What Are The Signs That You Could Be With An Abusive Partner?

Sometimes it’s going to be blatantly obvious that you are with an abusive partner. The signs will be crystal clear. However, many times it’s not obvious until it’s too late and you are trapped.

Likewise, friends and family can often be blindsided. They can ignore things that are blatantly obvious, and they can even turn a blind eye to signs they don’t want to confront.

So let’s quickly talk you through what the signs are you could be with abusive partner early on. Then, we will go through the bigger set of signs for the longer term of them becoming more abusive and taking control.

We will also discuss if it’s possible to spot that someone is an abuser, or in an abusive relationship, and if you can mistake signs to make false accusations easily.

As well as heterosexual relationships, we will briefly talk about LGBTQ relationships, and also men who are abused by female partners.

Early On Its Not Usually Physical Abuse

Most relationships don’t start with physical abuse. If they do, then they don’t usually last for more than a few weeks anyway. The abused person has to be drawn into gaining feelings and developing fear through control.

An abusive person may in the beginning not even realize they are abusive, especially not in the first relationship. There could be reasons for this, including upbringing or trauma. Once they do realize they are, they can sometimes calm down and change, but more often they will fight between good and bad.

But if they are abusive and don’t care, or embrace it actively, then it can be a progression that is actually done deliberately, if not actually planned step-by-step.

So usually the early signs of domestic abuse are not always obvious until the tentacles of been wrapped around the entire relationship.

It can be about controlling emotions and the mind far more than hurting the body in the beginning. Physical fear and abuse are not part of this progression. It tends to creep up in stages. Putdowns, convincing you not to see family and friends, demands, making out you are unreasonable and they are very reasonable.

Then it ramps up into accusations of affairs, ignoring you, criticizing you. Controlling more and more. This can ramp up over time into full threats to hurt you or kill you. Or to attack someone close to you, or hurt your children.

Then it often progresses to throwing things and punching walls and doors. A tell-tale sign of male anger is always a punch mark in a door.

How Abusive Partners Usually Progress The Gaining Fear And Control

Once the threats, accusations, outbursts of anger, and general overbearing behavior progress, things can ramp up dramatically.

Cash and credit cards start to be removed, and the money is spent without your knowledge or input. Every single move you make will be tracked, sometimes being followed. All dressed up as saying they love you and don’t want to hurt or they will never let you go.

The emotional control continues by saying things as they will never let you go, they would rather die, and you will never be apart from them. Family and friends gradually get cut off. First, they are criticized, then certain friends are removed, and then the family is removed. It’s always their fault and never their partner’s.

This abuse can grow into a complete dependency born out of trauma. You start to ask for the okay to do anything, you start to comply. You feel completely trapped and emptied, yet emotionally dependent.

Walking on eggshells, you can often be locked in the house. Then the hitting begins. The first time there are usually apologies.

Then the physical abuse continues. Every time there will be apologies in the beginning. When you confront them, they will say that will change and it’s not them. But it becomes more systematic over time, a campaign of abuse designed to overwhelm you and keep you completely under control.

They may begin gaslighting you, making you question your very sanity in a sustained and targeted campaign.

The fear and breakdown become complete. There’s no fight left, you hide from family and friends, you make excuses, and you hide the damage physically and mentally.

Create Forceful And Unpleasant Sexual Encounters

One progression that always happens is forceful and unpleasant sex. It may start off passionate and raw, and many people like that.

They may like the bad boy, or bad slut type, not realizing they have let the devil through the door. Over time you feel compelled to have sex, and then forced. Once rape becomes normal, it becomes more violent.

You are told how to dress, including being sexualized, but then being punished if anyone dares to actually look at you.

You feel you owe them something sexually, you feel you owe everything out of the bedroom as well.

There is no respect for giving you an STD (they almost never loyal themselves), no condom to use, and they may even refuse birth control and just insist you have an abortion.

How Can You Spot That Someone Is In An Abusive Relationship?

Spotting that someone you care for is in an abusive relationship is difficult unless there are some really obvious signs that you are aware of.

Physical signs are obvious. If you know they aren’t into some sort of consensual rough sex then physical bruising and attempts to hide it, are usually a dead giveaway. If you are in the home, or out with them, look at the signs of control. Look at the mood swings, look at how they look at each other.

If it’s your friend, are they scared of going home? Are they checking their phone all the time?

Do they never seem to have money of their own, even if they earn plenty? Do they seem uneasy about leaving children alone with their partners?

Watch out for personality changes. Depending on how they are normally, watch for swings to the opposite end. If they have self-esteem watch for the swing to low self-esteem. If they have low self-esteem, watch for a swing even further downwards.

When with you are they engaged on the phone? Does the partner insist on dropping them off and picking them up? Does it seem like you yourself are being watched and judged?

signs of domestic abuse

Are There Different Signs For Abused Men?

The signs of abused men by female partners are usually mostly similar, especially in the progression.

However, physical violence is usually not so overwhelming and pronounced, because of the physical strength difference. It tends to be far more viciously verbal with the man being put down, both personally and on social media.

He is never good enough, he’s not a real man, he’s pathetic; anything like that is a warning sign.

Physical violence can be hidden by men as well. However, although women can hit men, they will also use implements such as knives and mallets, anything to hand that overcomes that strength difference.

Because women can’t physically overpower you, they may attack you when you’re off-guard, like when you’re asleep. They may attack children or pets, or viciously damage something you are proud of. It can be a far more insidious, personal, cruel style of abuse.

Do The Signs Differ For LGBTQ Relationships?

Really, the signs don’t differ in this type of relationship. Whatever the sexuality, however, the people in a relationship identify, it all boils down to control through coercion and abuse. But regardless of how they identify, you may be targeted because of your orientation. Even if it’s the same as theirs.

They will isolate you by saying that people won’t take you seriously because of how you are, or the police won’t take you seriously. That you will be ridiculed, that nobody will listen to you.

Could You Mistake Abuse In Your Partner Or Watching A Friend?

It is possible that you can mistake abuse. There are consensual relationships that can seem abusive but which are fully consensual, wide-awake, and happy. The best policy is to educate yourself if you have suspicions and watch carefully. Listen, and probe. Ask questions, be normal and see if the responses you get are also normal.

Never confront either partner. All this will do is force them closer together and push you away. By confronting either, you will just give a reason for them to push you away, isolating the abused partner even further.

What To Do If You Feel You Are Being Abused

If you know or suspect, that you may be with an abusive partner, then the first step is to talk to a confidential service in your home country. Search online, there will be plenty.

They will be able to put you in touch with people who can help you locally. If things are really bad, you can approach the police as well, but don’t do it by calling the emergency number unless you are really in danger because if you aren’t immediately then removed permanently, it could ramp up the anger.

If you really fear, or you can’t get anywhere, have an emergency escape plan and plan to use it as soon as you can put everything in place to get away without being found.

Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Review: Does This Detox Drink Really Work?

If you’re looking to pass a drug test then using a detox drink is one of the most effective and easy ways of masking the drug toxins. Detoxify Mega Clean detox reviews say it’s the best there is, so is that true?

In this Mega Clean review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to use it to pass a drug test.

I’ll tell you how drug metabolites work in the body, and how you can get clean naturally. I’ll tell you how quickly you can do that as well. We will cover how a good quality detox drink should work, and give you the full instructions for using Mega Clean detox so that you stand the best chance of passing.

Put it all together, and in the next five minutes you are going to learn everything you need to know about Mega Clean, and whether it will work to pass a drug test.

How Drug Metabolites Work In The Body

To understand whether a detox drink will work or not, you have to understand how drug metabolites work in the body in the first place. When you take drugs, the active ingredients are turned into waste products called metabolites. These work their way out from the bloodstream, through the kidneys, and out through urine mostly.

Although 60% of cannabis metabolites exit through the bowel, 40% do still exit through urine as well. So cannabis isn’t really that much different.

When you go for a test, your sample will be tested against panels each substance. Those panels can react to metabolites, and some to the main active ingredient that gets you high, like THC.

The big conception about detox drinks is that they are going to completely detoxify you and do it permanently. That’s not true.

Detox drinks like Detoxify Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse are masking agents. All they do is create a gap in the flow of toxins exiting the body through your urine so that you have a few hours to submit a clean sample.

drug metabolites in your system

How Quick Can You Get Naturally Clean?

The only way you can generally pass a drug test is to be clean of drugs in your body.

If you’re a light user, say you have taken drugs for three or four days, and it was a moderate dose, then in a couple more days, you will be clean. For most drugs, you will be clear in five days or less is a moderate user. But for regular users, especially heavy weed smokers, it can be longer than a week, even two or three weeks.

