Twilight Dinner Host – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Twilight Dinner?
A Twilight Dinner is a gourmet dinner or event hosted and served by an individual or a group of people to raise money for Centre Safe. Hosts “donate” the dinner, and the entire $100 fee paid by each “guest” goes directly to Centre Safe. Historically dinners were held, however in past years several hosts have sponsored other events, such as brunches or game nights.

Who can host a Twilight Dinner?
Anyone! We often have couples host a dinner, and groups of friends or family members also host dinners and events. Some brave individuals have even hosted a dinner by themselves!

Where do Twilight Dinners take place?
Usually, the dinners take place in the homes of hosts. However, this does not have to be the case – past dinners have also been in a restaurant and a theatre.

Is my Twilight Diner tax deductible?
Yes. After the dinner, the hosts will be sent a form to detail/itemize expenses for their tax records and confirm their participation. Hosts should be sure to save receipts from ingredients purchased, or a bill from a caterer or any other paid assistant.

What is the mood of a Twilight Dinner?
Many Twilight Dinners have themes. Past themes have included “Duck From Around the World” and ”Caribbean Dinner.”  Some hosts choose to provide entertainment, although this is entirely optional. Each dinner is unique.

We hope that Twilight Dinners are a pleasant time for the hosts to enjoy meeting their “guests.” To this end, we hope that the hosts dine with their “guests.”

What do I need to do?
After you have committed that you to hosting a dinner, you will receive the host information form in mid-January. The information on this form is very important for creating Twilight Dinner printed invitations. Completing the form can seem overwhelming! If so, ask Centre Safe for help.

Shortly before the dinner, you will receive your “guest” list. (We send them this close to the date because of last-minute changes and our desire to fill as many seats as possible.) At this time, you should contact your “guests” to give them driving directions and any other details you think are important.

What if I want some or all of my friends to come to my dinner rather than offer the seats to the general invitation list?
FOR A FEW GUESTS: List on your HOST FORM the names of the individuals whom you want as “guests” to your dinner. Enclosing a check for $100 per person (made out and mailed to Centre Safe) will guarantee that person a seat.

FOR ALL YOUR GUESTS: You have the option of inviting your own “guests” to your dinner. When you invite them, instruct your “guests” to send their money as soon as possible to Centre Safe, 140 West Nittany Avenue, State College PA 16801. We refer to this as a “private” dinner. Your name will appear on the end of the invitation, but no other information will appear.

How do individuals sign up for a Twilight Dinner?
Centre Safe staff and volunteers make up the Twilight Dinner Committee, who is responsible for organizing the dinners.

Printed invitations listing dinner themes, dates, and hosts are mailed to our guest list in March. The Centre Safe website, will also have a copy of the invitation on the date that the mailed invitations are in supporters’ homes.

To sign up for a dinner, individual recipients mail back the enclosed guest response card or registers online at The response card asks “guests” to request three dinner choices, to allow placement flexibility. Individuals are assigned to dinners by the committee on a first-come, first-served basis (we make every effort to give individuals their first-choice dinner). Response cards are mailed to Centre Safe, 140 West Nittany Avenue, State College PA 16801. The charge is $100 per person for each dinner, and payment may be sent with the response card in check form payable to Centre Safe, or with a credit card, by calling the Centre Safe at 238-7066.

After the response card and payment have been received, the Twilight Dinner Committee places each individual in a dinner, and notifies the individual of the dining arrangement through a phone call from a committee member.