biocide Problem

About five years ago a lot of fake urine brands suddenly started to fail more frequently. It became a very frequent reporting on knowledgeable forums and places like Reddit. The suspicion fell on preservatives. It stood to reason that there must be a common footprint they were looking for during validity checks that ruled out a ton of different brands.

It was discovered that biocides were often for preservatives in many brands. Biocides are used in many household products to extend the life. However, although Quick Fix is a very limited formula, and in terms of the Quick Fix 6.3 fail problem, one of the reasons for failing is not biocide preservatives.

Spectrum Labs, the company that makes Quick Fix, have stated that Quick Fix definitely does not use biocides to preserve it.

What Is Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus?

People keep looking for Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine reviews, wondering what the Plus product is all about. It’s confusing, and I don’t understand why the company called it “Plus” in the first place.

A standard box of premixed Quick Fix urine costs around $35. You’ll get 2 fluid ounces for your money.

Quick Fix Plus is exactly the same urine, exactly the same product, but you get 3 fluid ounces instead.

So the “plus” part of the name literally just refers to the fact that you get more volume of liquid, and does not mean it’s a better quality of urine.

How To Use Quick Fix To Pass A Drug Test

Let’s talk you through the instructions you’ll need to follow to use Quick Fix to try and pass a drug test.

These are the instructions for the standard Quick Fix urine, not for the Quick Fix Pro Belt. I’m going to review that for you in a moment.

This is how to use Quick Fix urine:

  1. Quick Fix is conveniently premixed, so it’s a liquid that you don’t have to hydrate (some fake urine comes as a powder that you have to add filtered water to). So you simply shake the bottle gently, open the lid, and place in a microwave.
  2. Microwave it for 30 seconds. Take out, shake it gently again, and then watch the temperature strip for 60 seconds.
  3. If you’re not getting a reading on the temperature strip, put it into the microwave for another 15 seconds and repeat the process until you do. You need to get the temperature as close to the top of the strip as possible, but without going over it as you again wouldn’t get a reading.
  4. Quick Fix uses a heating pad to maintain the temperature. Activate that before you start the microwave process, and then when it’s in the correct temperature range, apply it to the bottle. It’s not self-adhesive, and for me, the included elastic band is a joke. Use good-quality tape to securely attach it to the side of the bottle.
  5. Tuck the bottle into your underwear, put on baggy jogging bottoms to disguise the fact you are carrying it, and then go and submit your sample. Because it’s an unsupervised test you might be patted down, but they can’t fully search you and will touch you intimately.

Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit Review

On the surface, the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit seems like a great deal. It’s not much more expensive than Quick Fix Plus ($10 more), and you get 4 fluid ounces of urine.

Also, you get an incognito belt you strap around your waist. The sample is contained in a pouch on this belt.  It has a tube and tap dispenser attached to it, so you can simply pop that out, turn the tap, and dispense the urine in a natural position.

It looks secure, discreet, and because it’s distributed around your body it will stay close to human body temperature as well.

You also get a heatpad to attach to the pouch of premixed urine, so that you can help to ensure it stays warm enough to mimic human urine.

But here’s the thing.

Why would you bother using it for an unsupervised drug test? You’ll be behind a screen, or in a different room. Nobody is going to be looking at you, so why do you need to dispense in a natural position, and why mess around with something that is more complex than a simple plastic bottle of liquid?

The truth is it’s designed for observed/supervised drug testing. That’s when someone will be in the room with you, and rarely, even looking at you.

Get serious here. There’s not a chance in hell that you’ll be able to get the tap dispenser out, and dispense the urine and a natural position without being seen.

These kits are a gimmick, and they are dangerous. They convince people that they can pass a drug test when they can’t. You shouldn’t use fake urine for a supervised test at all, let alone a stupid tap and tube dispenser that will be obvious the minute you try and use it.

How Does Quick Fix 6.3 Fake Pee Stack Up Against The Competition?