Some chronic weed smokers in studies have actually tested positive sporadically three months after the last joint.

The reason for that is that cannabis metabolites are shaped differently. They attach to fat cells in the body. Eventually, they mostly work their way through the bowels, but they can stay in the body for weeks.

To get naturally clean, you have to do the following:

  • Eat lean and clean
  • Cut out all toxins and drugs
  • Cut out alcohol
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Use diuretics
  • Drink coffee and raise your nervous energy levels
  • Sweat daily
  • Get plenty of rest
  • If its cannabis use then high-fiber foods in the days before your test

Doing all that will help your body to eradicate toxins at the maximum rate it can. It can’t do it faster than that.

You can accelerate it further using high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid. That can lower the length of time it takes you to pass a drug test by 50%.

Just make sure that whatever time you’ve got before your test you drink plenty of water. At least 32 fluid ounces per day on top of what you would usually drink. Also, make sure you go to the toilet regularly, and also use diuretics like green tea to increase the rate of expulsion.

If you can’t get completely clean, you can use a detox drink like Mega Clean on the day of your test, and the accelerated natural detox will mean you have fewer toxins to create a gap in the flow.

how do detox drinks work

How Do Detox Drinks Work?

So if they are just a masking agent, then how do detox drinks like detoxify Mega Clean actually work?

When you drink a detox drink, this is what it should do in your body:

  1. It will flush you out with a big volume of liquid. This will get processed and hit your bladder. As with any big volume of liquid, you will want to urinate more. This will also push toxins working their way out of the body in the kidneys and beyond, out of the body.
  2. A detox drink contains diuretics to make you urinate more frequently. This helps to push more urine and toxins out faster than you can achieve naturally. It also contains ingredients that draw toxins out of the body faster, so your urine will simply contain more toxins.
  3. At the same time, a good quality detox drink will flood the body with things found in urine. By doing this, the body passes some of this through as waste in the correct proportions, allowing your urine to appear balanced and unadulterated, even though you’ve been flushed out.
  4. Finally, a good quality detox drink contains vitamins and other ingredients that help to keep your urine looking natural. Straw colored, rather than pale and diluted.

As you can see, that’s quite a lot to achieve. To do all that requires a formula that works, and in enough volume to achieve it. Not a lot of detox drinks can do it.

When Should You Use Detoxify Mega Clean 32 Oz?

There are two types of drug tests. Supervised and unsupervised. Supervised drug testing is also called observed drug testing, although the two types can be slightly different. In unsupervised testing, nobody is in the room with you, or you are at least behind a screen. In supervised/observed testing, someone will be in the room, and could even be directly looking at you.

If you have previously failed a drug test and are being retested then it will be directly supervised. That’s legal. It means someone will be looking at you. In this circumstance, only a detox drink will work.

But generally, you can use good quality detox drinks like Detoxify Mega Clean for any type of drug test, supervised or unsupervised.

My Top Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Passing

I’ve used detox drinks to pass to pre-employment drug tests twice in the past few years. People I trust have also used them, including Mega clean 32 Oz.

But if you don’t want to use fake urine, and can accept the slightly higher failure rate, then a good quality detox drink can work wonders.

However, you’re going to have to try and increase your chances of passing as much as possible. You can’t just drink it 90 minutes before you leave, and then hope for the best. You should do everything you can to increase your chances.

The first thing you need to do is a natural detox for as long as possible. Even a 24-hour detox on the day before your test will help to push out more toxins and you can naturally.

The more toxins you can push out the day before your test, without topping them up again (so stop taking drugs until after test), then the less there will be passing out into your urine. This means that once they are flushed out by the drink, you will have a longer gap before they start appearing in your urine again.

You can accelerate natural detox with pre-rid pills. You can get these bundled in with Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse (I’ll tell you where from at the end of this Detoxify Mega Clean review).

So unless it’s short notice, the processes to live clean, detox, use pre-rid pills, and give the detox drink the best chance of creating a gap in the toxin flow so that you can submit a clean and natural-looking sample.

Mega clean detox instructions

Mega Clean Detox Instructions For Use

It’s really easy to use Mega Clean, as long as you follow the instructions closely and you’ve prepped using the tips I’ve just given you.

Let’s talk you through how to use it right now:

  1. Do your 24-hour detox beforehand as a minimum. I cannot emphasize that enough. Unless you have a test incredibly at short notice, then do it. Also, make sure you don’t eat much the day before your test, and on the morning of your test don’t eat anything much at all. Drink small amounts of water, but make sure your stomach is empty when you drink Mega Clean.
  2. 90 minutes before your test time, drink the contents of the Mega Clean bottle smoothly over 15 minutes. I’m telling you, you will feel your stomach cramp, and it can hurt.
  3. Fill the bottle with water and smooth drink that over another 15 minutes. You can sit water after that, but don’t drink much more because it could dilute your sample.
  4. From the time you finish the bottle of Mega Clean time one hour, and urinate three or four times during it, with the last time towards the end of the hour. A warning here, you may find you start evacuating from your bladder and bowels because this stuff will pump you out very aggressively.
  5. Head off to your drug test as soon as possible. As soon as you finish your last urination, get moving.
  6. As long as you have prepared, and as long as you don’t have absolutely tons of toxins still in your body, you should get a minimum of two hours clean, and up to 5 hours if you aren’t a chronic user/smoker.

How Good Is Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse: Does It Really Work?

Mega Clean is a good drink. Without the detox, it’s good enough unless you have high levels of toxin exposure. You’ll want it with pre-rid pills and a 24 hours if you really have high levels.

Don’t buy Mega Clean detox drink Amazon or elsewhere, places like Walgreens, anywhere like that. They can be fakes or out of date, and with Mega Clean you won’t get those valuable pre-rid pills.

For me, Mega Clean detox has passed me a pre-employment drug test. One of my buddies passed one last year as well. It definitely worked for us.

I tested it six months ago as well using a home drug test kit. I followed the process, including the 24-hour detox, for the purposes of writing about it. It worked for me then as well. My final word here, as the conclusion of this Detoxify Mega Clean detox review, is to make sure you buy a couple of home drug test kits as well.

When you have urinated for the third or fourth time, do a home drug test. That will tell you if Mega Clean has worked.

What Do Mega Clean Reviews Online Say?

It’s not just me saying this. Reviews of Mega Clean online tell the same story.

Just look at Amazon, although I don’t advise you to buy it there. Hundreds of positive reviews. They can’t all be wrong or fake.

The only thing I would say is to not trust online reviews on sites like Amazon too much. Although they do give a good overall vibe, individually, they are pretty difficult to trust.

The only way to really know something works is to try it. For detox drinks like Mega Clean, that’s really easy to do, because you can buy the bottle and a home drug test kit and find out for yourself before the day of your test.

where to buy mega clean near me

Do Not Buy Mega Clean Detox Drink From Amazon

I would suggest you don’t buy Mega Clean detox drink from Amazon, or anywhere like that. General marketplace sites a great for everyday products, but not so good for specialist ones.

Because third parties can list items, there tend to be a lot of fakes or out-of-date products when it comes to drug test products. For me, it’s better to stick to specialist retailers with a good track record of selling high-quality detox drinks, fake urine, and detox pills.

I also wouldn’t advise searching for where to buy Mega Clean detox near me. The problem with that is you could only buy it from a local smoke shop, or somewhere like that.

Again, quality will not be great, and I’m pretty damn sure they won’t sell good-quality detox drinks like Mega Clean locally anyway.

Where To Buy Detoxify Mega Clean

If you want to buy Mega Clean, get it a few days before your test. If you’re not sure when that is, just buy a couple of bottles now with a couple of home drug test kits, and if you can afford it, a few days worth of Toxin Rid as well.

Mega Clean is best bought from test clear. Test Clear will bundle in a 24 hour course of pre-rid pills completely free. Right now, that combo deal is $69.95 to buy.

That makes Mega Clean an incredibly potent proposition, as long as you can do 24 – 48 hour detox. If you do have more than 24 hours, also grab yourself a top up of the pre-rid pills you get free. When you order Mega Clean from Test Clear, you can add additional days of pre-rid pills are really low price. One additional day’s worth of pre-rid pills is just $4.95.

If you literally don’t have time for the detox, then you’ve still got 75% chance of Mega Clean working on the day, even if you are a very heavy user/smoker.

Alternatives To Using A Detox Drink To Pass A Drug Test

Mega Clean is a good quality detox drink. The best alternative to it is Rescue Cleanse, which you can buy from Test Negative for around $60.

