Volunteer of the Year: Michaelene Franzetta


In providing services to domestic and sexual violence victims and survivors in our community, the Centre County Women’s Resource Center depends heavily on our trained volunteer counselor/advocates to staff our 24-hour hotline, accompany clients through medical facilities and advocate for them during legal procedures.

In making her valuable contributions to the work of the Center, Michaelene has demonstrated qualities that all of us love to see in our volunteers: consistency, compassion, and reliability. During her time with the CCWRC, she has shown a dedication to oMikeur work that is unparalleled by others.  Mike willingly takes weekend hotline shifts during which she provides a sympathetic ear or is called upon to travel to the hospital to comfort and guide a victim through a very difficult medical response.  In addition, Mike has logged hundreds
of hours in the office, acting as front-line staff for calls and walk-ins, and is a co-facilitator for our domestic violence support group.  Mike has gone above and beyond to make sure that our service recipients are as comfortable and cared for as possible.

Thank you, Mike, for being someone upon whom we rely. You are one of our longest standing volunteers and we look forward to having you with us for many years to come.

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