When it comes to competition for Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine, when you read synthetic urine reviews, you’ll read all of them are brilliant (or terrible depending on the agenda of the reviewer).

But basically, they fall into three camps:

  1. Fake urine products that are worse than Quick Fix
  2. Fake urine products that around the same as Quick Fix
  3. Fake urine that is better than Quick Fix

In terms of fake urine products that are worse, these are definitely the ones to avoid:

  • Urine Luck Urine
  • U Pass Synthetic Urine
  • Magnum Synthetic Urine
  • Synthetix5 Fake pee
  • X Stream Fake Urine
  • Ultra Pure Fake Urine

Some of them are so bad (like Magnum), that they don’t even have the minimum ingredients. Magnum didn’t even include uric acid in the premixed urine.

Magnum detox actually started adding a separate vial of uric acid into the product box you mix with it. This was a few years back, when it was unsellable because people realized it was utterly useless without uric acid.

In terms of brands that are similar to Quick Fix in quality, then we are mainly talking about the Monkey Whizz (Monkey Flask) range.

Similar in price, almost identical in composition, and looking very similar to Quick Fix, they are also pretty unconvincing nowadays, and stand about the same chance of passing.

So what’s out there that is better than Quick Fix?

What’s going to actually pass a drug test, when it must be getting obvious now that Quick Fix is a complete gamble?

Enter Quick Luck.

Quick Fix Vs Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck is the premium brand from Clear Choice. Clear Choice has a huge pedigree in the drug test avoidance product market, also making Rescue Cleanse detox drink, and Oral Clear saliva-neutralizing gum.

Let’s do a comparison of Quick Fix Vs Quick Luck, so you can see how these are so different.

Here are the attributes of Quick Luck:

  • Perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity range
  • contains right proportion creatinine
  • contains right proportions of urea and uric acid
  • contains a total of 14 common chemicals found in urine
  • looks, froths, and even smells like urine
  • doesn’t rely on a heat pad

compared to Quick Fix, Quick Luck (don’t get them confused), is a different universe.

It’s like comparing a Bugatti to a Toyota Prius, and concluding that both are just as good because they are both cars. It’s expensive, costing $100. But you get exactly what you pay for, just as you do with a car.

It’s complex, and will definitely pass all standard validity checks because it contains everything they look for, and things they might look for.

Compared to Quick Fix working, Quick Luck just stands a far better chance because it will pass the checks. Plus, it doesn’t just look like urine, but it also smells like it and froths like it. If the lab tech person gets curious, Quick Luck will fool them.

In addition, it doesn’t rely on a heat pad that can fail. That’s one of the big problems with these cheap brands.

Quick Luck uses heat activator powder. You don’t need to prepare the sample at all, simply take it along to the venue, and just before you go in, tap in about one-third.

You shake the bottle until it dissolves, and watch for the temperature rise. If you don’t get a reading, tap in a little more until you do. That’s it, it’s foolproof, it’s complex, and it’s 10 times better than Quick Fix or any of the other budget brands.

Review Conclusion: Does Quick Fix Work?

Does Quick Fix work? The answer is yes and no.

Quick Fix used to work because drug testing was more basic. In this digitalized technological age, things have moved on dramatically.v Not only has drug testing become more complex and accurate, but you’ve now got the digitalized eCup system to contend with, that automatically analyses samples.

You might get lucky; Quick Fix might work if it doesn’t get caught by the checks. Quick Fix might work if you can keep the sample within the correct temperature range, but that heatpad could fail.

Overall, Quick Fix working is a gamble though. It’s tossing a coin time and hoping it comes up heads.

Will Quick Fix 6.3 fail? It’s a 50-50, and it’s a gamble I would be prepared to take any longer, not when you have Quick Luck that’s just head and shoulders above it in terms of safety

Where To Buy Clear Choice Quick Luck Fake Pee Instead

Unlike Quick Fix, which is available from a myriad of dodgy outlets, you can only buy Quick Luck direct from Clear Choice.