Either of these drinks will pass a drug test, even if you are a regular user/smoker. Again, I can’t emphasize enough, just a 24-hour detox (better if assisted with pills) will make a considerable difference to your chances.

If it’s an unsupervised drug test, the best alternative to a detox drink is definitely high-quality fake urine. If you’ve got the balls to smuggle it in, then good quality fake urine submitted within the correct temperature range is a surefire pass.

Sub Solution is the best on the market. Highly complex, with 14 chemicals found in urine, it’s perfectly balanced and even looks like urine.

The best part about it is that it comes with heat activator powder rather than a heatpad which can fail on its journey to the lab testing facility.

With the heat activator powder, you simply tap in about one-third just before you go to submit your sample. Shake it until it dissolves, and watch the temperature strip rise. Adding a little more powder until it gets a reading close to 100°F (but doesn’t go over).

So for supervised drug testing, or if you don’t want to smuggle a fake sample in, then use Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse to pass a test.

Otherwise, fake urine of the quality of Sub Solution will definitely pass, and the beauty is that you aren’t submitting your own sample at all.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine 2024: Complete Guide & Why It’s The Best

Clear Choice synthetic urine is the best, there are no two ways about that. Sub Solution and Quick Luck are the most complex and likely to pass a drug test fake urine brands out there.

In this Sub Solution review, I’m going to tell you exactly why it is so good. I will cover everything you need to know to see why it’s a great choice to pass a drug test.

I’ll tell you what happens when you go for a drug test, and what they look for in your sample. Then I’ll talk about the complexity of Sub Solution so you can see how it skips over those validity checks the labs do. I’ll give you full instructions for using Sub Solution, and include a couple of top tips from me on making sure you pass with it.

Plus, I’ll compare it to Quick Luck (another Clear Choice synthetic urine product), and Quick Fix, which is the best of the budget urine brands out there.

Here’s What Happens When You Submit A Sample For A Urine Drug Test

To see how synthetic urine like Clear Choice  Sub Solution works, you have to understand what happens when you submit the sample.

The first thing to understand is that there are two types of tests: supervised and unsupervised.

Supervised tests are unobserved. Sometimes there is a difference between supervised and observed, wherein one person is in the room with you, and in the other, they are directly watching you.

So obviously fake urine is not going to be usable in either of those types of tests. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of drug tests are unsupervised, where you go behind a screen or into a different room. You’ll know in advance what you are facing.

When you submit your sample, there are four layers of scrutiny that can occur:

  1. Within two minutes of peeing in the cup they have to test the temperature and it has to be between 90°F and 100°F.
  2. They will then do validity tests. This involves taking a sample of your sample with a dipstick and putting it into a test kit. That will tell them if it’s been adulterated or reacts to having things like ammonia in it, which could show it’s been altered.
  3. The sample will then have an immunoassay analysis done on it. Otherwise known as a panel drug test. The sample is tested against various panels to see which drugs they react to, if any.
  4. If it fails validity tests, or the immunoassay throws up something unusual, it will be sent for a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. This is rare though. Fake urine won’t pass this level of scrutiny, but it’s unlikely to get there unless you arouse significant suspicion.

These Are The Things Fake Urine Must Contain To Pass

Although they don’t actually check all of these components in urine during validity tests, fake urine should contain chemicals found in urine in case it does have any further testing done on it to check it composition.

At a minimum, fake urine should have the following characteristics:

  • Contain urea
  • Contain uric acid
  • Be balanced for ph
  • Balanced for specific gravity
  • Contain creatinine
  • Look like urine

The above is a bare minimum, and the reason why Sub Solution is the best is because it’s far more advanced than is needed.

The Biocide Problem & Why Sub Solution Is Immune

A few years back, a lot of fake urine brands started to fail people. Interestingly though, there was no increase in the number of people saying Sub Solution failed the test for them.

That was in common with a few other products as well. After piecing it together, people started to realize that it was certain brands that were suddenly failing more.  The evidence pointed towards a “footprint” being found, where the drug testing labs were looking for a common artificial ingredient.

The culprit seems to be biocide preservatives. These are common in a lot of household products and were common to every single brand of fake urine that was failing more.

But Sub Solution, Quick Luck (its big brother’s more expensive version), and Quick Fix were among the handful of brands that were not failing. It turned out that none of those contained biocide preservatives.

Clear Choice Synthetic Urine: Why They Make The Best Drug Test Avoidance Products

Sub Solution has a pedigree. If you don’t know, Clear Choice are the top brand for drug test avoidance product in the USA today.

They make the following high-quality products to pass drug tests with:

  • Sub Solution Synthetic Urine (powdered urine)
  • Quick Luck Synthetic Urine
  • Incognito Belt (Contains Quick Luck)
  • Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum
  • Clear Choice Urine Spike Additive
  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

They are all premium products and will get you through any type of drug test. If you order everything from one place, then make it Test Negative, which is the Clear Choice website. You’ll get all of these brands at the best prices.

Rescue Cleanse has been a lifesaver for me twice. It’s passed pre-employment drug tests with ease. I’ve also used Oral Clear once.

Sub Solution has worked for me, and several of my friends have also used Sub Solution over the years as well. In my experiences, no other company has such a wide range of products with such a good track record of passing.

synthetic urine

This Is Why Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit Is So Good

But why is Sub Solution such good fake urine, when compared to all the other brands out there?

The reason is its overall characteristics of it:

  • Contains urea
  • Contains uric acid
  • Balanced for ph
  • Balanced for specific gravity
  • Looks, smells, and even froths like urine
  • Contains the right proportions of creatinine
  • Contains a total of 14 chemicals found in urine

The bottom line is that it will pass scrutiny. It’s not going to pass a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, but no fake urine is.

On top of that, Sub Solution doesn’t use a heatpad. The problem with heatpads is that they kick out a variable heat. Usually they are fine; but if they kick out the heat too fast, or too slow, then your sample can be too hot or too cold.

Sub Solution uses heat activator powder. It’s a game changer and I will explain why in the next section.

How To Use Synthetic Urine: Sub Solution Instructions

Sub Solution is the easiest way to submit a fake sample. These are the Sub Solution instructions you need to follow:

  1. There’s no need to use a microwave to pre-heat the sample. There’s no heatpad to preheat either. So you don’t have any of that preparation step to worry about.
  2. Sub Solution is powdered urine though. You will need to mix it with water. Don’t use tap water as it contains things not found in urine, which is also the case with bottled water. You’ll want to use filtered water, meaning you’ll need access to a cheap water filter jug. Sub Solution doesn’t say this, but it’s an extra safety step that I recommend to avoid detection.
  3. To transport the sample, wear two pairs of underpants. Tuck the Sub Solution sample in between the pairs snugly. Make sure the temperature strip isn’t against your skin, otherwise it will potentially read higher than the temperature that the liquid actually is. Also, make sure you wear baggy jogging bottoms to disguise the fact that there is a sample hidden there.
  4. On arrival, just before you go in, you are going to use the heat activator powder. If it’s not completely loose powder, shake the bottle until it is.
  5. Look at the temperature on the strip. It probably won’t have a reading. You’ll want it to be as close to 100°F as possible without being above, because it won’t have a reading then either.
  6. Tap in about one third of the powder, and shake until dissolved. Do this until you get a reading close to 100°F, then go in and submit your sample as quickly as possible.

Clear Choice heat activator powder

Sub Solution Vs Quick Luck

Quick Luck is an updated product version of Sub Solution. It’s $15 more expensive, costing $100 rather than $85.

With all that extra money you’ll get the following bonuses:

  • Quick Luck is premixed
  • There’s a heatpad included (although you probably won’t need it)
  • It’s a slightly more advanced formula

Because it’s premixed, Quick Luck is better for on-the-spot drug testing. But if you don’t need that extra performance level, then Sub Solution is plenty good enough.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Failed Test Stories – Clear Choice Failure Rate

When you see Sub Solution failed drug test stories, and clear choice bad reviews are very skeptical. Of course, they could have faced higher levels of scrutiny and genuinely failed. But then, that would have happened with any brand of fake urine.

The main reason that people fail drug tests using fake urine is that they submit it outside that tight temperature range of between 90°F and 100°F.

As long as you make sure you use the heat activator powder correctly, just before you go in, and you submit your sample within about 15 minutes, you will be absolutely fine. I do not have exact numbers, but clear choice’s urine failure rate must be extremely low.

So Does Sub Solution Work For Quest Diagnostics/Concreta/Labcorp?

