Executive Director

Centre County Women’s Resource Center
Job Description: Executive Director
Draft Revised 1/2/12

General Description: Responsible for the implementation of the philosophy, vision and mission of the Centre County Women’s Resource Center (CCWRC).  Serves as Chief Development Officer.  Oversees all functions of the CCWRC including planning, directing and evaluating programs, funding and personnel.


General Administrative

  1. Administer the effective implementation of all programs at the CCWRC.
  2. Assure compliance with, and implementation of, all external (i.e., funding sources, state laws) and internal regulations and policies.
  3. Guide the public presentation of the CCWRC, including fundraising activities, media outreach, and interaction with outside agencies and organizations, in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Team Directors.

Financial Development

  1. Initiate and conduct a Capital Campaign for the CCWRC Endowment Fund including:
  • Identification and development of Campaign leadership;
  • Development of Campaign timeline and goals;
  • Major donor identification; and
  • Planning and participation in Campaign events.
  1. Stewardship and cultivation of major donors and major donor prospects, including corresponding with/visiting donors, identifying donor interests, responding to questions/requests/issues. Create solicitation plans for each major donor identified.


  1. Provide direct supervision and evaluate the performance of the Assistant Executive Director, the Director of Administration/Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Outreach and Communications, the Development Assistant, and special project Directors (Civil Legal Representation Project, the Child Access Center).
  2. Participate in the hiring process and final hiring decisions for all staff.
  3. Assure that appropriate policies and procedures are followed for all paid and volunteer staff.

Fiscal Management

  1. In collaboration with the Director of Administrative Services/Chief Financial Officer, develop the annual budget for the CCWRC.
  2. In collaboration with the Board of Directors and the staff, develop and implement long- and short-range strategic plans to address the on-going financial needs of the CCWRC.

Program Planning

  1. In collaboration with staff and Board of Directors, develop long- and short-term strategic plans for CCWRC programs.
  2. Monitor and evaluate program effectiveness.
  3. Recommend program development to the Board of Directors and implement approved programs and changes. 

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Serve as the public spokesperson for the CCWRC, in collaboration with the Director of Education and Outreach.
  2. Facilitate public involvement in CCWRC programs and foster legislation supporting all aspects of CCWRC programs.
  3. Serve as the CCWRC’s delegate to the Board of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV).
  4. Coordinate and present a written monthly report to the Board of Directors (including statistics, services and activities of the CCWRC).
  5. Coordinate and present an annual report for the Board of Directors.
  6. Recommend needed revisions in policy or procedure to the Board of Directors.
  7. Establish and maintain alliances with appropriate community agencies, and other contacts that will lead to potential collaboration or future funding opportunities.
  8. Maintain current knowledge in the field and attend seminars/workshops to increase professional knowledge and effectiveness.
  9. Assume any additional duties as designated by the Board of Directors.


Experience as an administrator/manager in a human services delivery organization.  BA or BS degree (an advanced degree is preferred) in social services, human services, public administration, management or a related field.  Experience in developing and managing budgets.  Successful record in development and fundraising, including grant writing and grant management.  Experience in recruiting, hiring and supervision of paid and volunteer staff.  Excellent supervisory skills, including the ability to work with ease with people of differing backgrounds and positions, ability to manage conflict, ability to provide regular, positive as well as constructive, concrete feedback to staff about their performance.  Knowledge of issues and human services concerns about domestic violence, sexual assault, child sexual assault and matters of general concern to women and their families.

Strong commitment to:

  • The provision of domestic violence and sexual assault services with a feminist empowerment perspective (as defined by the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the PA Coalition Against Rape)
  • The struggle against discrimination based on gender, age, class, race, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity; and
  • Involvement of people of all racial, social, ethnic, religious, cultural and economic groups.

Must meet requirements to receive Acts 33 and 34 clearances.
Must complete CCWRC Counselor/Advocate Training Program.

Staff Exempt Position

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