It’s available right now for $100 with rapid delivery. You can order it through their website at test negative.

The only circumstances under which I would recommend Quick Fix synthetic urine is if you literally cannot get your hands on Quick Luck, which is pretty rare, but if you’re in a big city court at the last minute, then it could be your only choice.

If you’ve got even three or four days before your drug test, place your order for Quick Luck now, and don’t go near the lottery of using Quick Fix or any of the other poor quality, low-cost, old formula, synthetic urine products.

What Can I Do If The Drug Test Is Supervised?

If the drug test is supervised/observed, then as I’ve stated earlier, you can’t use synthetic urine anyway.

Clear Choice also sell Rescue Cleanse. It’s a good quality detox drink that will flush out the toxins, and give you a clear zone of around three or four hours during which a urine will not contain drug metabolites.

For $50, it’s a great way to pass the observed test, not as efficient as synthetic urine, but your only option if you are going to be under closer scrutiny.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine FAQ

Let’s finish this review of Quick Fix 6.3 by answering some of the frequently asked questions that I get in regard to it, and using fake urine drug testing generally.

Does Quick Fix Expire?

Quick Fix does expire. It has a shelf life of two years. The box is stamped with the expiry date as well. You can even batch check it using the batch number on the Quick Fix website to check it’s genuine and in date.

However, I wouldn’t advise pushing Quick Fix that far, as any deterioration is going to be detected.

Can Quest Diagnostics Detect Quick Fix Urine?

Quick Fix can detect fake urine if that fake urine doesn’t pass the detection. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, is whether Quest diagnostics, LabCorp, whoever, manages to spot it.

They would spot it during validity checks, under human scrutiny, and if it went through gas chromatography – mass spectrometry full analysis (rare).

But overall, you just have to weigh up the risk of being found out. Quick Fix is a poor formula, that doesn’t really look like urine, and uses a heatpad that can fail. Compared to Quick Luck, the premium brand, its chances of failure on massively increased.

How To Use Quick Fix Without A Microwave?

It’s not tough to use Quick Fix later microwave, so you will have to put a little more thought and effort into it.

If you live in a warm climate, or you’re in a warm building, then you can just activate the heat pad, attach it, tuck it into your underwear so it’s close to your body, and let that work to raise the temperature. But it will have to work hard, and it can take up to an hour depending on the ambient temperature.

An alternative is obviously a heat source. An airing cupboard, hot air outlet, car, direct sunlight, or hot water (from a tap or flask).

Does Quick Fix Work For Urine Analysis?

Quick Fix 6.3 can work to pass urinalysis, but its chances are increasingly slim. The formula is not advanced, it doesn’t really look like urine, and the heat pad is poor and can fail.

How Long Is Quick Fix Good For After Opening?

Fake urine should not be left open for long before using it, especially not in a warm environment. There’s no reason to open it before you going to use it, but if you do, then keep it in a fridge and don’t leave it in there for more than four hours.

At ambient room temperature, especially in a warm climate or environment, even a couple of hours is going to start to spoil it and it could affect its readings during a drug test.

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test?

Most fake urine products come with a heat pad that helps to keep it within the correct temperature range up to the point you submit it.

However, heat pads fail, and I would always recommend you use Sub Solution or Quick Luck from Clear Choice. They use heat activator powder, which is almost instant, and can be used just before you submit the sample to ensure it’s within the correct range.

How To Smuggle Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test?

Synthetic urine is only suitable for an unsupervised drug test. They may take your coat and bag, and they may pat you down generally. They can’t touch you intimately though.

Therefore, the best way of smuggling a sample in is to wear two pairs of underwear. Tuck the sample between them, and put on baggy jogging bottoms. That way it’s not going to be seen, and they can’t touch you there.

What Are The Best Synthetic Urine Brands?

Sub Solution and Quick Luck are by far and away the best synthetic urine brands on the market today. Complex in formula, they look, froth, and smell like urine, and they use heat activator powder which gives you complete control over the sample temperature.