Sub Solution will work for any drug testing company. So when people talk about Sub Solution Quest Diagnostics failures, again, think about whether they could have just messed up with the heat of the sample.

It doesn’t matter who you submit your sample to, it will fool any professional drug testing company as long as it doesn’t go through a full analysis.

Sub Solution Quest Diagnostics

Do Not Use These Poor Quality Synthetic Urine Brands

Sub Solution is the best of the premium brands, but what are the fake urine products that you should avoid at all costs?

These are the ones that contain biocide, or just don’t have the composition, or even the look, to pass scrutiny:

  • Magnum fake urine
  • U Pass
  • Urine Luck
  • Ultra Pure Urine
  • X Stream
  • Smart Choice

I’m telling you, they are awful. Mostly, because I’m pretty sure all of them contain biocide preservatives. They never mentioned that they don’t even under scrutiny from people asking if they did, so avoid it at all costs.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

In a battle of Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix, which stacks up best in terms of quality and price?

Without a doubt, Sub Solution is the best quality. It’s the most advanced formula, and it looks, smells, and even froths like urine. Plus, the heat activator powder is a game changer in terms of ensuring that you pass your test.

If you’re on a budget, then Quick Fix costing just $39 is unbeatable.

Quick Fix contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine, and it looks like urine. But it’s not an advanced formula and it won’t pass close visual scrutiny either.

It also uses a heatpad, which means it’s got more chance of failing. It’s a good heatpad, but it can’t compare to the power of the heat activator powder for controlling the temperature.

So, only if you are on a budget, or you can’t get hold of Sub Solution, should you consider Quick Fix. But, for a basic pre-employment drug test it’s cheap and if it doesn’t face additional scrutiny then Quick Fix is usually good enough.

Sub solution vs quick fix

Where To Buy Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

There is only one place to buy Sub Solution, and that’s direct from test clear through the Test Negative website.

That’s the same with Quick Luck, Oral Clear, and Rescue Cleanse. They do great value combo deals, so check them out. I would also advise that you buy something called the “practice kit” with Sub Solution if you aren’t experienced.

That allows you to practice raising the temperature using the heat activator powder in advance of the day of your test. You can use water and have three or four practice runs.

I’m telling you, it’s crucial. It will allow you to use the powder, and see how quickly the temperature raises, how much you need to use, and how long the sample temperature stays within the correct temperature range.

Detox Drinks For Drug Test: Amazon, Walgreens & CVS – Do They Sell Good Drug Detox Kits?

Finding the best detox drink to pass a drug test can be tough with so much bad information out there.

What I’m going to do in this complete guide is quickly tell you how to find the best drinks to pass a drug test, and if drinks from Amazon, Walgreens, and CVS are among the best.

Plus, I will talk about some other detox drink options that aren’t sold at those big retailers. Sure, you can’t grab them as quickly, but with a little preparation, they will be better at passing a drug test.

On top of all that, I will tell you exactly how a drug detox drink works, and what it can’t do for you. Put all this together, and it’s everything you need to know about using detox drinks to pass a drug test in just five minutes.

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How Drug Toxins Work In The Body

When people talk about drug toxins, they are mostly talking about metabolites. These are cell-sized waste products that are formed, or leftover, from the body processing the active ingredients in any drug.

So, for example, with cannabis, the main active ingredient is, as you probably know, THC. The main metabolite, the waste product created after you get high, is THC-NOOH. Although cannabis has more than 80 waste product metabolites, it’s this main metabolite and THC itself which are detectable by drug tests.

So whatever you take, something in it is going to be detectable on a drug test, whether it’s the active ingredient, or one or more metabolites (toxins).

When you get high on drugs, they are processed and then work their way out of the body from your bloodstream, through your kidneys and liver, then out through your skin (not much this way) and your stools, but mainly through urine.

The Misconception About Cleansing Drinks: How They Work In The Body

When people talk about detoxification, the assumption is that they are talking about removing all of those toxins, including the active ingredient, from your body so that you are clean and undetectable.

Let’s clear up that misconception right now. It’s impossible to completely clean out the body in 24 hours or less, and often even with several days to do so.

If you’re a really light user, like once a week at a moderate dose, then sure, after two or three days, you’re going to test clean.

If you’re a regular user though, even two or three times per week at higher doses, then you are going to be detectable for quite some time. For chronic use of drugs like meth, cannabis, or whatever, it can take over a week to get clean.

Detox drinks or “cleansing drinks” are not miracle potions. They do not have the ability to remove all the drug toxins from your body.

This is how drug detox drinks to pass drug tests actually work in the body:

  1. The body is flooded with liquid. This makes you urinate more, which empties the bladder. This liquid isn’t water though, it’s smart because it’s filled with other things.
  2. The first things in this smart liquid are diuretics which help to push more urine out of the body. This cleans out the toxin-filled urine in your bladder and gets urine passing into it through your liver and kidneys faster.
  3. The second thing this smart liquid does is draw out more toxins at a faster rate than can be achieved naturally. So you are urinating more, and that urine will contain more toxins. This creates a gap of several hours between what’s just been removed and fresh toxins coming into your urine. This is the clean zone, the gap you have created where your urine is clean and your body hasn’t caught up with processing yet, that allows you to submit a clean sample within. But the heavy users, and can be as little as two hours long.
  4. These smart detox drinks also flood the body with things found in urine. Because of the high quantities consumed, some of this is passed through as waste into your urine. Because they are balanced in the way they flood the body, the fresh urine is not only toxin-free but appears to be unadulterated because it contains the things urine should within the balance ranges it should.

So overall, a detox drink will flush out all the toxins fast and create a gap during which will be clean. It will also keep your urine appearing natural because it won’t appear adulterated or diluted.

But, it’s just a temporary masking agent. Once your body processes more waste through the kidneys, any toxin still in the body will start to pass into your urine again.

Therefore, do not think a detox drink is going to permanently flush out the toxins. Within a handful of hours at most, you’re going to test positive again. But it is a small window of opportunity that you have to be switched on to use properly.

Using Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test For Supervised Drug Testing

I’ll be honest, the best way to pass a standard unsupervised drug test, where you will be in a different room to the person administering the test, or at least behind a screen, is to use fake urine. It’s easy to use, and the complex modern formula is will fool everything but the most advanced scrutiny.

If you just don’t want to smuggle in a fake sample, or it is going to be a supervised test, then it’s not an option though.

Also, you could be in a situation where you don’t know if it’s going to be observed. For example, if a previously submitted sample fails, when you go back to resubmit, it could be supervised. Legally, that’s the case but it doesn’t always happen.

That’s where detox drinks for drug tests from Amazon, and more specialist retailers, are the only tool available.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

Before I go on to tell you how to use them, and which are the worst and best brands you can buy, let’s answer this key question: do detox drinks work?

The answer is yes. But there are several caveats with how effectively they do so:

  • The number of drugs you take
  • Your metabolism
  • Your age and other factors
  • Time to prepare before your test
  • Quality of the detox drink
  • Sensitivity of the test you are facing

Let me tell you there are a lot of bad quality detox drinks out there. Unfortunately, most of them are actually sold by Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, GNC, and CVS. I’ll go through each store in detail in a moment, as you can compare what’s out there to see the best and worst.

But, with the right drink, the right preparation, and some luck, a good quality detox drink will pass a drug test.

Ways You Can Enhance Your Chances Of A Detox Drink Working

Whichever detox drink you buy, otherwise known as a drug detox kit if it contains a combo of pills and liquid, the process is pretty much the same:

  1. You’ll drink/take whatever it is supplied when you buy the product.
  2. You may have to drink some additional water. If you are asked to drink more than the total volume of liquid contained in the original product, that’s a huge red flag warning that it’s a poor-quality detox drink that could dilute your sample.
  3. You’ll urinate as frequently as possible during and after. Over an hour, at least four times. That cleans out the old toxins fast and allows fresh urine that is free of toxins to flood into your bladder. You need to then get to the test location and submit a clean sample as fast as you can.

To enhance your chances of passing, the biggest thing you can do is to complete an accelerated natural detox for as many days as possible before your test.

Sometimes, this is impossible if you are facing a drug test at short notice, but often you’ll get at least a couple of days’ notice.

Even a single 24-hour period of abstinence, drinking plenty of water, sweating, eating small and lean meals, eating fatty foods if it’s cannabis you are trying to hide, and getting plenty of rest, can allow your body to get rid of a lot more toxins.

You’ll then accelerate this with a course of detox pills. Toxin Rid is the best of the bunch.

Toxin Rid will eliminate far more toxins. In my experience, it will get you clean 50% quicker.

Just 24 hours of full detoxification will push a ton of toxins. That leaves far less on the day of your test, which means the detox drink has less work to do, and there will be a longer gap between fresh toxins being processed and appearing in your urine again. For a detailed Toxin Rid review, click here. You can purchase it straight from the manufacturer.

waays to clean yoour systemDrug Detox Kits Walgreens – Weed Detox

Drug detox kits at Walgreens are very limited. Let me tell you, you are pretty much wasting your time trying to look for professional-grade detoxification products through Walgreens. Virtually every product is low quality or designed for ongoing detoxification alongside the clean living. They are not designed for a short, sharp, shock of ingredients that draw out drug toxins.

The only detox drink of any note that they sell is Qcarbo. Right now, they don’t even sell the large 32 fluid ounce size, they only sell the small QCarbo16 version.

So don’t look for drug detox kits through Walgreens. Detox drinks, and pills, all of them are completely pointless and a waste of money.

This is the same for weed detox Walgreens products as well. Those detox kits are marketed as targeting cannabis metabolites. Although this is partly possible, I’ve never seen a kit that contains enough of the ingredients needed to draw more cannabis metabolites out through the bowels.

Walgreens detox kit

Drug Detox Kits CVS

Detox drinks from CVS suffer exactly the same problems and limitations as those from Walgreens.

Most of them are absolute rubbish. They are poor-quality products that aren’t going to do much at all, and will only work for the long term over several weeks alongside a natural detox. Again, the only detox drink of any quality is QCarbo. Unlike Walgreens, they do sell the full 32 fluid ounce version, which you really need regardless of your toxin intake or body size.

But other than that, it’s another detoxification kit wasteland. Just like Walgreens, CVS is not the place to buy a detox kit capable of passing a drug test.

CVS drug detox kit

Drug Detox Kits GNC

GNC has another large range of detox cleanse products. However, in common with all the other major retailers, they are mostly awful quality or designed for long term cleansing.

GNC do sell three detox drinks that are capable of passing a drug test:

  • QCarbo 16
  • QCarbo 32
  • Ultra Eliminex

None of these are very good. Ultra Eliminex is the best of the bunch by considerable distance though.

Ultra Eliminex was the strongest detox drink on the market when it launched, and I used it to pass a drug test three years ago.

However, a lot of people have said the Ultra Eliminex has failed them. I looked at the ingredients list and compared it to old images online of the original ingredients label, and it’s definitely different.

So, even Ultra Eliminex isn’t good enough anymore. It’s the best option you have from GNC for drug detox kits, but it’s not a quality product any longer

Drug Detox Kits Amazon

As the biggest retailer in the world, you’d think Amazon would sell every type of detox drink and you should be spoiled for choice at the best prices.

Unfortunately, detox drinks for drug tests on Amazon are actually a bit of a minefield. For a start, there are a lot of out-of-date products for sale there, and a lot of fake products.

Secondly, some of the specialist products simply aren’t available on general retail sites, they are only available from specialist sellers.

They do sell a wide range of names people recognize. Stinger, Ultra Eliminex, QCarbo, the Detoxify range, High Voltage Detox, and even Rescue Ice Detox.

Out of all, the only one I would trust is Detoxify Mega Clean. However, it’s not the best place to buy it because there is a much better combo deal available elsewhere. I will tell you were at the end of this guide.

Overall though, Amazon is the best of the bunch of the main retailers. You can get drug detox kits, detox pills, and detox drinks that do have some track record.

But they are not the best ones to buy. In terms of detox pills, Toxin Rid is really the only one you should be looking at, and in terms of detox drinks, there are really only two right now which have the potency and the track record to pass consistently.

Detox Drinks For Drug Test Amazon

Avoid These Brand Name Detox Drinks

To steer you away from the bad-quality drug detox kits at Walgreens and similar places that sell, let’s give you the brand names I’ve tested using home drug test kits over the past few years, and which I found just don’t really work consistently.

These are the detox drinks for drug tests I do not recommend buying from Amazon, or anywhere else:

  • Stinger Detox Range
  • High Voltage Detox (including double flush and five day flush)
  • Qcarbo 16 & 32
  • Ultra Eliminex
  • Rescue Detox Ice
  • All Smaller Detoxify Products
  • The Stuff Detox
  • Champ Detox
  • Omni Detox Range
  • Herbal Clean Q Caps Detox Kit
  • Zydot Original Detox

None of the above have a really good track record. Some of them are okay, and if you can get a couple of days to detoxify your body before the test, then you could pass. They are far better than nothing.

But overall, getting detox drinks for drug test from Amazon is a poor strategy, as it is from the other big retailers I’ve mentioned.

amazon detox drinks

The Top Two Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test

Now I’ve covered the good, bad, and ugly available detox drinks for a drug test from Amazon, Walgreens, and other big retailers, let’s look at the great detox options that I’ve used to pass drug tests, and can recommend.

Not only have I used both of these to pass real part-time retail job pre-employment drug tests, but I know other people who have passed even more important ones with these products. Drug detox drinks work if you get the right ones, and you try and do a natural detox before the day of your test (if you’ve got time).

So let’s talk you through the best detox drinks on the market, and what the best strategy is for using them in a full guide/review of each.

  1. Mega Clean – Detox Drink Available On Amazon

I’ve put Mega Clean as number one, even though it’s a slightly weaker detox drink than Rescue Cleanse, my second recommendation.

The reason I put it is the number one choice is due to one simple fact. If you buy it from Test Clear, they will bundle in a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid pre-rid pills free.

So you are getting not only a good quality detox drink but the ability to do accelerated 24-hour detox before your test as well. Combined, that’s highly potent and pretty much your best chance of passing a drug test.

Mega Clean instructions are pretty straightforward:

  1. Do a 24-hour detox and accelerate it using the pre-rid pills.
  2. 90 minutes before your test, drink the detox drink smoothly over 15 minutes.
  3. Refill the bottle and drink the extra water over 15 minutes as well.
  4. From the 90 minutes start time, over the next hour, urinate at least three times and preferably four times to make sure the toxins are pushed out.
  5. You’ve then got about 30 minutes to get your test. Get there and submit your sample promptly to stand the best chance of submitting a clean sample.

On its own, Mega Clean is second best. But if you can do the 24-hour detox with the accelerated pre-rid pills, it’s the most potent combo you can get right now. You can purchase it from testclear.com.

  1. Rescue Cleanse

Rescue Cleanse is my second choice here, but only when put up against Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills. If you just want the absolute best quality detox drink with the best chance of getting clean on its own, then Rescue Cleanse is the one.

Rescue Cleanse is not one of the detox drinks for drug tests from Amazon, Walgreens, or anywhere else. It’s not available from anyone other than Test Negative, home of the Clear Choice detox range which includes Sub Solution (the best fake urine you can buy).

The instructions for using Rescue Cleanse are even more straightforward than Mega Clean:

  1. Do a 24-hour detox. Use a 24-hour course on Toxin Rid. If you don’t have time to do this, Rescue Cleanse can still work though. It’s that powerful.
  2. 90 minutes before your test time, drink the contents of the bottle smoothly for over 15 minutes. That’s it, it’s so concentrated and potent that there’s no need for additional water either. But they do say that you can drink an additional 8 fluid ounces if you want.
  3. Urinate at least three times in the next 30 – 45 minutes.
  4. Rescue Cleanse can give up to 5 hours clean, but it’s likely to be closer to 3 hours if you are a heavy weed smoker or another drug user. Get there fast and submit your sample.

Conclusion: Don’t Buy Detox Drinks For Drug Tests From Amazon Or Other Major Retailers

Rescue Cleanse costs just $55 from Test Negative. Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills bundled in free costs $69.99 from Test Clear. The absolute best combo is rescue cleanse from Test Negative and a full 24-hour course of Toxin Rid pills from Test Clear.

But, from a single specialist retailer, the Mega Clean and pre-rid pills bundled is the overall most potent, but only if you get time to do the 24-hour detox the day before your test.

My final word of advice here is to always buy a second bottle of whichever drink you choose, and also a couple of home drug test kits.

Just before you leave to submit your sample, do a test. If it fails, drink the contents of the second bottle, urinate once, and then do a second test.

That way, you’ll know you are definitely clean, and you’ll have the reassurance that you can confidently get to the testing facility fast and submit a clean sample. If you are still not clean, use synthetic urine, it always works if the test is unsupervised, for more info on synthetic urine, check my detailed guide.

The Sure Jell Drug Test Hack: How To Use Certo Pass A Drug Test

This is a complete guide to the Sure Jell drug test hack. I’ll give you the complete Sure Jell/Certo detox method (the full and original one) in detail.

I’ll explain the scientific background to how this hack could actually work in the body, and how drug generally metabolites work inside your as well. Using Certo to pass a drug test could be a cheap and effective way of doing so, but does it actually work? I’ll answer that question for you clearly.

As well as telling you exactly how to use the fruit pectin method and where to buy Certo, also I’m going to tell you about professional alternatives to passing a urine drug test as well.

What Exactly Is The Sure Jell Drug Test Hack?

The Sure Jell drug test hack uses Sure Jell, Certo, or similar fruit pectin along with some other easily obtainable ingredients to try and pass a urine drug test.

The idea is that it draws cannabis metabolites to the bowel in order to eradicate them more quickly, and flushes out the bladder so that you test negative even with drug metabolites still in your body.

So here’s the thing. It only really works for cannabis metabolites. No other type of drug metabolites (waste product) are shaped in the same way, and don’t get drawn out through the bowel as frequently.

Lots of people have tried Certo drug test methods because they don’t want spend money, are convinced by what they read online, or are desperate.

If you’re desperate, Reddit and other forums are full of the same questions “ does certo work for probation drug test” , or “ how to not lose custody of your kids”, or perhaps the toll taken by something like domestic abuse has led you astray, then it’s something you could grab at because it seems so simple to do.

How Drug Metabolites Work In The Body

Whatever type of drug you take, it eventually works out through your body mostly through the bladder and bowels.

Mostly, the detectable substance in the body that is looked for during drug tests is a metabolite. This is a waste byproduct created when the drug itself is metabolized. This isn’t always the case, but it is mostly.

With cannabis metabolites things a little different. They are a different shape to most types of drug metabolites, and because of this they claim to fatty cells in the body.

This means that they can hang around for a lot longer, and they can detach and exit randomly through urine and stools.

In fact, studies have shown that chronic weed smokers can take up to 4 months to eradicate all the metabolites caught up in the body.

Also, because they are attached to fatty cells, cannabis metabolites work their way out through the bowels in a way that most drug metabolites don’t. In fact, up to 60% of them exit through the bowels, rather than the usually more than 90% exiting through urine for other drugs.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence That Fruit Pection To Pass A Drug Test Work?

Certo and Sure-Jell are brand names. They are both fruit pectin products. Fruit pectin is a concentrated fruit extract that is high in fiber.

I hit your body with this intense hit of fiber, you are creating more stills, and creating more bile. This process can draw more cannabis metabolites into and out through the bowel.

Also, you mix the pectin with a sports drink like Gatorade. Because sports drinks are high in dextrose and sugar, carbohydrates, they can enhance this move through the bowels, and also slow the breakdown of fat to enhance this, and stop more of the metabolites from moving through the kidneys and into your urine.

So yes, for cannabis, there is scientific evidence that it could work to pass a drug test. However, that leaves a couple of crucial problems:

  1. Can it get rid of all the drug metabolites in your body so you test clean?
  2. If it can’t get rid of all metabolites, can it flush them out and keep your urine balance appearing natural for a few hours, so that you can pass?

How To Use Certo/Sure Jell To Pass A Drug Test (Full Method)

Let’s talk you through the full Sure Jell drug test hack to you can see exactly how it works.

This is the original method, not the copied and changed rubbish that most websites serve up.

You will need the following to do the fruit pectin drug test method:

  • 2 x bottles of Gatorade (or similar sports drink)
  • 2 x Multivitamin pill
  • 10 g creatine powder
  • 2 x standard aspirin pills
  • 2 x Sachets of fruit pectin

Once you gather the ingredients, these are the Certo detox steps you need to follow.

  1. The night before your test mix-up one bottle of Gatorade with half the fruit pectin. Drink it down over five minutes. Then sit on 16 fluid ounces of water over the next hour. Urinate several times before bed.
  2. On the morning of your test, don’t eat anything. Six hours before your test, mix-up the other half of the pectin with Gatorade and drink. Drink 8 fluid ounces of extra water over the next hour and urinate frequently.
  3. Four hours before your test take an aspirin pill. Also, take the multivitamin pill and half of the creatine. Take these with 16 fluid ounces of water. Continue to urinate as often as possible.
  4. Two hours before you leave take the second aspirin pill and the second multivitamin pill. Also mix up and take the other half of the creatine. Do this with another 16 fluid ounces of water.
  5. One hour before the time of your drug test make sure you take a home drug test to ensure that it has worked.

certo drug test

Does The Certo Detox Work For A Urine Test?

Whether you call it the Sure Jell hack, Certo drug test method, the Certo detox, or whatever, it doesn’t really matter. The key question is does using fruit pectin in the method described above get rid of cannabis metabolites so you can pass a drug test?

Although this can draw out more cannabis metabolites through the bowels, and it can accelerate the removal of cannabis toxins faster than usual, it cannot get rid of them all.

So you’re looking at whether you can flush them out for long enough and retain the balance of your urine using the multivitamins and the creatine, while also potentially generating a false negative using aspirin.

Look, it could work. The science is there. But it only works for cannabis metabolites. Plus, you’ve probably got about 75% chance of it working.

75% is not great odds, and those are my best-estimated odds if you do everything right and get lucky. For me, it’s more of a 50-50 toss of the coin when submitting your sample as to whether you pass or not. To me, that’s a huge risk when there are far better methods out there.

Methods To Pass A Urine Drug Test

Hopefully, you can see that the Sure Jell hack is a huge risk and should only ever be done if you have literally no other options open to you.

Thankfully, there are three great strategies you can use to stand an incredible chance of passing a drug test. With the three methods about outline, better than 90%, and even close to 100% with a bit of good luck.

1. Accelerated Natural Detox

The absolute surefire way to pass is to not have drug metabolites in your body at all. That way you simply can’t fail.

There are a couple of problems with that though. First, if you are a regular user, you are unlikely to have more than a week’s notice, and often far less. Second, cannabis metabolites can hang around a lot longer than other types.

Natural detox can take several weeks. Even then you aren’t completely safe. That you can accelerate this and push out more toxins using high-quality detox pills in order to get completely clean fast.

Toxin Rid is the only brand I would recommend. They aren’t cheap, but they offer huge potency and flexibility.

You can get a single day course through to 10 day course. If you’re a chronic user or smoker I suggest the seven or 10 day course (preferably 10).

Do a natural detox and take the pills each day. Toxin Rid can half the amount of time it takes you to get completely clean. Just be warned that for the first few days your urine and stools will look really bad as it pushes out the toxins at an accelerated rate.

2. High-Quality Detox Drink

Another great strategy, especially if you have only short notice until your drug test, is a high-quality drug detox drink. Don’t be misinformed here, a detox drink doesn’t detoxify you. It’s a masking agent.

Detox drinks work by flushing out the toxins more efficiently than water can alone. They also flood the body with the major things found in normal urine, so that some gets passed through as waste. That way, the urine is toxin free and appears balanced for a few hours. As more toxins work their way through into your bladder, you will test positive again. Usually, you’ll get three or four hours clean.

You can extend this time, and ensure a greater chance of success by teaming the detox drink up with 24 or 48 hour detox. You can also use a one or two-day course of Toxin Rid to push out far more toxins.

Eye doing that, there will be fewer toxins on the day of your test, meaning less work for the detox drink, and more time potentially clean to submit your sample.

The two best brands are Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean. I would go for Rescue Cleanse unless you can get Mega Clean with the six pre-rid pills combo (only available from Test Clear) which will give you a more potent 24-hour detox. If you are interested in more detox product reviews, I highly recommend ndtv.com’s How to pass a drug test guide.

3. (Best Method) High-Quality Synthetic Urine

I’ve left the best method until last. Although getting clean naturally is actually best, it’s very rare you will be able to achieve this in time. So, using high-quality synthetic urine is the best overall method because you’re never going to get caught with drug metabolites in your sample because it’s fake.

As long as you use a high-quality brand, it will pass the validity checks and not be detected.

Quick Luck is the best brand on the market. It was expensive $100 but is highly complex. Not only does it contain 14 chemicals found in urine, but it’s also perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity. It also smells, froths, and looks like urine.

The second best is Sub Solution. It’s actually almost identical to Quick Luck (the same company makes both).

The only difference is that it’s a powder, so you will have to mix it with filtered water to create your sample. It’s not a big deal, but it is an extra step that would really be out for use at work or on-the-spot drug testing. However, it is $15 cheaper.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution use heat activator powder rather than a heating pad. You don’t need a microwave, and you don’t have to transport it with a heat pad strap to it.

Just before you in submit your sample, simply tap about one-third of the heat activator powder into the sample, and gently shake it until it dissolves. This action raises the temperature, and you just keep adding a little bit at a time and watching the strip over a minute each time until it reads at close to 100°F (but not over).

If you can’t get your hands on Quick Luck or Sub Solution, or you can’t afford them, then Quick Fix is a viable alternative and costs just $30. It’s a very basic formula that only contains creatinine, urea, and uric acid. But it is balanced for pH and specific gravity and looks like urine.

It also uses a heatpad, which will mean slightly more variability and a chance on keeping it within the correct temperature range (three 90°F 100°F). If you take a flask of hot water with you then you can pour it over the sample before you enter the building if it’s cooled.

Detox Kits Walmart Options For Cleaning Out Your System In 24 Hours Or Less

If you’re facing a drug test at short notice, say within the next 24 hours or so, then your options are limited. Getting a detox kit from Walmart, or somewhere similar where you can grab it quickly, is the obvious solution.

However, is it the best strategy, or even a strategy at all? Does Walmart sell cleansing drinks, mouthwash products, shampoo, or anything else that can truly help you to pass a drug test?

In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. I’m going to tell you exactly what THC detox Walmart sells, and how good it is for passing a drug test.

I will then tell you exactly how to pass a drug test, and what your options are. I will tell you the products I’ve used and recommend, and which ones genuinely work even with very little notice of the test.

Is It Possible To Clean Out Your System To Pass A Drug Test At Short Notice?

Let’s answer the big question first, because if it’s not possible to clean out your system fast if you can’t clean out for short notice drug test that coming within the next 24 hours or so, then you’ll have to look at another strategy.

For most people, it’s going to be impossible to clean yourself out with 24 hours’ notice. You simply cannot remove the drug toxins in that time unless you have very few in your system.

If you are a really light user or smoker, say you’re only doing something once per week, and you haven’t taken anything in the past four or five days then you’ll probably be pretty much clean anyway. Do a home drug test kit and find out.

But if you have taken drugs in the past five days, or you haven’t but before that, you have taken them more than once per week over several weeks, then you are a more than a moderate user and you will probably test positive.

Obviously, if you are smoking weed every day, using benzos, or doing something else every two or three days then you will definitely test positive.

That means you are looking at masking and avoidance strategies because you simply cannot genuinely get clean by removing the toxins in such a short space of time. So would any of the detox kits available from Walmart or anywhere else actually work anyway?

Why Do People Search For Walmart THC Detox Kits?

The reason why people look for a detox kit at Walmart is simple: convenience. Just like with Amazon, there is a belief that everything is available, and cheaply.

Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. Amazon doesn’t sell everything, and neither does Walmart, GNC, or Walgreens.

The truth is that the specialist drug test avoidance product out there are mostly not available from general retailers at all. But what can you buy from Walmart to pass a drug test, is there anything you can use at short notice to get clean?

What Exactly Is A Walmart Detox Kit (Or Indeed A Detox Kits From Anywhere)

The term “detox kit” that people use, implies that there is some sort of magic box out there that contains various things to get you clean.

The truth is there’s no detox kit from Walmart or anywhere else. They simply do not exist.

What you actually have is the following products:

  • Detox drinks
  • Synthetic urine
  • Detox mouthwash
  • Detox shampoo
  • Detox pills

Out of all of those, detox drinks are the only thing that very occasionally comes with detox pills bundled in, creating more of a kit than anything else.

So what you’re actually looking for is products to pass a specific type of drug test. There is no magic box, no ready-to-go option that gets you through.

Detox Drink: Walmart Options

So what detox drink Walmart options are there out there that you can use?

These are the main detox drinks that Walmart sells:

  • Champ flush out detox
  • Qcarbo range (16, 20, 32)
  • Vale detox
  • High voltage detox
  • Mega Clean
  • Stinger detox range
  • The Stuff detox
  • Ultra Eliminex

As you can see, that’s quite a selection with some more of the well-known detox drinks out there (if you have been doing your research).

However, most of those simply don’t work. Stinger Detox, The Stuff, Vale detox, and High Voltage, are all awful. Poor ingredients, and almost zero genuine track record of passing.

Ultra Eliminex used to be the best detox drink out there, but they changed the formula last year and it’s now no better than the company’s earlier detox drink range called Qcarbo. You can also discount anything working other than the full 32-fluid-ounce detox drinks because they simply don’t have the potency to flush out enough toxins in the short amount of time available.

That basically leaves you with Mega Clean 32 oz as your only decent option for a detox drink from Walmart.

detox drinks walmart

Do Walmart Detox Mouthwash Products Work?

If you’re facing a mouth swab drug test (oral drug test), then what Walmart detox mouthwash products are out there that you can use to neutralize drug toxins?

The truth is, Walmart doesn’t sell a single mouthwash product that is suitable to pass a drug test. To do so, the mouthwash has to be constructed to specifically target and neutralize drug metabolites. Nothing like that is sold by Walmart.

These are the two mouthwash products you should be looking at buying, and they are only available from specialist retailers:

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash, which is exclusively available from Test Negative. Really high-quality, and I’ve tested this with a home drug test kit.

With Toxin Rid Rescue Wash, use half the bottle to wash out your mouth over 30 seconds, then spit it out. Repeat the process, hide the bottle, and you should be neutralized for up to 30 minutes.

But the best option to pass an oral drug test is Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

Oral Clear actually isn’t actually gummed at all. It’s a highly concentrated mouthwash in a small capsule. That makes it highly discreet, and you can use it even with somebody in the room in front of you.

Pop the capsule in your mouth split it with your teeth, and work the liquid around for about one minute. Then swallow the lot for undetectable, neutralized saliva for up to 30 minutes.

Walmart Detox Mouthwash

Is There Are Walmart Detox Shampoo Options?

You’ve probably already guessed this now, but the answer to that question is no, there is no Walmart detox shampoo that will pass a drug test.

That’s because you can’t use shampoo to pass a hair drug test on its own. It’s simply not possible because you have to open up the hard and flexible cuticle scale layer of the hair and flush out the toxins.

That requires a range of ingredients, including Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo as part of that process.

The process you need to follow is the Macujo method. It requires a range of products, takes about one hour each time, and you’ll need to do it five or six times at least before your test, at a rate of once or twice per day.

Does Walmart Sell A Single Thing That Will Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Again, you’re probably well ahead of this now and realize that Walmart doesn’t really sell anything to help you pass a drug test.

However, on its own, Mega Clean is the best of the bunch. It’s a good detox drink, but not quite as potent as the number one specialist brand.

If you’ve got low-to-medium toxin level exposure, and you can get 24 hours to detox before the day (even better if you can use high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid during that 24 hours as well), then you stand a good chance of masking the toxins for a few hours to pass.

Here Are The Two Detox Drinks That Really Work To Pass A Drug Test

  1. Mega Clean

The first detox drink that will definitely pass a drug test, unless you are incredibly unlucky, is Mega Clean.

Sure, you can get Mega Clean from Walmart. However, it’s best bought from Test Clear.

If you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear then you get six pre-rid pills bundled in. As long as you’ve got 24 hours notice, which you usually will get, then you can do a potent 24-hour detox and push out more toxins than you can naturally.

This leaves Mega Clean less hard work to do on the day of your test, and you’ll create a larger gap in the flow of toxins from the kidneys to the bladder, usually of several hours (although rarely more than three or four if you are a regular user).

Instructions for Mega Clean are pretty straightforward:

  1. Drink the contents of the bottle for over 10 minutes.
  2. Refill the bottle and drink that for another 10 minutes.
  3. From the time you start drinking Mega Clean urinate several times, three or four is a minimum to flush out the toxins and leave room for fresh urine that isn’t full of drug metabolites.
  4. Leave it at least 45 minutes to urinate three or four times, then do a home drug test, and as long as you are negative, leave to submit your sample within an hour or so.

Mega Clean detox walmart

  1. Rescue Cleanse

The best detox drink you can buy is Rescue Cleanse. But you can only buy it from Test Negative, it’s not available from anywhere else. So it’s not a detox drink you can buy Walmart, Walgreens, or even Amazon (although you will see fakes there).

Instructions for using Rescue Cleanse are the simplest you will find:

  1. Drink the contents of the bottle smoothly for about 10 minutes.
  2. During one hour from the point you drink Rescue Cleanse, urinate three or four times.
  3. After that hour take a home drug test. As long as you are clean, get to the test center and submit your sample within an hour or so after that.

Rescue Cleanse is the most concentrated and advanced formula. It will flush out the toxins better than any other drink. This will create a gap in the toxin flow, so there is a time of a few hours when fresh urine appears won’t have drug metabolites in it.

Rescue Cleanse also keeps your urine balanced. It floods the body with things found in urine so that some are passed through as waste and appear in your fresh urine.

So overall, Rescue Cleanse on its own is the best drink to pass a drug test. But, if you can do a 24-hour detox before your test, and you can grab some good quality detox pills like Toxin Rid, then you can enhance your chances of it being effective.

Best Option For Unsupervised Drug Testing: Synthetic Urine (And No, You Can’t Buy It At Walmart)

You can’t buy good detox kits at Walmart, and you certainly cannot buy synthetic urine from Walmart.

The two best options for using synthetic urine to pass a drug test, as long as it’s unsupervised so you will not be observed, are Sub Solution and its big brother called Quick Luck. Sub Solution is a powder, while Quick Luck is premixed. That’s why Quick Luck costs $100 and Sub Solution costs $85.

Both are highly complex formulas that will pass basic validity tests and more advanced scrutiny, including visual scrutiny.

The biggest reason people fail a urine sample drug test with fake urine is they submit the sample outside the correct temperature range for human urine (legally between 90°F and 100°F).

Sub Solution and Quick Luck use heat activator powder. This means you don’t have to prepare a sample at all.

Just before you go in, tap in about one-third of the activator powder and shake the bottle until it dissolves. This will agitate it and raise the temperature. Watch the temperature strip, and as soon as you’ve got a reading close to 100°F, go into the building and get ready to submit your sample as quickly as possible.

The Different Types And Campaigns Of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is just one part of domestic abuse, and there are also many other ways that abuse can manifest itself. Often, until it gets bad, the person involved doesn’t realize it until it’s too late, or they are in denial.

It can happen to everyone, not just women. Although it is predominantly men abusing women, every person could find themselves in that position.

What I’m going to do here is quickly talk you through all the different types of abusive behavior so that you can decide if one or more of those areas applies the relationship you are in right now.

Everyone Can Be The Target Of Domestic And Sexual Abuse

As I said, everyone can be in an abusive relationship. Don’t just think of this as men against women.

Also, there are so many different things that can feed into abusive behavior that often many people just don’t spot them. Some of those behaviors are often seen as “normal” in some societies, but in human terms, they actually aren’t how people should treat each other.

Note also that the abused person’s history can feed into this. Somebody who has had previous abusive relationships can actually gravitate towards that type of relationship in person because it feels “normal” to them.

Plus, you may not notice it happening until it’s too late. Many people who have survived abusive relationships talk later about feeling they were groomed. That means it was a deliberate ramping up of the abuse, a campaign to break them down in condition them over time so they didn’t even really notice the progression.

What Actually Is The Definition Of Abusive Behavior?

Domestic abusive behavior is generally defined as a pattern of incidents that is unhealthy. Controlling, threatening, coercive behavior is often accompanied by violence and psychological warfare in order to break a person down.

Mostly, it’s about control. Through the fear tools in the conditioning, they seek to take complete control of you to feed and deal with their own issues about relationships. But it can also be about insecurities. Somebody who has been previously cheated on, or feels that partner is better looking than them, could develop controlling tendencies.

So to be clear, abuse can be psychological, physical, sexual, financial, and emotional. It can also (and often is) all of those things together.

Physical Abuse: What It Exactly Consists Of

Physical abuse covers everything physical. It doesn’t have to be outright physical violence. It can be touching, pushing, even the threat of physical violence rather than actually doing it.

The response is what matters, a fear of being physically hurt. However it manifests itself, it’s about inflicting physical pain and resulting fear on someone else.

Examples include:

  • Pinching and slapping
  • Dragging
  • Scratching
  • Choking
  • Biting
  • Punching
  • Kicking
  • Being scolded or burnt
  • Being poisoned
  • Enforced eating
  • Thrown objects (including food)
  • Violence against humans or animals to control the partner
  • Withdrawal and control of medication

As you can see, it’s a huge range of things that some people would see as normal. For example, many women routinely dig than nails into men when they are angry, or scratch. This is abusive behavior, so it’s not just men who are physically violent.

Generally, throwing objects, even if they don’t hit the person are not even thrown at a person, is still physical abuse. It creates a fear that they will throw something at you, which conditions a person’s response to be fearful and submissive.

Emotional And Psychological Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse is often the most difficult to discuss because it’s difficult to pin down exactly what is going on in some situations.

For example, psychological abuse can include gaslighting. This is where someone deliberately, and in a sustained manner, makes you question your own sanity by denying reality and changing things you know happened. For example, moving your car keys.

However, some of the key traits of emotional and psychological abuse are:

  • Intimidation
  • Trying to turn friends and family against you
  • Using affection as a weapon
  • Silent treatment
  • Insults
  • Being put down all the time
  • Littering opinions
  • Using social media against you
  • Abusing you physically and then blame you for it
  • Creating situations where you doubt your sanity
  • Accusations of affairs
  • Mocking sexual performance or something else in front of others
  • Creating ongoing fear through implied threat


The next type of abusive behavior to talk about is isolation. That’s where somebody’s ability to interact is limited or completely taken away in order to break them down and control them.

It could include things like not having access to friends and family. Either through denying them, or starting to poison that person against them.

It can be limiting time outside, and removing money so that nothing can be done anyway. It could be taking away a car, or some other mode of transport.

Even if allowed out, isolation abuse includes constant checking up on someone and demanding to know where they are and who they are with, even potentially through GPS tracking apps and constantly demanding to use video calling so that they can see exactly where you are.

At the extreme, it could be locking somebody in a room or restraining them in some way, so that they physically cannot leave.

Overall, isolation is about removing someone’s ability to escape, or even speak to somebody else about the abuse they are suffering. It’s a control mechanism that completely removes that person’s independence.

Power And Control

Power and control are at the heart of all abuse, but it can be the main focus in some situations.

Most abusers want to control the people around them, especially their partners and partners children. Power and control could be things like forced marriages, or breaching family court orders, or refusing access to children.

It could be using force to maintain, or it could be a combination of physical and verbal tactics.

It can also be about physical violence used to maintain the rules set.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is usually also about control. However, it can also be about stealing money for someone else’s purposes, or about fueling a drug habit.

Economic/financial abuse usually consists of controlling all of the person’s income, and generally all income they can. Money cannot be spent without permission; many things will be refused. That person will also have to account for every penny they spend.

If they spend money, they will be made to feel guilty and will therefore spend less and less even when they really need to.

It can also include things like defaulting on payments, running up bills in someone else’s name, setting up false accounts, credit cards or companies to embezzle funds, and otherwise gaining money through deceit that will come back on the other person.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is about many different things:

  • Harassment and pressure
  • Forcing into sexual acts
  • Degrading language and acts
  • Forced involvement of others
  • Physical and mental abuse during sex
  • Lying about contraception

Note that some relationships consensually involved these things (other than contraception issues), and you should never judge somebody’s relationship based on bruises or things they say, unless a lot of nonsexual evidence is also available.

Control Through False Allegations And Threats Of

This is a style of abuse that many people do not think about. False allegations, or threats of making them, as a tool of control that is often used.

If you leave me, I will tell the police XYZ. I will tell people you raped me. I will tell them you abused your child.

Those types of threats can be incredibly potent, as they could destroy someone’s entire life if they are believed. Even if they aren’t, it throws doubts on someone’s personality and integrity, which can be enough.

It can also be actually making false allegations. Usually, the abuser could go to the lengths of counterclaiming abuse and the relationship, or getting in first and ensuring that you are under the microscope with the police and authorities.

It could be threatening to tell your employer so you lose your job, which would bring even more power to the other person.

Although often overlooked, single accusations can be incredibly powerful and mean that somebody hands over complete control to another person in order to avoid the accusations being made.



Stalking is another sign of abuse. It’s not just about crazy fans or strangers following people around.

Partners can stalk physically. Following you to see where you go. Checking up on you that you are doing what you say. Watching you to make sure you are not doing anything they don’t like, which is mostly around rapid fears that you are cheating on them.

But nowadays, it can also be online stalking. Creating fake accounts to trying to get information out of you. For example, flirting with a partner using a fake account to see how they respond.

It can also be using the Internet to track where you go and what you do online and physically.

Digital stalking can also include keyloggers, GPS tracking apps, physical tracking devices, creating fake accounts, hacking into accounts or stealing passwords. All of these things are done in order to exert control and deal with paranoia.